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Walmart Sells Super Cheap Lululemon Dupes—Are They Just as Good?

You could get the workout look you want for less with these clothing items.

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Lululemon has become a household name for its athletic apparel that can help you look and feel your best when working up a sweat. But while the brand has earned a reputation for its high-quality clothing, it can also be out of the price range for those shopping on a budget. Fortunately, you might be able to score a practically identical outfit for much less by hitting up another major retailer. Read on to find out more about the super cheap Lululemon dupes that Walmart sells—and if they're just as good as the real thing.

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Shoppers are turning to social media to gush about Lululemon dupes sold at Walmart.

Product shot of light purple running shorts from Walmart

Social media has made it a lot easier to expose great products to a larger audience—especially when it can save people money. And in the latest example, customers are taking to their platforms to gush about affordable Lululemon dupes sold at Walmart.

In a TikTok video posted in March 2023, user @kerrisaf showed herself trying on a pair of shorts she called a "decent Lululemon dupe" priced at $14. By comparison, a similar pair of high-rise shorts sell for $68 on Lululemon's website.

"I love these shorts. I think I'm gonna get a couple in different colors," she says, pointing out that the affordable pair has sewn-in shorts underneath and a "really high waistband" that's "really thick."

In another video posted in May, user @mywalmartbestie showcased the same shorts in a wide range of colors from a shelf, calling them "the Butter shorts" and pointing out in the caption that "people say they're Lululemon and Aerie DUPES!!!"

Users in the replies sang the clothing's praises, saying they were "very soft" and "awesome."

Walmart also sells a similar top that costs less than at the high-end athletic wear store.

Cropped shot of a model wearing a mauve sports bra from Walmart

And it's not just comfy shorts that are available. In a Jan. 2023 video, user @walmart_favorite_finds showcases an athletic top sold under the Avia brand name. They add that it's "buttery soft," featuring moisture-wicking fabric and a built-in bra.

"I have these in three colors, and I can honestly say they're the best!" the user writes in the caption. Other users added that they agreed, with one saying they were "even more comfortable than Lulu."

The user also adds that the item costs just $17, compared to identical styles at Lululemon which retail for $58.

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Experts are split when it comes to determining whether or not the deal is worth it.

A Lululemon storefront with a customer exiting
Shutterstock / Kristi Blokhin

Of course, anyone building out their wardrobe would love to save money when they can. But just because the dupes at Walmart may look practically identical to those at Lululemon, it doesn't necessarily mean they should be a shoo-in for shoppers.

"The Walmart athletic line and Lululemon have a similar feel when it comes to the material, but the Walmart stretch and fit are lower quality," says celebrity personal trainer Kollins Ezekh. "But Walmart's athletic line is affordable and comfortable, which is important when you are working towards your fitness goals."

Others agree that going with the cheaper option can significantly benefit those looking to save money while fleshing out their workout attire.

"I can't personally speak to the Lululemon dupes at Walmart and their comparative quality. But given the price differences between what Walmart and Lululemon are selling, the quality of Walmart's offerings may not matter as much," Katie Roberts, consumer analyst with, tells Best Life.

"For example, you could find dupe shorts at Walmart for around $7 to $14, while women's shorts on Lululemon's site tend to have list prices starting around $64," she points out.

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The decision to buy a dupe over an original comes down to your personal needs.

woman shopping for sports bras at Lululemon
rblfmr / Shutterstock

When faced with two seemingly identical items, it might seem like a no-brainer to opt for a more affordable option. But according to Roberts, the key is to consider whether each "dupe" item you find would be a good buy for you.

"Are the features the same as what Lululemon offers on similar items? What are the customer reviews saying? Once you gauge these things, you can decide whether the item may be a good fit for you," she says.

And there are other downsides when trying to score viral items. "Be aware that items trending on social media could sell out faster than other pieces, so you'll want to check and make sure your size and preferred color are still available," Roberts recommends.

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