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Dollar Tree Sells These Same Exact 6 Items for Less Than Walmart and Target

Find out when shopping at the dollar store is penny-wise.

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Dollar Tree may have raised its famous "dollar" price to $1.25, but the items you'll find on the store's shelves are still a steal in today's inflated retail environment. While big-box stores also tout their affordable prices, the dollar store is often the clear winner. In fact, Dollar Tree sells some of the same exact items as Walmart and Target for less. Keep reading to find out exactly products they're stocking at even cheaper prices.

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Goli vitamins and supplements.

A hand holding a bottle of Goli apple cider vinegar gummies on red background
taffpixture / Shutterstock

Taking a wide range of vitamins and supplements is becoming more and more common—but although a healthy one, it isn't a cheap habit. They tend to be pretty expensive, and prices can vary a great deal depending on where you buy them.

That's why TikTok user @financialcookbook was so excited when she found 120-count bottles of the popular Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies that retail at Target for $25 at Dollar Tree for a crazy $1.25. She also spotted Goli Energy Bites that sell at Walmart and Target on the Dollar Tree shelves.

Personal care items.

colgate optic white toothpaste
Steve Cukrov / shutterstock

We know that Dollar Tree has a huge following for its brand-name makeup finds, but other health and beauty items are also worth digging into.

Toothpaste can often seem like more of an investment than a necessary staple, given the premium prices stores charge for somewhat dubious claims like whitening, breath-freshening, and more. But TikToker @stayinghomesawyer found a lucky break at Dollar Tree, in the form of $1.25 Colgate Optic White toothpaste, which retails for $5.58 at Walmart.

She also found Dial Hand Soap, which retails for $2.47 at Walmart, and classic Barbasol shaving foam, which can be found for $12.95 at Walmart.

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Cleaning supplies.

scotch brite sponges dish scrubber
Uthai Panyakam/shutterstock

Arm & Hammer Clean Scentsations in-wash laundry booster comes in a 24-ounce bottle for just $5 at Dollar Tree, but at Walmart, you'll pay $5.44 for the same product, points out Julie Ramholdconsumer analyst with "While Dollar Tree may only have one scent available (depending on your location) it's still a good deal if you aren't picky about the smell."

Ramhold also found Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Pads in two-packs at Dollar Tree in either stainless steel or copper for just $1.25. "That breaks down to 63 cents each, and while you can get three-packs of the stainless steel at Walmart, the price is $2.62 or 87 cents each." A three-pack of the copper pads was on sale for $2.24 (normally $7.84) at the time of publication.

"Whether you consider the face value or unit price of the product, Dollar Tree wins either way," Ramhold says.

Makeup and beauty products.

A pile of Maybelline mascaras.
Antonio Tanaka / Shutterstock

TikTok user Kelly Strack hit her local Dollar Tree where she was very excited to see the addition of lots of items from Ioni, including the famous 3D Faux Mink Lashes, which sell for $5.49 on Amazon. Influencer Kim Nuzzolo "almost missed" a very cool Flesh Beauty eyeshadow palette, typically sold at Ulta for $35.

In addition to some of the newer, trendier brands, Dollar Tree is also known to sell makeup from classic labels like Maybelline and Cover Girl.

TikToker Amanda Frisch posted a video that showed what she found at her local Dollar Tree. It included lipsticks from NYX and Maybelline, jumbo eye pencils from NYX, and Cover Girl Skin Milk, which will set you back a whopping 11.99 at Ulta Beauty. Strack found Maybelline Superstay stick foundation, which retails for $7.60 at Walmart.



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Dollar Tree may seem an unlikely haunt for bookworms, but the chain is known as a fabulous resource for adding to your home library. TikToker simplysourced shares her literary journey through Dollar Tree's book section, where she finds titles that will set you back $18 at Target. YouTuber PrettyNFlawed similarly finds the bookshelves at DT a treasure trove, including a popular compendium of self-help lit that retails for $14.80 at Amazon.

Flavored water and soft drinks.

hint water on grocery shelf
Sheila Fitzgerald/shutterstock

Just in time for summer, Dollar Tree offers a cool selection of refreshments at a fraction of their usual price. Headlining the popular drink options is Hint flavored water, which Tik Toker jaxcraftygirl has joyfully discovered at Dollar Tree. The same size sells for about $36.00 for a pack of 12 at Walmart (that's $3 each).

Ramhold reminds shoppers that Dollar Tree typically has smaller quantities, which is why it's often cheaper. She adds, "If you can't find an item in-store, you can order online, but it must be done in bulk quantities, which can add up and leave you with more product than what you need. It's always best to look at the unit price when shopping."

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