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Dollar Tree Shoppers Reveal 13 New Hair Accessories That Are "So Cute" for $1.25

Shoppers on TikTok share the best finds, from colorful claw clips to bejeweled bobby pins.

Hair accessories are fun, but let's face it: They get lost easily! One day, your beauty drawer is stocked with all the bobby pins, hair ties, and claw clips you need, and the next, you're struggling to find a single way to secure your bun. So, when we purchase new items, we like to get them cheap—and that's where Dollar Tree comes in. The discount retailer sells most of its wares for $1.25, including some name-brand products from the likes of Scunci and Goody. Keep reading to see some favorite items that shoppers on TikTok have found, added to their cart, tested, and loved.

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Snap Clips

metal hair clips
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

TikTok user @budget.bargainista found these snap clips at her local Dollar Tree. There's a color to match every outfit—or clip in a few for a rainbow or ombre effect. They're even small enough to work on kids!

Scunci Flower Claw Clip

flower claw clip
Copyright @its_erriiccaa / TikTok

Another shopper, who goes by @its_erriiccaa on TikTok, shared this find from her Dollar Tree. Use it for half-up-half-down hairstyles, or clip two on top of one another for a traditional claw-clip style.

Pearl Hair Clips

crystal hair clips
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

@Budget.bargainista shared these clips from her Dollar Tree adventure, and they're perfect for any fancy event. Clip them into flowy waves or a bun for some glitz and glam.

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Scunci Pastel Claw Clip

green claw clip
Copyright @its_erriiccaa / TikTok

You can never have too many claw clips! TikToker @its_erriiccaa found this one in green, as well as a few other pastel colors.

Gold and Pearl Bobby Pins

gold barettes dollar tree
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

These clips, from @budget.bargainista's haul, would look fabulous with a bun or updo hairstyle.

Scunci Squiggle Claw Clip

hair claw clip dollar tree squiggle
Copyright @its_erriiccaa / TikTok

Shopper @its_erriiccaa found a claw clip with a squiggle design for extra pizazz!

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Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics

goody hair ties black
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

These things are always disappearing, so when you find them for $1.25, stock up. Shopper @budget.bargainista scored them at her local Dollar Tree for cheap.

Madison Tyler Pink Headband

pink headband
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a preppy pink headband like @budget.bargainista.

Scunci Bow Hair Clip

cowgirl hair bow
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

We're big fans of the copper cowboy hair color trend, and this clip from @budget.bargainista's haul would complete the look. Cowboy boots, optional!

Goody Dentless Hair Tie

goody hair ties
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

@Budget.bargainista found brand-name Goody hair ties that won't damage your strands.

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Fashion/Mode Headband

pearl headband dollar tree
Copyright @its_erriiccaa / TikTok

A pearl headband might be just the thing to elevate your outfit. This one from @budget.bargainista's Dollar Tree is neutral enough to match anything.

Hot Buns

hot buns dollar tree
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

"It kind of reminded me of those old-school things you would see on commercials," says shopper @brittney_coble in a recent video. You can plump up any updo or chignon in a pinch.

Microfiber Hair Wrap

microfiber hair cloth
Copyright @brittney_coble / TikTok

Finally, this wrap will protect your tresses while they dry. "They had a brand new pattern in these microfiber hair wraps," says Coble. Get a few different ones, so you have a fresh one on laundry day!

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