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Dollar Tree Just Stopped Selling Eggs at All of Its Stores

The retailer cited rising prices and said that shoppers won't see eggs again for months.

While Dollar Tree's prices are now a bit higher than the traditional $1, you can feel confident that you're still spending less on groceries there than you would at your local Kroger or Publix. But if you rely on Dollar Tree for your weekly staples, you'll soon notice an important item missing from the shelves: eggs. On March 14, the discount retailer announced that it's no longer selling eggs at any of its stores—and they'll be unavailable for the foreseeable future. Read on to find out why Dollar Tree has stopped stocking eggs, and when you'll be able to buy them again.

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Egg prices have been sky-high for months.

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), an avian flu outbreak that dates back to Feb. 2022, prompted a nationwide egg shortage. As a result, egg prices skyrocketed, reaching an average of $5 per dozen in January—a record high, Reuters reported.

Last month, prices were (thankfully) down by roughly 6.7 percent when compared with January, according to a news release from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. But even with a bit of relief, Dollar Tree is still making a drastic move.

Roughly 8,000 stores are no longer selling eggs.

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In response to the inflated price of eggs, a spokesperson for Dollar Tree Inc. told Reuters that Dollar Tree has stopped selling eggs at all stores. This will affect nearly 8,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada, the outlet reported.

As Reuters points out, the news comes ahead of Easter and Passover, both of which involve eggs. But eggs will actually be gone for several months: According to the spokesperson, Dollar Tree doesn't expect to be able to sell eggs again until the late fall.

Best Life reached out to Dollar Tree for comment on the situation, but has yet to hear back.

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You can still buy eggs at other dollar stores.


Interestingly, Family Dollar, a Dollar Tree Inc. subsidiary, will still sell eggs at 8,200 stores, the spokesperson confirmed to Reuters. These locations already carry pricier inventory, with items going for up to $10.

Dollar General, which also sells some higher-priced inventory, is still selling eggs at its 19,000 retail stores. The company told Reuters that it has "solid in-stock levels" of eggs.

Dollar Tree might not be helping its reputation.

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It's important to note that by eliminating eggs, Dollar Tree is nixing one of its more healthful foods. Dollar stores, in general, have recently faced criticism over their food selections. As a result, many communities are fighting back against new dollar store locations, claiming they drive out local stores that often sell more nutritious options.

In a new report released on Feb. 28, The Institute for Local Self-Reliance alleged that dollar stores "are dismal substitutes" for local grocery stores and "stock little fresh produce and only a narrow range of processed foods, such as canned soup and soda."

For its part, in 2021, Dollar General introduced an initiative to add fresh produce to 10,000 stores. That same year, Family Dollar also said it would add more fruits, vegetables, and frozen protein options to 100 stores, CNN Business reported.

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This isn't the first time egg prices have caused a stir.

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The topic of rising grocery prices—and egg prices, specifically—have dominated headlines for months. But in February, shoppers in Kentucky actually got a welcome surprise at a local Walmart.

The Walmart store in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, had 18-count egg cartons on sale for just $2, which sent customers into a tizzy. NBC-affiliate LEX 18 posted a photo on Facebook, showing the egg section with a significant Walmart "Rollback" from $6.03.

Some customers were thrilled, while others alleged that the eggs were likely ready to expire if they were priced that low. According to Walmart, the Harrodsburg store received an extra one-time shipment of eggs, and they were then able to pass a discount along to shoppers. However, the company added that it was not representative of Walmart's average price point for eggs nationwide.

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