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10 Discontinued Bath & Body Works Products You'll Never See Again

The company no longer makes these items, but that doesn't mean people don't miss them.

Founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio, Bath & Body Works spent the following decades winning fans with addictive and affordable lotions, potions, candles, and other great-smelling self-care goodies. Favorite scents like Sweet Pea and Cucumber Melon became instant hits and still fly off the shelves. Other favorites, however, haven't fared so well.

Though dozens of the chain's products inspire deep nostalgia for the '90s and beyond, like many things in the world of retail, they've been discontinued. Heartbroken fans of scents like Butterfly Flower and Juniper Breeze can find some hope in the fact that the brand's semi-annual sales are famous for featuring limited-time-only releases of discontinued favorites. And a bit of sleuthing yields a small treasure trove of stockpiled faves on eBay and Amazon. But in most cases, shoppers find themselves out of luck.

For a trip down memory lane, we've put together a list of Bath & Body Works' 10 most-loved offerings that, sadly, can no longer be found on shelves.

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Velvet Tuberose

A close up of white and yellow tuberose flowers with a black background.
Gilang Prihardono / Shutterstock

Launched in 2009, Velvet Tuberose was the subject of a 2014 petition to bring the scent back. "I was distraught to be informed that Bath & Body Works has permanently retired their Velvet Tuberose fragrance line, and as I began spreading the word I noticed that other people loved the fragrance and wanted it back as well," wrote Melanie Wooden, who authored the petition. She even pled with the company to bring it back briefly so fans could stock up.

Unfortunately, the petition only received 28 supporters, and this musky scent remains discontinued.

Country Apple

Red ripe apples and cut apples on the cutting board
marigold-y / Shutterstock

The end of the line for this rosy-cheeked scent marked the end of a larger era. The brand had, for some years, run with the Ohio farmland theme (in homage to the rolling fields that surround their corporate HQ) with a Heartland range, complete with checkered prints and rustic baskets accenting their fresh-picked scents du jour.

Country Apple may not have smelled like real apples (the scent was based on notes of McIntosh apple, apple blossom, and muguet), as beauty product YouTuber Queen of the Girl Geeks explains, but it was no less sweet. The scent has been resurrected in at least one short-lived 2022 promotion, but it is no longer available regularly.

Juniper Breeze

A wooden spoon filled with juniper berries surrounded by juniper branches.
Melica / Shutterstock

This scent with notes of juniper leaves, green apple, and dewy musk is one of the brand's all-time favorites. Yes, you can still find it on the internet, but it is, indeed, officially retired from duty in Bath & Body Works stores and online.

In a quippy TikTok video, user @thegirlnamedkyle mourns the loss of the scent and says that current store employees are unaware of it. "I feel really old and also sad that there's generations of people who won't know what Juniper Breeze smells like."

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Art Stuff Collection

Abstract glitter background in pastel colors.
Stephanie Zieber / Shutterstock

This sparkly range of products was meant for the store's younger customers, aglow with glitter, color, and tasty scents like Mega Mint Chip, Charmin' Cherry, Sassy Strawberry, and Goodness Grapeness, according to Nylon. While the roll-on glitter was perhaps the favorite of the bunch, the collection also offered lip gloss, shower gel, body splash, and spray-on glitter hair gel.

"I vaguely remember getting a lot of Blazin' Blueberry items for a birthday one year. If I recall correctly, it was a fuzzy blue sparkly bag that came filled with those products. Glorious. I was thrilled," laments Redditor youdontknowjacques.

Art Stuff has long since been discontinued, though, according to Nylon, some of its items were resurrected briefly for the holidays in 2019 in the Land of Sweets collection.

Shower in a Bottle

woman using aerosol deodorant
Shutterstock / gpointstudio

Sometimes we wonder why so many good ideas are left in the dust—Shower in a Bottle, we're looking at you. This convenient no-rinse cleansing foam was something like dry shampoo for your body; not a substitute for a full shower, but a great way to foam-and-wipe sweaty pits and dirty hands after a workout or any messy endeavor.

In 2018, The Daily Beast called it "the next best thing to an actual shower." At the time, the writer, who tested the product, explained: "It's super lightweight, it doesn't feel sticky at all (I've tried similar products that leave behind a sort of tacky feeling), and you don't need a lot of it to make it work."

Coco Shea Honey Collection

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Fans clamor for the return of this delicious favorite, though as yet to no avail. Products can still be found on eBay and elsewhere, but the brand discontinued the mouth-watering Coco Shea scents, including the beloved Honey and Coconut, in 2018, prompting a storm of dissent on social media sites.

"Coco Shea Honey, RIP. I loved that line. You will be forever missed. Honey Wildflower [sadly also no longer available] is close in scent, but not the same in formulation," mourned Redditor tootsierollmidgie.

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Close up of two ripe yellow pears hanging on an orchard tree with a blurry sunny background.

This fruity floral, discontinued in 2013, is another all-time favorite, conjuring "the sweet scent of wild Anjou pears and juicy berries on a bed of sheer musk," according to the packaging. Redditor AstronomyLuver described it as "a crisp, clean, fresh, bright and delicious scent. Perfect for a nice warm spring day with a breeze."

Sadly, it wasn't long-lasting enough to be among the brand's current inventory. It was, however, brought back in 2015 and 2019 as part of a '90s scents revival.

White Tea and Ginger

delicious white tea in a beautiful glass bowl on a table
iStock / Solstizia

Also a huge all-time favorite, this scent that combines clean white tea and spicy ginger was launched in the 1990s, discontinued, then brought back for a limited time as part of the company's Flashback Fragrance promotion. "oh my god, what I wouldn't give for white tea & ginger body cream," bemoans Redditor leye-zuh. It seems that the scent might have been replaced by the current White Tea & Sage line.

Butterfly Flower

hibiscus flowers

Not to be confused with the company's current offering Butterfly, this complicated floral scent was launched in 2009. According to the helpful archives of Fragrantica, the scented body care collection "was inspired by nature and natural nuances and feminine games of butterflies in a sun-bathed spring garden. The fragrance is dominated by floral notes of French mimosa petals, Asian syringa flower, tangerine and orchid."

Reddit user Gduoly says the current Wild Honeysuckle scent is comparable, but if you're a die-hard Butterfly Flower fan, "you can try the fragrance oil dupe with a Google search. There are also many many dupes on Etsy," they explain.

Creamy Luxe Collection

close up of woman's hands using gel soap

This luxuriant range offered deep cleaning, nourishing soap formulas that broke hearts when it left the store. "The creamy luxe Kitchen Lemon soap was the best soap I've ever used," says Redditor DreamerUnwokenFool. Other rich scents included Peach Bellini and Warm Vanilla Sugar, both of which are currently available in other products, including both gel and foaming hand soaps.

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