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Cleaning Hazards

Over 3 Million Handheld Steamers Recalled

They were sold at Walmart and Target.
Close Call

Rare Comet Passing Earth Tomorrow

It's the closest it's been in 68 years.
Double Doses

Common Anxiety Medication Recalled, FDA Says

A mislabeling mistake could be "life-threatening."
Bad Bowels

How Often You Poop Could Be Hurting You

It may affect your kidneys and liver, study says.
Real Savings

Dollar Tree Shopper Finds Skincare Dupes

There are alternatives to Olay and Cetaphil.
Capsule Concerns

Nationwide Recall Announced for Herbal Supplements

They're tainted with hidden drugs, the FDA says.
Crowd Clearance

Disney Parks Are "Ghost Towns" This Summer

Guests have several theories.
Warning Sign

Dietitian Shares Subtle Leukemia Symptom

It all started in her leg.
Family Feud

Why Is My Wife Yelling at Me?

Learn how to repair your relationship.
Aldi Alternatives

Shoppers Share 5 Luxe Dupes at Aldi

You can save up to $90.
Condiment Concerns

Tahini Sold Nationwide Recalled, FDA Says

It's being pulled over possible Salmonella.
Curb Confidence

12 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

These will transform your home.
Proper Prep

How to Make the Perfect Grocery List

Save money and time with these tips.
Food Safety

8 Foods Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning

Here's what the CDC says.
Cabin Clogged

How to Pop Your Ears When Flying

Don't let clogged ears ruin your flight.
Kitty Kitchen

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

Veterinarians weigh in.
Speed It Up

How to Ripen Avocados Faster

Whether you're making avocado toast or guacamole.
Heat Safety

What Not to Wear on Hot Days When You're 65+

Avoid these dangerous wardrobe mistakes.
Climbing Costs

How Much Walmart Prices Have Really Gone Up

"I'm going to be sick," one shopper says.
New Concerns

Ozempic May Spike Risk of Rare Eye Condition

It could even lead to blindness.