Walmart Sells Super Cheap Birkenstock Dupes—Are They Just as Good?

You may not have to break the bank for a pair of trendy footwear after all.

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When it comes to fashion trends, Birkenstocks stand out as a quintessential whiplash product. What was once derided as a desperately un-chic item has become white hot seemingly overnight, as hordes of new fans of the brand eagerly scoop up standard styles and special releases. However, just because you want to get yourself a pair of the sought-after footwear doesn't mean you need to break the bank by paying full price. Read on to learn more about the super cheap Birkenstock dupes that Walmart sells—and whether or not they're just as good as the real thing.

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Social media is abuzz with Birkenstock dupes on sale at Walmart.

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Social media has become a powerful tool for shopping and discovering new brands, but it's also helpful in finding ways to save money while building your wardrobe. This includes finding dupes of higher-end items sold at stores like Walmart—including the latest example of nearly identical Birkenstock sandals.

In a post from April 2022, a user with the Instagram handle @saversisters posted different colors and styles of Time & Tru brand sandals with a glowing review. They called the footwear "super comfy and much more affordable than the real thing" at less than $15 a pair. By comparison, the similar Arizona sandals from Birkenstock start at $110.

Other shoppers have pointed out that it's also more than just an impressive replica. In a TikTok video posted in Jan. 2023, user @laineysloopsboutique gushed about Time & Tru sandals she purchased, saying they were "way more comfortable" than the original Birkenstocks she bought.

Experts point out that there are certainly benefits to buying the cheaper dupes.

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While there's always a trade-off to buying a cheaper version of a fashion item, experts agree that the affordable Birkenstock dupes seem to deserve the hype—within reason.

"The dupes at Walmart certainly look very similar to Birkenstocks, though the side-by-side comparisons may make it more obvious that one is not the same as the other," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "That said, if you're looking for a shoe with a similar style that doesn't cost $100 or more, the Walmart dupes may be worth checking out," adding that how comfortable the shoes feel compared to the authentic sandals will still vary from person to person.

Others agreed, explaining they've experienced firsthand just how great a value the cheaper version can be.

"While the common saying you pay for what you get is usually true, you can often find good quality from even stores like Walmart on their own store brand goods including clothing and footwear—especially like these Birkenstock dupes," consumer expert Andrea Woroch tells Best Life. "I've purchased shoes from their Time and Tru brand and thought they held up well for the price! If you aren't particular about the brand name and are looking for ways to save, Walmart's store brand version is a great option."

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Of course, there are drawbacks to going with the more affordable option.

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As you might expect, however, the more affordable store brand isn't without a few issues of its own.

"Some reviews have complained about the quality on select styles being bad, with shoes not being 'made correctly,' not fitting, and not being adjustable," says Ramhold. "It's good to see if these complaints are common enough that it may be a real issue or if it's just a one-off."

Ramhold also points out that the @laineysloopsboutique video shows firsthand that sun and water can quickly discolor the pairs. And while even authentic Birkenstocks can get damaged by the elements, the brand offers a more outdoor-friendly lineup that could better suit your needs.

Then there's also the issue of durability.

"It's important to keep in mind that genuine Birkenstocks are known for their long-lasting materials and craftsmanship, so if you're looking for a long-term investment, the real deal may be the originals in the long run," says Jeanel Alvarado, retail expert and founder of Retailboss.

It may be worth trying them on to see if real Birkenstocks or the dupes are better for you.

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Before you decide to pick up a pair, experts say it's worth it to do a little research.

"As with any purchase—major or not—it's a good idea to read the reviews online for the Time and Tru shoes before you actually buy them," suggests Ramhold. "The online reviews can help you decide whether they're worth investigating further or if you should move on to something else."

If the reviews aren't cutting it, she highly recommends going to your local Walmart, finding a pair of the sandals, and trying them on before you add them to your cart.

"Doing so will help you to avoid sizing issues and potentially having to return something later on," she says.

And while social media might make it easier for you to find your next purchase, the wider audience means getting the pair you want could be more challenging.

"Because these are growing in popularity, it may be harder to find them at your local store, so be prepared to shop around to find a style you like in your size," Ramhold cautions.

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