Never Buy This One Food at Walmart, Customers Say in New Survey

A new survey has customers saying the retailer is the worst place to buy this food item.

After a shopping trip to Walmart, you probably leave with something you had no intention of buying. We don't blame you; it's easy to get swept up when you see everything in one place, leading you to buy some items that may be better purchased elsewhere, whether it's because you can find a better price at another store or because Walmart's quality is lacking. And if you do your grocery shopping at the world's biggest retailer, there's one item in particular you may want to skip on your next trip. In a new survey, customers named Walmart the worst place to buy one type of food. Read on to find out what you should never buy from Walmart, according to shoppers.

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Customers say you should never buy sushi from Walmart.

Orlando,FL/USA -5/15/20: Fresh and handmade Sushi in the refridgerated aisle of a Sams Club grocery store ready to be purchased by consumers.

Grocery store sushi is often touch and go, but it may be even more so depending on where exactly you buy it from. The food website Mashed recently surveyed nearly 700 adults in the U.S. to find out their thoughts on the worst sushi sold at major grocery stores. According to their responses, Walmart was the worst place to satisfy your sushi craving, with nearly 55 percent of the votes. Kroger and Target fell next in line for the worst store-bought tuna rolls, but they only received 15 percent and 14 percent of the votes, respectively.

Overall, Walmart doesn't impress customers in terms of seafood.

Coquitlam, BC, Canada - April 30, 2019 : Motion of woman buying great value white shrimp inside Walmart store

In general, Walmart may not be the place to go if you're planning on buying any type of seafood. A separate Mashed survey of nearly 600 U.S. adults found that around 33 percent of customers think the grocery store chain sells the worst quality seafood.

A 2020 Reddit thread also had one insider from the grocery industry advising against Walmart's seafood. "Walmart simply will only pay the lowest possible price regardless of the quality," the Reddit user claimed. "The shrimp farms give their best product to people who pay for it and everything else goes to [Walmart]. Largely, most farms would tell Walmart to take a hike if it wasn't for the fact they buy what nobody else well. Pay a little more and buy shrimp from better sources."

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Customers say Whole Foods has the best grocery store sushi.

Fairfax, USA - September 8, 2017: Green Whole Foods Market grocery store sign on exterior building in city in Virginia with autumn displays of pumpkins for Halloween

If you're looking to pick up sushi on your next grocery store trip, head to Whole Foods. When Mashed asked respondents to rank grocery competitors by who had the best sushi, Whole Foods came out on top. Nearly 47 percent of customers think the retailer has the best quality sushi.

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You may be able to improve the taste of your grocery store sushi with this 30-second trick.

sale, shopping, consumerism and people concept - hands with sushi pack at grocery or supermarket

Whether you're buying from Walmart or Whole Foods, there may be a way for you to improve the taste of your grocery store sushi, getting it closer to the quality you'd find when ordering it fresh at a restaurant. According to Taste of Home, all you need to do is remove the sushi from its container and pop your to-go grocery roll in the microwave for 30 seconds.

"A little bit of heating will fluff up the rice and enhance those delicious flavors you love so much," the magazine explains. "A half a minute is the sweet spot for saving that store-bought sushi. Any less and you won't notice any difference. But any more and you will either dry out the rice in your roll or end up with a piping hot dish (not normal and not good)."

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