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The 5 Best Times to Shop at Bath & Body Works, According to Experts

This is precisely when you should be re-upping on your favorite creams and candles.

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Whether you're a longtime Cucumber Melon devotee or brand new to Japanese Cherry Blossom, Bath & Body Works has maintained a steady customer base for decades thanks to its beloved—and sometimes timeless—lineup of trademark fragrances. On any given day, the mall mainstay provides the public with plenty of affordable lotions, candles, and body sprays. But with the right information, you can get an even better deal on your favorite products by planning out your purchases just right. Read on to discover the best times to shop at Bath & Body Works, according to experts.

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Around Thanksgiving

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Anyone on the hunt for deeply discounted holiday gifts for self-purchases knows there's no better time of year for sales than Black Friday. Experts say Bath & Body Works is no exception—and even provides a little extra time, so you don't miss out.

"This is one of Bath & Body Works' decent sales and should run through the week of Black Friday itself," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, tells Best Life. "This is when you can expect to find promotions like the 'buy three, get three free' deals, which make it a prime opportunity to stock up on your favorite scents for less."

The next time you fill out a survey

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Customer service can go a long way in keeping shoppers coming back, which is why many companies are willing to pay to get the information they need about their opinion. In the case of Bath & Body Works, you can score some sweet savings just by letting the store know how you feel about your last experience.

The next time you make an in-store purchase, look at the bottom of your receipt for a link to a customer survey. Filling one out can score you as much as $10 off a $30 purchase, according to The Smart Shopper.

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The middle and end of the year

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Seasonal sales may be easy for any casual shopper to spot, but those in the know are aware of each store's semi-annual sales. And according to experts, June and December are both times of the year when you can get some of the deepest discounts on your favorite products from your go-to fragrance store.

"This is typically when Bath & Body Works holds their Semi-Annual Sales, which usually has the absolute best deals from the brand," says Ramhold. "It can offer pretty hefty discounts—around 75 percent off or so—and will run for a good amount of time, but it's best to shop early for the best selection. The summer sale typically starts in mid-June, while the winter one tends to start the day after Christmas."

After you join their rewards program

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Rewards programs are nothing new to the retail world and are a great way to save money year-round. After all, they let return customers rack up plenty of discounts over time or receive free items just by restocking on their favorite products. But for Bath & Body Works, experts say there can be an immediate payoff just for signing up.

"Bath & Body Works now has a new nationwide rewards program that's free to join. Right now, new members receive an offer for $10 off a $30 purchase, plus you earn points with every purchase and will earn free products as well," Ramhold previously told Best Life. "Members also get exclusive access to special events and products and an annual birthday gift as well."

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Just before the holidays

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No one really needs any extra excuses during the holiday season. But experts say that come early December, there's one big reason to make a few extra purchases on your favorite fragrances for the home.

"This is when Bath & Body Works has its Candle Day Sale, which is hands down the best time of year to shop for the brand's 3-wick candles," says Ramhold. "It's a very short-lived sale—usually just a couple of days in-store and one day online—but candles are discounted up to 60 percent off, so it's a good time for stocking up on these products."

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