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7 "Really Good" New Dollar Tree Beauty Dupes, Shoppers Say

The discount retailer keeps expanding its collection of lower-cost alternatives.

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Beauty can be expensive. From sweat-proof makeup for summer to under-eye patches to keep you looking fresh, the different cosmetic and skincare products you buy add up quickly, costing you hundreds of dollars in the end. But you don't have to spend a lot of money if you know where to find the best lower-cost alternatives—and many shoppers say they're now at one popular discount chain. Read on to discover seven "really good" new Dollar Tree beauty dupes you should know about.

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Glow Recipe

TikTok video still of Glow Recipe dupe products from Dollar Tree

TikTok shopping influencer Beauthiful (@beau.thi.ful) posted a video on June 3 to share some of her favorite new beauty finds at Dollar Tree.

The first collection she comes to is a group of B Pure Glow Up products that she refers to as the retailer's "third or fourth round of the Glow Recipe dupes."

"There's the toner, night moisturizer, and the Glow Up serum," she says.

The same products from Glow Recipe cost anywhere from $15 to $40 per item.

Tower 28

TikTok video still of Tower 28 dupe products from Dollar Tree

In another video posted on June 6, Beauthiful shares that Dollar Tree is also carrying new dupes for the Tower 28 Lip Jelly products.

The discount retailer's brand is called Clean Beauty, and some of the shades of lip jellies they sell include "Sandy" and "Rose."

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TikTok video still of Olay dupe products from Dollar Tree

In that same video from June 6 where Beauthiful urges shoppers not to "sleep on Dollar Tree's beauty section," she shows that the retailer has a "bunch of Olay dupes" as well.

Pulling the B Pure Revitalizing Hydrating Moisturizer off the shelf, Beauthiful says the moisturizer can be compared to Olay's Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, which costs around $20.

"There's also a night cream and a cream cleanser," she adds.

Head & Shoulders

TikTok video still of Head &. Shoulders dupe products from Dollar Tree

If you're more worried about your hair than your skin or makeup, Dollar Tree has you covered. In a different video posted a few days prior on June 1, Beauthiful points out the NextGen Dandruff Shampoo as an alternative for one well-known brand.

"This reminds me of Head & Shoulders—it's definitely a dupe," she tells viewers.

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TikTok video still of Vaseline dupe products from Dollar Tree

Beauthiful isn't the only shopper shining a light on all of the cheaper beauty alternatives you can find at Dollar Tree. In a May 8 video, TikTok user MainStMuse (@mainstmuse) says she is seeing a lot of "really good" new dupes at the retailer's stores as well.

The first products she says she is "so excited about"? The XtraCare Jelly Sticks.

"I've been on the hunt for these," she tells viewers. "These are dupes for the Vaseline Body Balm sticks that they sell at Target, and those are normally like $7 to $8."


TikTok video still of Honey Pot dupe products from Dollar Tree

MainStMuse also calls out another B Pure collection at Dollar Tree that she claims includes multiple dupes for HoneyPot products.

"This entire line is super cool," she shares. "They have feminine wash, feminine wipes, deodorant spray, and they have a bunch of different pads that are made with organic cotton. These are actually really good dupes."

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TikTok video still of Native dupe products from Dollar Tree

Bargain shopper Alexx Schmutz took to her TikTok @alexx_schmutz on June 2 to share some new beauty dupes from the discount retailer. One of her favorite finds is the Personal Care Body Wash in both the Coconut Vanilla and Peach Rings scents.

"They have the Native dupes," Schmutz says, adding that her area must have just gotten in a "massive shipment."

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