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The 7 Best Kitchen Items to Buy at Walmart, Retail Experts Say

Amp up your culinary collection without breaking the bank.

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Using grade-A cookware in the kitchen can make any dish feel like a Michelin-star masterpiece. But amateur chefs and home cooks may not be able to drop the cash on the same brands the pros use. Fortunately, retail experts say Walmart sells high-quality pots, pans, and everything in between that won't break the bank. The big-box store even carries several kitchen product lines from popular TV chefs and lifestyle gurus. Read on to find out what they say are the best kitchen items to buy at Walmart.

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Pioneer Woman items

Teal and red salt-and-pepper shakers and butter dish from the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart

Ree Drummond, perhaps better known as the Pioneer Woman, has an entire country-chic kitchen and houseware line that includes everything from bakeware to glassware to cookware.

According to Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with, not everything from the line is a Walmart exclusive, but the prices tend to be better at Walmart than elsewhere.

"For instance, a butter dish at Amazon from the line may cost $25, but if you shop at Walmart, you can get a butter dish and salt and pepper set for $14," says Ramhold. "It's not hard to see why Walmart has the better deal, and about the only time you'd want to look elsewhere is if you're shopping for a particular piece that Walmart doesn't carry anymore."

Lodge cast iron skillets

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are the perfect tool when you need to go between the stove and the oven. And according to Ramhold, Walmart is one of the best places to buy them since they sell the popular brand Lodge for affordable prices.

She specifically recommends the 12-inch dual-handle skillet. "Direct from Lodge this may go for around $30 or so, but at Walmart, you may be able to get pretty much the same thing for around $25," she says.

Walmart also sells Lodge griddles and Dutch ovens.

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Beautiful by Drew Barrymore air fryer

Sage-green air fryer on a white background from Drew Barrymore's Beautiful line for Walmart

Air fryers have been popular for several years now, but they can all too often be bulky and unsightly. However, that's not the case with the Beautiful 9-Quart TriZone Air Fryer by Drew Barrymore for Walmart. And it's sleek look and six color options are just part of why the pros love it.

"No detail went unnoticed with this air fryer," says lifestyle writer Michelle Rostamian in a review on Mashable. "For one, it has a nifty 'reminder' button that you can turn on before pre-selecting your function—this feature causes the air fryer to beep when the food is two-thirds of the way cooked to remind you to shake the basket (FYI: this works on all modes except broil, reheat, and dehydrate)."

In a review for Domino, writer Alex Ronan said, "The design is simple and versatile (with a removable center divider, you can cook two foods two different ways, or something larger with the full basket), and the touch-screen interface is satisfyingly easy to work."

The air fryer is reasonably priced at $139 and exclusively sold at Walmart.

Ello storage containers

Ello Glass Storage Containers Walmart

Glass storage containers are great for holding leftovers, but this Ello set does double duty as cookware. The containers are leak-proof, stain-resistant, and safe to use in the oven or the microwave (when you remove the protective silicone sleeves, of course).

Ramhold says Walmart offers some of the best prices on this popular brand: "Shopping at stores like Amazon, a 10-piece set that includes five 3.4-cup glass containers with lids is roughly $45, but shopping the same product at Walmart (albeit in a different color scheme) is currently about $10 cheaper."

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Carote nonstick cookware set

Carote Cookware Set Walmart

If you're looking for a complete cookware set at Walmart, Samantha Landau, consumer expert at, suggests the 17-piece Carote Nonstick Cookware Set, which includes granite pots and pans with removable handles. It was on sale for just $69.98 at the time of publication (it was originally $199.99).

"This is an incredible deal, especially given how expensive granite cookware tends to be," says Landau, who points out how much space you can save due to the removable handles.

Mainstays slow cooker

Mainstays Slow Cooker Walmart

When you need to stock up on cookware basics, Landau says items from the Mainstays brand are worth grabbing at Walmart. It offers air fryers, cutlery sets, dishes, and more, but Landau specifically suggests buying the slow cooker.

The Mainstays two-quart slow cooker is under $10, doesn't take up a lot of space, and the removable stoneware crock is easy to clean after cooking. Even though it's on the smaller side, Landau says it's "a great alternative to the Crockpot brand, and it's perfect for single-serving meals."

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Wilton baking products

Wilton Baking Color Gels

Ramhold says Walmart has a great selection of Wilton baking products—from cake pans and cookie sheets to cupcake carriers to decorative sprinkles—and that they're much cheaper than craft stores.

"If you want to use their gel colors for your latest cake masterpiece, you can get a 12-count pack of icing colors at Walmart for just $16.48," says Ramhold, noting that the same product could cost at least $26 elsewhere.

"This is a seriously good way to pick up some of these products for less to test them out," she adds.

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