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Walmart Sells Super Cheap Skims Dupes—But Are They as Good?

Here's everything you need to know before making your next shapeware purchase.

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When it comes down to it, everyone wishes they could fill their wardrobes with the finest high-end fashion items—even if it's something you wear under your clothes like shapewear and intimates. Unfortunately, popular brands like Skims come with a higher price tag that can make it too expensive to splurge on more than a few pieces here and there. But if you're looking to stock up for less, customers claim that you can find a great deal on an essentially identical item for less at a very familiar retailer. Read on for more information on the super cheap Skims dupes Walmart sells—and whether experts agree if they're just as good as the real thing.

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Walmart shoppers claim the retailer sells a Skims bralette dupe.

A product image of a woman wearing a yellow Joyspun bralette

Most people walk into Walmart confident they'll get a pretty good deal on whatever they're buying. But if you're working on a wardrobe budget, shoppers claim the big box store also stocks a product some call a nearly perfect Skims dupe.

In a video posted in June, TikTok user @houseofmagpye points out a Joyspun bralette that sells for just $11.98. "Own and love," the account claims, adding that the product is "super soft, super comfy, [and] super plunge."

Commenters on the post agreed with the comparison, with one writing: "I love this bra. Very comfortable."

Skims products are typically considered higher ticket items.

A close up of a Skims billbard
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Besides garnering instant fame thanks to its celebrity co-founder, Kim Kardashian, Skims has managed to become a coveted brand thanks to its high-quality intimates, swimwear, shapewear, clothing, and loungewear. But according to retail experts, there's a reason why Walmart shoppers may be taking note of the similarity.

"[Skims'] bras are probably one of the most popular products, as users often claim they're the most comfortable bras they own," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, tells Best Life. "However, those definitely come at a premium price, with each one selling for anywhere from $36 to $68 depending on the style."

Despite the cost difference, this type of item is a daily essential that stands apart from its expensive outerwear counterparts.

"Inflation is already causing households to feel the pinch—but when it comes to items like bras, these are usually necessary clothing purchases that can't be put off indefinitely," Ramhold points out.

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The low cost of the Walmart item makes it an easy product to test drive.

Woman taking shopping cart near supermarket Walmart. Closeup on female hand holding shop trolley with sign of the shop

Of course, it can seem like an easy decision for anyone on a budget to jump for the cheaper item. But experts say even those who may doubt the product could consider tossing it into their cart.

"Some shoppers are calling Walmart's Joyspun brand a Skims dupe," says Ramhold. "And considering the prices of their bras, even if they aren't a like-for-like dupe, they're still worth trying."

She points out that while none of them may live up to the same level of authentic Skims, many are very similar for a fraction of the cost. This is especially true of the company's cotton plunge bralette, which retails for $36 compared to the $12 Walmart version.

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There are still some drawbacks to going with the dupe Skims.

dennizn / Shutterstock

However, experts point out that appearances aren't everything when it comes to fashion purchases.

"It's important to note that while these dupes may look similar to Skims products, they do not offer the same level of quality," says Jeanel Alvarado, retail expert and founder of Retailboss. "The materials used, the fit, and the overall craftsmanship may differ, which could impact the wearer's experience. Therefore, while they are certainly budget-friendly, consumers should manage their expectations when it comes to function and durability."

Ramhold also points out that even if the quality is great, you may have more options shopping at Skims. "They have more nude skin tones as well as bright colors and patterns, and even more sizes in some cases," she explains. "That same cotton plunge bralette at Skims has sizes from XXS to 4XL, whereas at Walmart, the Joyspun bra that's similar is only offered in sizes S to 3XL."

But if you're alright with the selection, Ramhold maintains that the Joyspun products are affordable enough to give a whirl—namely because they cost one-third as much as the Skims version. "At those prices, even if the quality doesn't stack up, they can be a good solution when you're on a tighter budget, and you can always splurge on higher-end options later on," she says.

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