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6 Walmart Shopping Secrets From Reddit

Walmart aficionados share their best insider tips on the public forum.

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Great shopping secrets are hard to come by, so when we hear one, we take note—especially when it has to do with Walmart. The retailer is a go-to spot for everything from groceries and cleaning supplies to furniture and electronics. And while Walmart's prices are often competitive, there's always a way to save more if you're clued in. Read on to learn the best Walmart shopping secrets straight from Reddit. Whether you're looking for the best way to get free delivery or the key to earning cashback on your order, there's a secret that will change the way you shop.

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Watch your rewards.

Ibotta app logo on a smartphone screen. Manhattan, New York, USA May 2, 2020.

Many frugal shoppers already know about cash-back services like Ibotta. But according to Redditers, there's something you should know about them when used at Walmart.

"Walmart rewards is powered through ibotta," advised user @background_koala_455. "You can not get both the Walmart rewards and the ibotta rewards."

However, you can enable them both and decide where to use your rewards. "Be vigilant at which one gives you the better deal.. sometimes ibotta is $1 back from one single item, but for Walmart it's $1 back when you buy two… I've even seen the same scenario but Walmart its $0.50 back when you buy two," they continue.

Also, consider how each of the rewards is used. If you submit your Walmart receipt to Ibotta, your earnings will go into your Ibotta account, where you can turn them over for cash. If you use Walmart Cash, your earnings can only be used at Walmart.

Try curbside pickup.

walmart curbside pickup
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Many Walmart shoppers on Reddit agree that the store's free curbside pickup is one of its best deals yet.

"[It] saves you time and delivery tips," wrote user @excoriator. "The biggest way I save is by canceling Amazon Prime, using Walmart to buy the things I used to buy at Amazon, and getting them shipped free."

Walmart currently offers free curbside pickup, in-store pickup, and delivery on orders over $35, according to its website. (Although with delivery, you'll need to tip.)

Another shopper said it's worth trying Walmart+, which costs $98 per year, for its expanded delivery options.

"[The] in-home delivery is worth it," wrote another commenter. "I would never have them put my groceries away, but the drivers are Walmart employees, and you do not have to tip. It will save you money."

(Per Walmart, tips are included in this members-only service.) The membership also waives the $35 delivery and pickup minimum.

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Get the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.

capital one is one of americas most admired companies

Reddit is full of shoppers who say Capital One's Walmart Rewards Card is worth it. "5% cash back online (includes pickup and delivery) and 2% cash back in-store (after a 1 year intro offer of 5% back in-store)," writes user @savathunkindacutetho. "No annual fee, this card gets me back a few hundred each year. Couldn't recommend more tbh."

Reddit user @money_maketh_man agrees. "Another happy user of this. my spouse dislike having to many cc's around. but once this one is typed in and save in the web shop. there is no thinking of which card to use, and getting 5% cashback is pretty nice," they say.

See if you qualify for free or discounted Walmart+.

the outside of a Walmart store with customers walking out and a palm tree

A few Redditors, like user @jettwilliamson, were surprised they qualified for free or discounted Walmart+ accounts. For example, the service is included with American Express Platinum Cards.

You also qualify for a discounted Walmart+ membership if you receive SNAP, WIC, or Medicaid; the annual rate is currently $49.

Use the gas discount with Walmart+.

Close up of a person's arm using a credit card to pay for gas at a fuel pump
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As with any subscription service, if you register for Walmart+, you'll want to explore all of its benefits. Many shoppers on Reddit were quick to point out this one: "Don't forget to take advantage of the discount gas," wrote user @pickandpray. Members save 10 cents per gallon at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart, and Murphy stations.

There's also a streaming perk. "The Paramount+ streaming that comes with W+ is useful to us, for access to the various new Star Trek TV series," commented @excoriator. Find the benefits that make sense to you—and remember to check occasionally to see if new ones are added.

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