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Costco Sells Super Cheap Lovesac Couch Dupes—Are They Just as Good?

We asked the experts if you could really get the living room look you're after for less.

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While many love the Costco shopping experience for the free samples and the food court, the warehouse retailer isn't just limited to what it showcases in its store. The company's website is also full of great deals that members can purchase—including furniture items. Now, some shoppers are raving that Costco is selling super cheap Lovesac couch dupes at a fraction of the original item's price. Read on to see how experts weigh in on the product and whether or not you should get one for yourself.

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You can find a convincing Lovesac couch dupe on sale at Costco.

A Flexsteel Modular Sectional Storage Couch set up in a living room

Decorating a new home or redoing your living room can be an incredibly costly endeavor—especially when it comes to big-ticket furniture items. But anyone looking for a brand name look might be able to get one at generic prices thanks to a popular product sold at Costco.

Earlier this year, Costco showcased items by furniture company Lovesac with a roadshow that toured different locations throughout the U.S., according to Apartment Therapy. The brand has taken off as an excellent option for anyone looking for pieces that will fit their space thanks to its easily customizable sectionals that practically snap into place.

However, some customers have pointed out the Flexsteel brand couches the warehouse retailer sells offer a nearly identical look for a much lower price. While Lovesac's 5-piece set goes for $4,927.50 on the company's website, the passable dupe retails at just a penny short of $3,600.

"This couch—often referred to as Costco's cloud couch—comes in white and gray and features bench-size cushions on the ends. It can be rearranged to fit different living room layouts," says Jeanel Alvarado, founder and CEO of the popular retail news and analysis site Retail Boss. "While this couch is not a perfect dupe for the Lovesac, it offers similar modular functionality at a significantly lower price point."

Reviews talk about how easily the couch can be assembled and how functional it is.

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Social media users have also begun to highlight the similarities between the two products. In a video posted on July 7, Instagram user @costcohotfinds talked up the affordability of the storage sectional, gushing over how buyers "can piece it together in whatever way fits your space the best" and that it was "delivered quickly."

And while some others commented that the price still felt steep, others argued it was "definitely a steal compared to the real Lovesac brand."

According to Katie Roberts, consumer analyst with, Flexsteel is undeniably similar to Lovesac in offering modular furniture that stands out for its versatility. "If you aren't pleased with one layout, you can try another!" she says. "Several customer reviews for a Flexsteel Flex sectional also note its easy assembly."

Shoppers certainly seem to be happier with the product, giving it an average of 4.2 stars in ratings. "It is well built and really comfortable!" one buyer writes. "I love the storage space in the ottoman to hide kids' toys. I am really happy with this purchase!"

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There are still a few drawbacks to consider before jumping to make a purchase.

Costco Furniture Section

It can always be exciting when the hard work of looking for a better-priced deal ultimately pays off. But Roberts cautions that when investing in a 'dupe' product—especially in higher-priced categories like furniture—you'll want to consider several things.

"Obviously, price is a big factor, but it's also worth looking into the quality of the dupe versus the big-brand item," she says. "What do the reviews say about how each product holds up over time? How are the products constructed, and out of what materials? Will they fit in your home?"

And then there's the issue of what's allowed for returns and exchanges if you wind up unhappy with the item. "If there's a way to try out each product before you buy, that's helpful, too," she says.

Be sure to do enough research before you decide to invest in a Lovesac couch dupe. website homepage. It is the largest American membership-only warehouse club. Costco logo visible.

Buying a new sofa is a big purchase, both in the investment required and the literal size of the item that requires special planning and assembly. Because of this, experts say it's probably best not to dive in without due diligence first.

"Flexsteel products could be a worthy purchase, but even with Costco's solid return policy, they're not the type of products to buy on a whim," warns Roberts. "That's especially due to their pricing—think thousands of dollars—and size. You don't want to start setting up your new sectional only to realize it won't fit in your living room!"

Before you start dreaming up your new living room layout, make sure you get a good idea of what that layout can actually handle. "If you're interested in the brand, measure your space—and measure again!—and read reviews before you consider buying."

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