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7 Best Stanley Tumbler Dupes, Retail Experts Say

They have the same look and features as the cult-favorite cup.

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Every few years, there's a new "it" water bottle. First, there was the Nalgene, then the Camelbak, then the S'well, then the Yeti. But the current cup of the moment is the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler, lovingly called the "Stanley Tumbler" by its fans. However, at $45 apiece, many shoppers are looking for the best Stanley Tumbler dupes—and there are lots of options available. Read on to learn more about the Stanley Cup and the copycat water bottles that can get the job done similarly and more affordably.

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What Is the Stanley Tumbler?

Mint green Stanley tumbler against white background

The Stanley Tumbler is a reusable water bottle with a handle and straw. The bottom of the cup is smaller than the top, allowing users to secure it into a car cupholder. It's made of BPA-free insulated stainless steel that can keep hot beverages warm and cold drinks ice cold for up to 11 hours, according to the brand. The tumbler is available in five sizes—14 oz, 20 oz, 30 0z, 40 0z, and 64 oz—but the most popular is the 40 oz option. It's currently offered in 17 colors, including seasonal and limited edition ones that keep shoppers coming back for more.

Why Are Stanley Tumblers So Popular?

The Stanley Tumbler's current popularity rose with the "clean girl aesthetic" on TikTok during the pandemic era. A welcome alternative to wasteful plastic bottles, some of the cup's biggest proponents were wellness influencers sporting slick-back buns and toting the cup along to morning pilates and evening "hot girl walks."

Around the new year, the brand did a series of collaborations that drew major crowds—many of which made news for their raucousness. The most recent was a cup the brand released with Starbucks at Target on January 3.

"The limited edition 'winter pink' color, which is a hot, iridescent pink, has been selling out at Target stores nationwide," says Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert at

Just before that, on Dec. 31, the brand dropped a limited-edition Valentine's Day tumbler, also at Target, and also in a bright pink hue. Shoppers flocked to stores on both occasions, pushing one another out of the way to nab the coveted Stanley cups.

If the scrimmage was any indication, these cups won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Shop the Best Stanley Tumbler Lookalikes

1. Simple Modern 40 oz Trek Tumbler

blue-green Simple Modern tumbler against a white background
Simple Modern

This $30 Stanley tumbler dupe is a cult favorite in its own right.

"With its impressive insulation, comfortable handle, and multiple lid options, it closely resembles the Stanley Cup," says Miguel Baptista, manager at camping and outdoors resource Rtivities. "The vast selection of colors and overwhelmingly positive reviews add to its appeal."

Simple Modern's Trek Tumbler comes in 24 hues and in a similar stainless steel, insulated construction as the Stanley.

"I think it's my favorite cup yet. It's much lighter than the other brands I have, which makes it easy to tote it around with me wherever I go!" wrote one shopper.

2. Embark 40oz Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler

Grass-green Embark tumbler against a white background

At $15, Embark's stainless steel tumbler costs just a third as much as the Stanley—making it a great dupe you can find at Target. It's a similar shape as the car-friendly Stanley, is made of stainless steel, and comes in five colors.

"It keeps my drinks cold or hot for hours," says Melissa Cid, consumer savings expert at "A really cool feature about this tumbler is that you can use it with the straw or use it as a mug without the straw."

"I literally returned my Stanley when I came across this! Save your money you will not regret it," raved one reviewer.

3. Murmioo 40 OZ Tumbler with Handle and Straw

Pink tumbler against a white background

For about half the price of the Stanley at $23, you can get Murmioo's 40-ounce tumbler on Amazon.

"This tumbler comes in many unique and fun colors, including gradients," says Cid. Given how much hype the most recent Stanleys have gotten due to their unique colors, that's bound to be a win for some shoppers.

The Stanley cup dupe is made of insulated stainless steel and has a lid with a straw and sipping option. Its bottom has an anti-slip pad to prevent it from flying off tables or staining them. For extra convenience, it even comes with its own straw cleaner tool!

Shoppers say its leak-proof lid is the real deal: "I take this to work as a teacher of young children. This cup has been knocked off my desk accidentally several times, and a small drop of liquid came out," commented a reviewer.

4. Sakura Train 40 OZ Car Cup

Display of colorful Sakura tumblers

If you're on board with Temu, then you know it's the place to go for incredible deals. Jeanel Alvarado, founder and CEO of Retail Boss, likes its $13.85 car cup. (Note that at the time of writing, prices varied by color and sales.)

"The dupe comes in most [Stanley] colors that are hard to find, such as the light and hot pink colors and the most subtle white and black," she says. (Note: You'll have to search Temu individually for each color.)

"It's a great dupe because it also has the stainless steal interior, and some cheaper dupes have a plastic interior, which will cause the tumbler to neither stay hot nor cold for long periods of time," she adds. Its other specs are similar to Stanley, too, including its size, shape, and sipping options.

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5. Reduce 40oz Cold1 Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler Mug

Bright pink tumbler against a white background

This Stanley dupe from Reduce rings up to $25 on Amazon—and Bodge recommends it especially for people after Stanley's sold-out Starbucks shade (the "sangria" color is close to the collab color, though the cup comes in 24 shades).

"My teen daughter loves her Reduce Tumbler," says Bodge. "She has one in a cream color, and she puts stickers all over it—it's pretty much the only thing she'll drink out of at home."

Expect a similar construction to the Stanley, including a stainless steel dishwasher-safe barrel and a spill-proof lid. Inside, you'll even find ounce markers so you know how much you drank!

"I love the generous handle, the rubber bottom, how it fits easily in cup holders, & how it keeps my drinks nice & cold," wrote one shopper.

6. Hydro Flask All Around Travel Tumbler

A Hydro Flask navy blue tumbler against a white background
Hydro Flask

This reusable water bottle has its own cult status, but since it's a few dollars cheaper than the Stanley ($40, though it's often on sale on Amazon and the Hydro Flask website) and a similar construction, we'll call it a dupe.

"It mimics the Stanley's shape and size, offering vacuum insulation and a leakproof lid," says Baptista. "Its elegant stainless steel exterior and ease of cleaning make it a practical choice."

It's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Plus, it has a flexible straw!

7. Five Below 40 oz Hydroquench Tumbler With Handle

Gray ombre tumbler against white background
Five Below

You needn't spend a fortune to get the Stanley aesthetic. Five Below sells a $5.55 version in nine colors (though a few are often sold out), as well as fun ombre shades.

The bottle has a few key differences from the Stanley: Its interior is plastic, so it won't keep drinks chilled for super long, and the lid isn't sip-friendly, so you'll need to use the straw. However, if it's the look of the Stanley you're after, it's a good dupe with its shape and color options.

"Not bad for $5, but unfortunately, the Stanley Cup wins," commented TikTok user @itskristiii. She explained that the Stanley Cup felt sturdier than the Five Below one and that there was no condensation on the outside of the Stanley tumbler, while some did develop on the Five Below version.

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