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Signed and Sealed

USPS Prices Rising Dramatically on Sunday

Here's how much you'll pay.
Cool It

Your Air Conditioning Bill Is About to Spike

It's for these 3 reasons, experts say.
Battle of the Bulks

Sam's Club Shoppers Threaten to Switch to Costco

They've lost a beloved perk and they're not happy.
Hiss Hiss

Spike in Rattlesnake Sightings Prompts Warning

The venomous reptiles are getting stealthier.
Pay Back Time

Taxpayers Will Have to Pay Back Certain Credits

The IRS has a new alert for tax filers.
Supermarket Sweep

Albertsons and Kroger Are Selling 579 Stores

Here's the full list of locations across 19 states.
Signed and Sealed

Postmaster General Says USPS Is in "Death Spiral"

He says his changes are the only way forward.

Symptoms People "Never Think of as COVID"

These signs are often overlooked, doctors say.
No Kissing

New Alert Issued for “Kissing Bug” Insects

Their bites can cause heart problems.
Plaguing Problems

Another Case of Human Plague Confirmed in U.S.

Here's how to catch it early and stay safe.
Wrong Answer

Controversial "Jeopardy!" Champ Defends Himself

He's called his critics "incoherent."
Sun Snafus

Dermatologist Shares the Biggest SPF Mistake

You've likely already done it this summer.
That Settles It

Costco Shoppers Can Claim a $56 Settlement

Here's how to know if you qualify.
Gut Feeling

Hormone Doctor Shares 3 Things He Avoids

He stays away from them for his gut health.
A new low

"Jeopardy!" Player Explains Disastrously Low Score

She says it was an "out-of-body experience."

Doctors Share Top Symptom of COVID FLiRT Variants

Infections are on the rise in most states.
Damage Control

There's a Simple Way to Get 10% Off at Target

An ex-employee shares this savings trick.
Quick Fit

Longest-Living People Do a 5-Minute Exercise

This daily workout could lead to longevity.
Potent Products

Home Depot Slammed for Selling Banned Products

The retailer has been issued a $1.6M fine.
Turn Back Time

Woman Reversed Aging With Her Longevity Diet

The 64-year-old also takes specific supplements.