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Stress Solutions

10 Science-Backed Ways to Calm Down Fast

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Sleep in Peace

Can a "Sleep Divorce" Save Your Relationship?

New research suggests that the answer is yes.
Brush Hour

What If You Don't Brush Your Teeth at Night?

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5 Cleaning Products That Could Be Hazardous

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Dirty Laundry

What Happens If You Don't Wash Your Bra

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4 Reasons to Stop Washing Your Face

Would you be doing your skin a favor?
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What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Face

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Scrub a Dub Dud

8 Reasons You Still Smell Bad After Showering

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Balms Away

Why You Should Use Petroleum Jelly for Skincare

It's a must-have for smooth, hydrated skin after 50.
Bright eyed

6 Tips to Make Your Eye Cream Work After 50

Skincare pros share their top tips.
A.M. Legend

6 Things to Do Every Morning If You're Over 50

Expert tips to get your day off to a great start.
Thin Skinned

6 Expert Tips to Get Rid of Crepey Skin

Pro advice for smoothing and plumping skin.
Keep Calm and Carry-On

If You're Over 50, Pack These in Your Carry-On

Experts say you'll want to keep these 7 items close.
Dry Spell

5 Reasons to Try a Dry January

Your body will benefit from the break.
Booze Break

Here's How to Have a Successful Dry January

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Don't Pee Scared

A Doc Explains Kim Kardashian's "Pee Anxiety"

We got the inside scoop on this unusual condition.
Pharm Out

These Common OTC Meds May Become Hard to Find

Be prepared for more supply chain woes.
Hot News Flash

7 Signs You May Be In Perimenopause

Never heard of it? You could still be in it.
Club Meds

Childhood Medications We Secretly Miss Taking

That sweet, sweet taste of amoxicillin.
Painful Problem

Jennie Garth's Shocking Arthritis Diagnosis

"I'm not old enough," the star said.