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Amazon Sells Affordable Ugg Boot Dupes—Are They Just as Good?

You might be able to get the fashionable footwear you want thanks to these lookalikes.

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It's not an overstatement to say that Amazon has revolutionized how we shop. But besides the convenience of picking up what you need with a few clicks or taps and having it delivered right to your home, it's also made it easier to find lesser-known products and save some money. In the fashion world, this means honing in on clothing that looks just like fancy and expensive designer pieces. The latest example is a pair of super cheap Ugg boot dupes that Amazon sells for much less than the full price. Read on to see if experts think these lookalikes are just as good as the genuine product.

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A convincing pair of Ugg dupes are available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

A cushionaire cozy ankle boot

Over the past two decades, Ugg boots have transformed from a frantic trend to an established wardrobe mainstay. Most shoppers appreciate the comfort and warmth the dressed-down brand provides—even if its superior quality comes at a relatively high price point. But as with many expensive products, there appears to be a convincing dupe version available on Amazon.

The Cushionaire Cozy Ankle Boot bears an uncanny resemblance to the Ugg Classic Ultra Mini, sporting a similar stitching pattern and lined with the distinctive fur that gives the genuine item its trademark look. But the difference doesn't carry over to the price tag: While the Ugg boots retail at $150, the Cushionaire sells on Amazon for just about $70.

There are additional Ugg dupes, too. The newly released Ugg Tasman Regenerate slippers feature a colorfully stitched trim. But while this is available on the company's website for $130, Amazon sells a shockingly similar pair for around $40.

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Social media accounts have weighed in on the items' quality.

An Ugg Classic Ultra Mini boot

The resemblance has even garnered some attention on social media. In a clip posted in Nov. 2022, TikTok user @kara_elizabeth provides a detailed review of each product. She points out that while the outside may not look quite as soft and the fur lining inside the boots slightly differs from the genuine Uggs, she concludes that the Cushionaire boots are "a pretty good dupe."

In another side-by-side comparison video, user @karsenkimball notes that while there's obviously no Ugg label on the back of the dupe, it's otherwise a similar color—and even says the dupe has softer fur lining. She calls the Cushionaire a "10 out of 10" and the "best dupe I've seen yet."

The affordable version of the Tasman slippers also gets a similar treatment in a video posted by TikTok user @allie_gibbs. She says that while she was dubious of the item due to the lack of reviews, they are true to size, and says anyone interested in them should "go order them right now."

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Retail experts mostly agree that these are a decent option for shoppers on a budget.

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Despite their subtle differences, shopping experts who've examined the products agree that the affordable options are likely a decent purchase.

"It seems like all of these dupes are actually pretty close to being actual dupes—that is, they look almost identical to real Ugg boots," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "That said, closer inspection will obviously show that they aren't Uggs—the trademark logo is missing—so if you're concerned with that, it's worth keeping in mind."

She adds that even though reviews of the items are somewhat mixed, they're mostly good overall, noting the Cushionaire's 4.6-star average.

"How much this matters to you may determine whether or not it's worth trying these knockoffs for much less, but given the price is so much lower than the authentic thing, it seems like it's worth it to me," she says.

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There are still a few things to keep in mind while purchasing the dupes, though.

A close up of the Amazon logo on a smartphone in someone's hand next to a coffee mug
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Even if the cheaper pairs are a good pickup, Ramhold warns there could still be some other problems for shoppers trying to get their hands on some.

"The most important thing to remember right now is that the TikTok videos have built a lot of hype around these dupes, and because of that, if you try to shop for some of them on Amazon, every size is currently unavailable," she tells Best Life. "Given that and the fact that they're so much more affordable than Uggs, you may want to set up an alert for these items so you can jump on them as soon as they're back in stock."

She adds that you can still shop Cushionaire directly for other colors and sizes sold out on Amazon, even though some styles spike up a bit in price to about $80.

"While that isn't cheap by any means, it still beats paying $150 or more for the same look at Ugg, so it's definitely worth trying to find a more affordable pair if you can," Ramhold says.

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