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10 "Spot-On" Luxury Perfume Dupes From Bath & Body Works, Expert Shares

A perfume enthusiast says the store has "entered its dupe era."

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A new bottle of perfume can cost you a pretty penny—especially when your signature scent is made by a luxury brand. But if you've stayed true to your favorite selection for decades, shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new bottle may be getting a bit old. Don't want to sacrifice that rich scent you love so much but need something more budget-friendly? That's where perfume enthusiast Zach (@zachdeparfum) comes in. He recently shared 10 luxury perfume dupes you can get for a fraction of the price at Bath & Body Works.

In a now-viral March 26 TikTok video, Zach informs viewers that Bath & Body Works "has entered its dupe era," dropping a new line appropriately called the "Everyday Luxuries Collection."

"Some of these are really spot on, others seem a little bit more 'inspired by,' but overall, the quality is very good," he explains. "There's 10 in total."

Read on to find out which new fragrances you may want to pick up from your local Bath & Body Works for just $19 each.

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Covered In Roses

covered in roses fragrance mist
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

First up is the Covered In Roses fine fragrance mist.

"It's a fruity floral," Zach says. "This smells a lot like Delina by Parfums de Marley, just not as strong because it's a body spray—but it's giving Delina."

This might be a worthwhile swap for a scent with rose notes, as Covered In Roses is $18.95 for 236 milliliters, while Delina retails for $375 for a 75-milliliter bottle.

Pink Obsessed

pink obsessed fragrance mist
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

Zach moves on to Pink Obsessed, which he says is a dupe for the original Born In Roma by Valentino.

"It's got warm florals and vanilla," he says. Like the other Bath & Body Works sprays, Pink Obsessed is $18.95 a pop, while a 3.4-ounce bottle (100 milliliters) of Donna Born In Roma Eau de Parfum goes for $165.

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Oh, Cherry

oh cherry fragrance mist bath and body works
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

The third option from Bath & Body Works is called Oh, Cherry.

"I'm sure you all can already guess, but this is a dupe of Lost Cherry by Tom Ford," Zach says. "I would take any dupe over the original Tom Ford any day."

If Zach's thoughts can't convince you, maybe the price tag can: A 50-milliliter bottle of Lost Cherry goes for $395.

Petal Parade

petal parade fragrance
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

Also part of the $19 Everyday Luxuries Collection is Petal Parade.

"This one gave me a bit of trouble, but after smelling them side by side, definitely smells like Good Girl by Carolina Herrera," Zach says.

If you want to invest in Good Girl, it will run you $148 for 2.7 ounces (about 80 milliliters).

Getaway Soiree

getaway soiree spray
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

Getaway Soiree is yet another new scent that Zach says is a dupe for two different luxury perfumes.

"This is kinda like a suntan lotion, beachy kind of scent," he says. "Kind of smells like Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford and Replica Beach Walk [by Maison Margiela]."

The 100-milliliter bottle of Replica Beach Walk goes for $165 (and also has notes of musk like Getaway Soiree), while Soleil Blanc is $295 for 50 milliliters and $890 for 250 milliliters.

Viva Vanilla

viva vanilla perfume
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

Bath & Body Works' Viva Vanilla is "a spot-on dupe of Eilish No. 1 by Billie Eilish," Zach contends.

"I know my vanillas and this is definitely Eilish," he says.

Both have notes of vanilla and amber, so if you've been wanting to try Eilish's debut perfume but aren't able to shell out $72 for a 100-milliliter bottle, Viva Vanilla might be a good alternative.

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If You Musk

if you musk perfume
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

Zach thinks If You Musk is a convincing dupe for an option by Glossier.

"This is again spot on," he says. "This is a dupe of Glossier You."

A 100-milliliter bottle of the "Glossier You" fragrance retails for $104—and while it may not be as pricey as other perfumes on this list, that $18.95 price point at Bath & Body Works is still a bit easier on your budget.

Lost In Santal

lost in santal fragrance mist
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

The seventh pick from Bath & Body Works' new collection is Lost In Santal.

"This is definitely inspired by Santal 33 by Le Labo," Zach says. "It's a little bit lighter, so it's not spot on, but smells a lot like it."

Not willing to sacrifice any of that distinct Santal 33 scent? Keep in mind a 100-milliliter bottle retails for $322.

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Floral Fantasy

floral fantasy
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

The ninth addition to the Everyday Luxuries Collection is Floral Fantasy, which has notes of peach osmanthus, jasmine, and warm patchouli.

"This smells a lot like Flowerbomb, definitely not as intense—because, again, it is a body spray—but Flowerbomb vibes for sure," Zach says.

Viktor & Rolf makes the Flowerbomb option, which is also floral but has different notes of peony accord, centifolia rose accord, and freesia accord. This option is $180 for a 100-milliliter bottle.

On The Horizon

on the horizon fragrance mist
Copyright @zachdeparfum / TikTok

On The Horizon rounds out this list—and Zach concedes it's the only option that "gave me a little bit of trouble."

"It's a fresh aquatic, but overall, I think it smells like Sailing Day by Replica and maybe Rain by Clean Reserve," he says.

Replica Sailing Day is $165 for a 100-milliliter bottle, while Rain is $110 for the same size.

Interestingly, both Rain and On The Horizon have notes of bergamot, according to their website descriptions.

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