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Walmart Is Selling a Copycat Anthropologie Mirror for $500 Less

Anthropologie's Gleaming Primrose Mirror is social-media famous but comes with a high price tag.

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For years, Anthropologie was known as a posh place to shop for eclectic, boho-chic clothing. But today, the retailer may be even better known for its similarly styled furniture and home goods, from $4,000 Chesterfield sofas to its famous monogrammed coffee mugs (these will only set you back about $14). Perhaps the most popular piece that has made the rounds on social media is Anthropologie's vintage-inspired bronze mirror. The three-foot version sells for $548—but Walmart has a dupe that's nearly $500 less. Is this budget-friendly mirror just as good? To find out, we consulted retail experts. Read on for their opinions.

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What's the deal with the Anthropologie mirror?

Styled product shot of four different sizes of Anthropologie's Gleaming Primrose Mirrors

Anthropologie's Gleaming Primrose Mirror has been highly sought after since it appeared in 2011, and it doesn't look like it'll fall out of fashion any time soon.

"A modern statement piece with an antique feel, the Gleaming Primrose mirror from Anthropologie has inspired DIY tutorials, home decor how-tos, and even the search term 'Anthropologie mirror dupe,'" wrote Architectural Digest in June. "Since then, the vintage-inspired design has expanded into other AnthroLiving products in the form of a circular version, a spinning vanity mirror, and a mirrored tray."

According to House Beautiful, Anthropologie confirms that the mirror is its best-selling piece of furniture "by far." The publication also notes that HGTV star and interior designer Joanna Gaines, as well as actor Shay Mitchell, have shown off the mirror in their own spaces.

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What's the difference between the Walmart dupe and the original?

Product shot of a gold mirror from Walmart

Louie Higaki, divisional merchandise manager of home decor, furniture, and kids at Anthropologie, told CNN that the Gleaming Primrose Mirror "was inspired by French antique gilt mirrors seen throughout Paris."

To that end, it's designed with Baroque-style scrolls along its base corners, delicate texture all along the periphery, and a leaf motif at the top.

According to the product page, the mirror is made of handcrafted resin, iron, engineered hardwood, and mirrored glass, and since it is crafted by hand, "no two pieces are exactly alike." It's available in gold, antique black, white, and silver (though gold is definitely the color seen most often).

It comes in three heights that are meant to stand against the wall—five feet for $898, six feet for $1,198, and seven feet for $1,598. The three-foot wall mirror retails for $548.

The Better Homes & Garden mirror available at Walmart, which was called out on Instagram by user @simplystagedandstyled, only comes in one color (gold) and size. It's two-and-a-half feet tall and retails for $65. It does not include the scrolls at the bottom corners, though it does have "leaflet scrolls" at the top and "delicate floral details" all along the edge.

Walmart doesn't specify what its mirror is made of, but it's 10.4 pounds and 20 inches wide, compared to the Anthropologie mirror's 31 pounds and 39-inch width.

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Is the dupe worth it?

Styled product shot of a gold mirror from Walmart, set on an emerald green wall

Jeanel Alvarado, founder and CEO of popular retail news and analysis site Retail Boss, notes that most of the negative reviews for the Walmart mirror have to do with "the lack of attention to detail, quality, and that it was damaged upon arrival."

"For anyone interested in the Walmart dupe, it's best to buy in-store and select the best one, as the quality may vary from each mirror, and the likelihood of it breaking during shipping is high," she recommends.

Alvarado adds that the reviews for Anthropologie's product "praise the mirror for its superior quality, reflection, and craftsmanship."

"All in all, the Walmart dupe may look similar from afar, but close up the difference is significant and doesn't compare at all," she says.

However, Julie Ramholdconsumer analyst with, says that there may be a way around some of these drawbacks.

"If you're very picky about your aesthetic, you might not like the gold finish of the Walmart variation, but if you're feeling particularly handy, you may be able to DIY a different finish on it if you have the patience and time," she explains. "And considering the much higher price at Anthropologie, picking up some cans of high-quality spray paint and primer, as well as some painter's tape to give the Walmart mirror a new look, is still going to be much cheaper than buying even the smallest mirror at Anthropologie."

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There are other dupes, too.

Product shot of a gold mirror from Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

Given the popularity of the Anthropologie mirror, the dupes don't stop at Walmart.

In another Instagram post, @simplystagedandstyled shared a similar mirror at Hobby Lobby. The one she featured is much smaller—it's just 20 inches tall and 16 inches wide—and comes with text printed on the glass, which the influencer removed using nail polish remover. It's also pricier than the Walmart version at $70.

Hobby Lobby has various other sizes in this style, too. A more oblong shape sells for $120, while a six-foot-tall standing mirror is $460.

There are also several variations of the mirror available at Wayfair, countless options on Amazon, and a great dupe at Home Depot.

Regardless of which version you go with, "When it comes down to it, trendy items like these don't need a label to look good," Samantha Landauconsumer expert at TopCashback, tells Best Life.

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