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The 10 Weirdest Products You Can Buy at Walmart

Check out the most bizarre food products, gag gifts, and clothing items for sale.

Walmart may be best known for its one-stop shopping experience, but it also frequently makes headlines for the truly bizarre things that happen in stores. Off-color outfits and wacky behavior get documented—there's even an entire Twitter feed dedicated to the "People of Walmart." In addition to some of the more colorful clientele, there's no shortage of weird products in Walmart's inventory. Selections range from odd flavor pairings and food packaging to amusing home décor items. If you're in the market for something a little offbeat, you might consider throwing one of these in your cart while shopping in-store or online. Read on to discover the 10 weirdest products you can buy at Walmart.

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Baby Mop Romper

baby mop romper

If you've ever felt like Swiffers are overrated, you might be interested to learn that you can invest in a baby mop romper outfit. You can put your kid to work once they start crawling, as this onesie is actually covered with microfiber cleaning fingers on the front!

The unisex option from UKAP even sports the phrase "It's not easy… being a mop." Take that as you will.

The Golden Girls Rushmore Chia Pet

chia pet golden girls rushmore

Chia Pets have progressed into some odder territory, and a quick search of "Chia Pet" on Walmart's website yields a whole host of interesting results. One of the more interesting pots allow you to grow different characters from The Golden Girls. You can now have a green-haired Rose or Sophia, and if you want to get really crazy, the Golden Girls Rushmore Chia Pet can be yours for just $39.99.

Don't limit yourself to just the gals—you can also spring for Bob Ross, unicorn, and zombie Chia Pets as well.

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Playdough Poop

playdough poop toy

For some reason, poop-themed products have become commonplace. Perhaps we have the infamous smiling poop emoji to blame? If you're interested, you can buy a "realistic fake poop" playdough set from VConejo for your kids or as a gag gift. It's got everything but the smell! (Seriously, that's noted in the product description.) It's eerily convincing, and if you want to get extra gross, add some of the "corn residue" that's included.

Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream

van leeuwen pizza ice cream
@allfoodsaremyfriend / TikTok

This one caused a stir on social media, as Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, a Brooklyn-based company, offered pizza-flavored French ice cream. But that wasn't the only odd flavor for sale at Walmart. Hot Honey, "Planet Earth," and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese were also rolled out over a 10-week period earlier this year. TikTok users left reviews of the ice cream, with some calling it delicious and others deeming it disgusting. User @allfoodsaremyfriend described his surprise when he tasted the ice cream and felt the pizza flavor was "actually quite good."

Unfortunately, these flavors were limited editions—which sold out online in an hour—and you can't get your hands on cheesy ice cream at Walmart right now. You can, however, purchase more traditional flavors from Van Leeuwen, including hazelnut fudge cookie, strawberry shortcake, and mint chip.

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A Large Bread Pillow

walmart bread pillow

This pillow sold at Walmart gives new meaning to the term "carb-loading." The giant baguette can serve as a body pillow or just as an accent pillow on your couch or bed. Made by Wepop, it's about 40 inches long, and it looks surprisingly realistic, even down to the post-bake shading.

It's just whimsical enough to be weird, and the plush pillow could make a good gift for a lighthearted loved one.

Pickle Pops

bob's pickle pops

Calling all pickle lovers: If you've ever wanted to take one on the go, Walmart's got your back. Bob's Pickle Pops are packaged in individual two-ounce pouches and the packaging claims that they can be eaten either frozen or unfrozen, in case that's a selling point for you.

This odd product goes a step further, as the "Sport" version is intended for athletes to "enjoy the refreshing flavor of the pops while simultaneously taking advantage of the added benefit the pops provide by replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise." After your next gym sesh, skip the Gatorade and reach for a pickle pop instead.

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Toilet Tattoos

squirrel toilet lid tattoo cover

Ah, just what you've always wanted, a tattoo for your toilet. Imagine casually lifting up the seat cover to find a large squirrel looking up at you from inside.

Made by What on Earth and described as the "perfect gift for your favorite prankster," the product description from Walmart also notes it might entertain your cat, if you have one.

Worried it might be more trouble than it's worth? Fear not—the plastic tattoo "wipes clean" and can be removed without leaving residue.

Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot

Mountain Dew Flamin't Hot

Fans of Mountain Dew may have noticed the new Flamin' Hot flavor, which is noted in the product description as being "Dew with a blast of heat and citrus." It's another product that was reviewed all over social media, as people were genuinely interested in what this odd flavor combo would taste like.

Reviewers on Walmart's product page seemed to enjoy it, with one commenter writing the soda "has just enough heat to tickle my throat." But one bold reviewer actually claimed the new flavor wasn't spicy enough. If you want to weigh in on the debate, grab a 12-pack while you can, as it's listed as a "limited edition."

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Sub Sandwich Holder

sub sandwich holder

No matter what you call your them—a sub, hoagie, hero, or grinder—chances are you've indulged in one of these oversized sandwiches at some point. You might have a favorite deli to order from or a go-to combination of meats, cheese, and toppings. But what if you're preparing a sandwich at home to take on the go? The SubSafe Food and Drink container is always an option, keeping either a six-inch or 12-inch sub "safe, not soggy."

Call it bizarre, but this product is also functional—with five interchangeable pieces that make eight different combinations—and was featured on an episode of the popular TV show Shark Tank.

Bacon Mints

bacon flavored mints

The idea of "bacon mints" might amuse you, or it might turn your stomach. But Uncle Oinker's Savory Bacon Mints are, in fact, available for purchase at Walmart. The description claims that the mints pair the flavor of crispy bacon "with just a hint of mint flavor to give it that extra punch."

After buying the product as a gag gift, one customer was scarred enough to leave a review. "THEY TASTE HORRIBLE. NOT WORTH THE FUN FACTOR," the commenter wrote, adding that at least "the tin is cute."

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