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Walmart Shoppers Don't Want Everyone to Know About "Secret" Food Section

TikTokers say that you can get a decent amount of food without overspending.

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The price of groceries is a hot topic these days—even as inflation has slowed. Shoppers are rightfully stressed: In 2022, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) found that food prices were up a whopping 11.4 percent compared with 2021, with eggs going up the most due to an avian flu outbreak. But while it may seem like opportunities to save at the grocery store are few and far between, that's not necessarily the case. Walmart shoppers say that there's actually a "secret" food section in stores—and prices are so good, they don't want this information getting out. Read on to find out where you can score a hot (and tasty) deal at Walmart.

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A TikToker got a full meal for under $6.


If you're looking to find affordable groceries, your local Walmart may be your go-to spot. But in a now-viral TikTok video, user @bikelifej suggests another way to shop and save.

In the March 2 video, the TikToker shows a hot meal from the Walmart deli section, priced at just $5.47.

"Y'all thought I was joking when I said it, but I'm dead serious," @bikelifej says. "Stop giving these fast food places your money. I was hungry [while] on lunch, ran to Walmart—for $5.47, eight-piece boneless wings [and] fresh potato wedges."

But @bikelifej isn't the only one in on the secret. A video posted by @samantha420gonzalez on March 8 shows two additional meals with eight boneless wings, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans or potato wedges. Prices appear to vary from store to store (and depending on the number of different sides you choose), as @samantha420gonzalez's meal was a bit more expensive at $5.97.

People say the options are cheap and tasty.


If you're wondering why the audio sounds a little weird in the beginning, I was pushing a shopping cart around, and it was really loud, so I used the noise reducing audio to get rid of that background noise, which altered my voice a little bit. #walmart #foodreview #foodrecommendation #food #honeybbqchicken #foodie #foodtiktok #garlicsmashedpotatos

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Beyond being affordable, social media users say the hot meals are actually delicious. TikToker @lukefoods posted a review of his deli meal, noting that he thought Walmart food "would be kind of generic, kind of garbage," but was proven wrong.

"This stuff is literally fire," he said in the video, reviewing the honey barbecue boneless wings and garlic smashed potatoes. "Those wings from Walmart are literally addicting."

TikToker @taytayymarie pointed to the "cheesy goodness" of the mac and cheese and said she only shelled out $6 for the large combo meal. "I won't eat this all, so I'll be able to snack on it for the next couple of days—so worth it," she added.

In a comment on @taytayymarie's video, a shopper wrote, "Obsessed with the Walmart deli and I live for the left overs."

Another gushed, "Walmart deli is SO underrated it's soooooo good."

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Commenters weren't thrilled that the news is out.


When Walmart deli devotees realized the cat was out of the bag, they were quick to chime in.

"NO. DONT DO THIS," a comment on @samantha420gonzalez's video reads. "ITS MY SACRED SECRET."

Others wrote that they were worried about how these videos might affect pricing. "Now the prices are going to go up?" a TikToker wondered, while another added, "Keep this on the DL [down low] bro."

"Bouta be $12 by the end of the year. I'm calling it now," a shopper predicted in a comment on a video by @travelingfoodreviews.

However, other TikTokers claimed that prices have already went up. "They used to [be] $3 and change," a user wrote on @samantha420gonzalez's video, while another alleged the meals used to be $5 for wings and two sides, but are now $8.

User @lukefoods echoed this and pointed to inflation, stating that where he shops, the eight-piece boneless wings used to come with two sides for $4.50, but now only come with one side for $4.97. You can add another side for an extra charge, he said.

Walmart isn't the only place you can score a deli deal.

A store front sign of the grocery store Albertsons
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Not everyone is a fan of the Walmart meals, however, with some TikTokers complaining about the quality and how long they have to wait at the Walmart deli section. Others said their local store doesn't even offer these meals.

But commenters pointed out that other grocery stores have similar options.

"Most groceries like Albertsons, Walmart, Smith, Vons, Winco, etc have the same deals and even fresh sushi," a commenter wrote on a March 14 video posted by @samantha420gonzalez, advising shoppers not to "sleep" on the bargains.

On @samantha420gonzalez's March 8 video, other shoppers recommended Giant Eagle, where the chicken wings are "pretty good," as well as Kroger and Costco, which often have a similar setup.

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