5 Best Ugg Boot Dupes You Can Buy Online

Cost isn't an issue with these look-alike shoes recommended by stylists.

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If it were up to us, we'd live in Ugg boots. The shearling-lined shoes feel like a hug for our feet, keeping our toes toasty warm and totally coddled. However, there are a few things preventing us from doing that. First, the rules of society say it's inappropriate to wear slipper-like footwear to certain upscale functions. And second, the price tag on these boots makes them somewhat prohibitive. (If we spend $130-plus on a pair of shoes, we probably won't wear them in the snow or rain—or even on errands where they might get a bit scuffed up.) Fortunately, dupes exist. And these days, they're better than ever. Read on to learn some of the best ones on the market, according to stylists.

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5 Best Ugg Boot Dupes

1. Altar'd State Mini Faux Fur Platform Boots

Cloud Bootie from Altar'd State
Altar'd State

The Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boot was on many peoples' wish lists this year, but the $160 price tag makes them out of reach for most. However, you can get a similar look with the Cloud Bootie from Altar'd State—which is exactly half the price!

The shoe comes in two colors: a camel hue that's similar to Ugg's iconic chestnut and a light tan. The boots have a low platform and a faux fur lining that makes them just as comfy as their counterparts.

"It's super compact, super chic, and super vegan, for the eco-minded fashionista," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling

2. TSPACE Women's Slip-On Slippers

Ugg clog dupes from Walmart

The Ugg Tasman Slippers were also in high demand, with many retailers selling out of them multiple times (even Ugg only had the shoe in stock in three sizes at the time of writing).

Instead, try the bargain version at Walmart, which sells a near-identical dupe that has the same silhouette, color, and embroidery stitching. Plus, they ring up to just $22!

However, it's worth noting that the shoes are billed as house slippers, so they may not hold up to the same wear and tear as an outside shoe.

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3. Ausland Winter Snow Boots

Ugg-style boots from Amazon

For a dupe of one of Ugg's more classic tall styles, look no further than the Ausland Winter Snow Boots that run for $70 on Amazon.

"They're some of the best quality you can for the price," says Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist. "If you are happy with real leather, they will likely be more durable."

Barrett also likes these because they're a little bit taller than brand-name Uggs, which means they're easier to tuck pants into and keep your calves extra warm. Make sure you spritz them with a suede protector.

4. Redvolution Women's Suede Faux Fur Boots

Ugg-style boots from Amazon

Redvolution also makes a great vegan dupe for the traditional tall Ugg, says Barrett. They nail the chestnut color but also come in black, gray, sand, and some options with faux fur and buckles on the exterior. At just $24 via Amazon, shoppers say they're a steal.

"These are adorable. Exactly what I was looking for! We got 10+ inches of snow & these work great for grocery trips & stuff like that," wrote one reviewer.

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5. Cushionaire Women's Hip Genuine Suide Pull-On Boot

Ugg-style boots from Amazon

The Cushionaire Pull-On Boot is another dupe for the Ugg ultra-mini—and it's just $59 on Amazon.

Reviewers rave that they're just like Ugg: "Cannot argue with the price and they are equally as comfortable and cute as UGGs," writes one. "Love love love these!!! Look just like [Uggs] but a better price. Great quality," wrote another.

The boots are available in 11 colors and even have wide sizes.

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