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Walmart Shoppers Say "Always Check" Your Receipt After Self-Checkout—Here's Why

Customers are claiming they've spotted extra charges on their receipts.

Inflation has risen by nearly 20 percent in the last four years, according to a Feb. 13 release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics—but you don't need to see the statistics to realize that. Many of us have discovered a newfound appreciation for cost-saving stores like Walmart, which offers a great bargain on groceries, household essentials, and other everyday necessities. Saving every little bit helps, though that also means we're cautious when it comes to spending extra. That's why some Walmart shoppers are telling their fellow customers to check their receipts carefully when using self-checkout.

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Walmart shopper Larry Grimm recently posted a YouTube Short video, claiming that he was steps away from exiting the store when he noticed a $30 surcharge on his receipt.

"I checked my receipt as I was leaving and sure enough I'd only bought one of these Bounty paper towels, but it charged me for three," he tells followers in his video, adding that he had opted to use self-checkout that day.

At the time, Grimm said he didn't notice three separate charges for paper towels. It wasn't until the self-service machine delivered his receipt that Grimm realized he had paid for three bundles, when he only wanted one.

"They're 17 bucks a piece and so they had to give me back $36. If I had not checked my receipt, I'd be out 36 bucks," he says.

The comment section on Grimm's video contains mixed emotions from other Walmart shoppers, some of whom argue that the surcharge comes down to user error. In other words, Grimm should have paid closer attention to the self-checkout screen.

"Lies, I see it double scan my stuff all the time," one person wrote, before adding, "Get your hearing or eyes checked bud."

"Right, sure it did," another person commented, chalking up Grimm's experience to his own poor scanning.

But Grimm remains confident in his story that the "machine only beeped once" when he scanned the pack of paper towels.

Another Walmart shopper in the comments cautioned customers to "always check" store receipts. Similarly, someone else recommended comparing the total price to an item's quantity.

"BE AWARE," they said.


Walmart charges me $150 for bananas! They did refund but PSA always check your receipt before you leave the store! #overcharged #walmartcashier #checkyourreceipt #refunded @Walmart #publicserviceannouncement

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This isn't the first time Walmart shoppers have complained about being overcharged by self-checkout. In Nov. 2023, Dorthy Sutton was charged $150 for a pair of bananas. She shared the frustrating experience on TikTok, noting that the bananas were rung up as "store merch" priced at $150.86.

"I'm like, why is it so high? I didn't hardly buy anything," she recalls in the clip. "I'm like, 'What in the world did I buy that was $150?'"

Sutton was able to speak with a store manager and rectify the situation, though she described the experience as "crazy." In the text of her video, Sutton warns other shoppers, "Please check your receipts before you leave the store!"

Best Life reached out to Walmart for comment on shoppers claiming they were overcharged at self-checkout, and we will update the story with its response.

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