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4 Ways to Get Things for Free at Walmart

Shopping experts spill their best-kept secrets.

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Walmart already has affordable prices, but if you can get something for free—well, nothing beats that! The retailer has tons of discounts on items like food, cleaning products, home essentials, and electronics, especially if you shop its clearance section. However, for your grand total to ring up to $0, you're going to need to do some prep work. Fortunately, tons of shopping experts regularly share their favorite tips on how to use things like rebates, coupons, and clearance to your advantage. Here are their secrets for scoring freebies.

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Trade in old tech for Walmart gift cards.

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Almost everyone has old tech like game consoles, cell phones, laptops, and tablets lying around from the last time they upgraded. If you bring them to Walmart, you can cash them in for gift cards.

Visit Walmart's Gadget to Gift Card homepage to get an estimate of what your item is worth. For example, you could trade in an iPhone 12 for $306, a Fitbit for $21, or a Dell laptop for $329, depending on the model and its condition. After you get your estimate, you mail your device and get a Walmart e-gift card once it's been assessed.

Use rebate sites strategically.

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Ask any extreme couponer, and they'll tell you rebates are the key to scoring big at Walmart. On her Instagram page, @savingwithcindy shares how you can submit receipts to multiple sites like Ibotta, Shopmium, and Swagbucks to get cash back from each.

For example, she shared a recent deal she got in March 2024: She scored a $9.97 Dove Serum Body Wash for free by submitting the receipt to Ibotta for $4 cash back, Shopmium for $4 cash back, and Swagbucks for 200 Swagbucks, which equals $2.

If you don't have time to do the research on your own, follow couponers like @savingwithcindy on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. There's a thriving community of retail pros who regularly share their best couponing strategies for the week.

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Stack your coupons.

Large stack of money saving coupons.

Before any visit to Walmart, visit P&G Good Everyday to see if there are any manufacturer coupons for products you need. Print your coupons and take them to Walmart. If you head to the clearance section or the travel-sized products section, you might find items that are priced low enough for you to get them for free, especially if you also submit the purchase to a rebate cashback site.

Or, you could Google a specific product or brand and the word coupon to see if any exist for the items you need. For example, YouTuber Coupon With Kayla searched for "Colgate coupons" to get two coupons for 75 cents off Colgate Optic White Renewal Toothpaste. She then scanned the receipt to get $5 off on Ibotta and 600 Swagbucks on Swagbucks, which is $6.

Earn Walmart cash.

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If you know you might forget to submit your receipts to cashback sites after each purchase, enroll in Walmart's free Walmart Cash program, which is powered by the cashback site Ibotta. As you shop either in person or online, you'll earn cash that you can then put toward your purchase. All you need to do is click the "Get Walmart Cash" box to claim the offer. Or, at the in-store checkout, scan the QR code to your account in the Walmart app to link your purchase to your account.

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