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Walmart Slammed by Shoppers for Price Discrepancies: "We Are Being Scammed Daily"

A TikToker pointed out different prices on garlic products.

Walmart's prices are some of the most competitive in the game—and you can save even more by shopping clearance or taking advantage of Rollback sales. But while the company slogan is "Save Money, Live Better," some shoppers say that isn't always the case. Customers have pointed out price discrepancies in the past, with one shopper even filing a lawsuit over price differences in-store and online. The big-box retailer was also flagged for overcharging customers in North Carolina, shelling out over $20,000 in fines earlier this year. Now, Walmart is under fire for yet another pricing difference. Read on to find out what has one shopper claiming that Walmart customers are "being scammed daily."

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Minced garlic is priced differently in different sections at Walmart.


In a TikTok video posted by Shawn Fanning, who uses the handle @shawnfanning1, he shows a closeup of Great Value minced garlic jars with green caps—nicknaming them"jarlic." The price below the garlic lists it as $8.36.

"So here's a little hack for you, if you like using jarlic like I do, but you don't want to pay that price down there, go back to the can section," Fanning says.

The video then moves to a shot of different Great Value minced garlic jars—which have blue caps and are roughly half the price. "In the can section, [it's] $4.98," Fanning tells viewers. "You're welcome."

Shoppers claim they've seen this before at Walmart.

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The comment section was flooded with opinions about the differing prices, with one shopper writing, "We are being scammed daily."

Another said that they've noticed this before. "Always thought that odd, that a product changes price depending on department it's in," the commenter wrote.

Other shoppers weren't at all surprised by Fanning's video. "I feel like this is especially common at Walmart. Everything that's obvious and easy to find is more expensive," a comment reads.

Another shopper wrote, "Yes this is true. They do it with everything. Surge cords, batteries, they do this with food. Walmart is tricky [for sure]."

Best Life reached out to Walmart for comment on the price discrepancy, and will update this story with their response.

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It's not clear what the real difference is between the garlic products—if there is one.

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Several theories circulated about why the two minced garlic jars (which are the same size, 32 ounces) were priced differently. One commenter asked if the universal product codes were different, while another frustrated shopper wrote, "It's the exact same thing!!! Just a different color jar!"

Some Walmart customers pointed out that the $4.98 jar clearly says it's minced garlic in water, alleging that the first jar is minced garlic in oil. In Fanning's video, the front label of the more expensive jar doesn't list whether it's in oil or water.

Others argued they're different products and one minced garlic jar is organic. One shopper, however, claimed that they checked Walmart's website, and the only difference between the two was that the blue-capped garlic contains a preservative called sodium benzoate.

The jury is still out on what the official difference is. The blue jar shows up on Walmart's website for $4.98, but the $8.36 jar of minced garlic is not available online. A link to the product page says that it "could not be found."

Other garlic products were priced differently, too.


One commenter claimed price discrepancies are common with canned mushrooms as well, which are allegedly less expensive in the section with pizza ingredients than in Walmart's vegetable section. But Fanning also filmed a separate TikTok showing differing prices of garlic powder.

"Hey guys, here's another tip. I like to use a lot of garlic power, but I don't like to pay those prices, and I also don't like to pay those prices," Fanning says in the video, panning to a 26-ounce container of Great Value garlic powder priced at $13.76 and a 1.5-pound container of Badia-brand granulated garlic priced at $12.46.

He suggests going to the Latin foods section, where American Spice-brand garlic powder is $6.48. It's worth noting that this container is slightly smaller, at 14 ounces. Some shoppers also pointed out that granulated garlic and garlic powder are slightly different products.

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Some said they just avoid purchasing these products from Walmart.

Dollar Tree Discount Store. Dollar Tree offers an eclectic mix of products for a dollar.

Shoppers were also quick to offer tips to avoid these pricing differences.

One savvy shopper suggested making your own minced garlic: "Here's another hack, just buy the bulbs, and mince them yourself, using a food processor. Then put in a jar, fill with oil, refrigerate…you're [welcome]."

Others recommended heading to Sam's Club (a Walmart subsidiary), Aldi, or Dollar Tree for better prices. "Go to Dollar tree and Pay $1.25," a commenter wrote about minced garlic.

Another said, "I think I paid $5/6 for the huge plastic bottle in sams club."

When it comes to garlic powder, a shopper said "it's even cheaper at Costco."

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