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Walmart Sells Super Cheap Spanx Dupes—Are They Just as Good?

Retail experts and shoppers compare the two products.

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We all want clothes that make us look and feel our best, but constantly updating our wardrobes with every piece that hits the trend cycle would ruin our wallets quickly. Instead, many of us must pick and choose which items to invest in—or go on a treasure hunt for a worthwhile dupe, which is somewhat easier these days thanks to social media sleuths. All this is true for Spanx, too. Recently, shoppers say they've found affordable Spanx alternatives at Walmart—and since they're less than $25 a piece, we had to check them out. Read on to see what shoppers are saying, as well as one retail expert's thoughts about the collection and whether or not it's worth it.

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Spanx products can be pricey.

Spanx Store

It's no surprise that shoppers are looking for affordable Spanx alternatives.

"The original Spanx is beloved because it's a thinner smoothing shapewear that was game-changing compared to the other types of shapewear on the market at the time," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "It rocketed to popularity after Oprah acknowledged she was a fan."

However, the brand is also pretty pricy. Spanx has a range of products, from its traditional shapewear, which starts at $58, to its faux leather leggings, which start at $98, to its loungewear sets, which ring up to a minimum of $116 if you buy both halves.

So, our ears perked up when we heard social media users saying there were similar Walmart products for a fraction of the price.

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Shoppers say these Walmart leather leggings are a much cheaper Spanx dupe.

The first Spanx dupe that caught our attention was the $14 Faux Leather Legging from Walmart's house brand Time and Tru.

"These leggings… look just like the Spanx ones," says TikTok user Kaylyn Von (@kaylynvon). "They don't have as much compression as the Spanx ones, so I'd definitely size down if you buy them, but they look identical."

The leggings currently have an average 4.2-star rating from 1,681 Walmart reviewers.

"These faux leather leggings really surprised me! They have a great shine to them and I like the fit of them," commented one reviewer. "These leggings are amazing! They are lightweight and comfortable! The faux leather gives them a very classy look," wrote another.

Unfortunately, some Walmart shoppers say the pants ran big and that the leather peeled in the wash, even after following the care instructions properly.

Shoppers say the Spanx-dupe loungewear is great, too.


Walmart sets inspired by spanx … $22 and under, in the viral scuba fabric…see link in bio #walmartfinds #walmartfashion #lookforless #casualoutfit

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The leather leggings weren't the only item that made a splash. Shoppers thought the Scoop Women's Scuba Knit Trouser Pants ($19) and V-Neck Sweatshirt ($22) were also spot on.

"This deliciously soft fabric reminds me of the Air Essentials from Spanx," which is $138 for just the pants, said TikTok user @liveloveblank.

TikToker Krissy Corti (@krissycorti_digitalmom) posted a video showing the same Scoop set at a Walmart store. "This is Spanx," she said, touching the fabric. "They have to be made in the same factory."

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But retail experts have concerns.

Front of a Walmart store

Ramhold says she's skeptical that Walmart's products could be that similar to Spanx.

"It seems the reviews on the Scoop line are mixed on the smoothing offered by things like the Scuba pants, with some claiming that they offer a flattering fit while others say they just 'cling,'" she says. "In all likelihood, Walmart can't really recreate the original Spanx for such a low price."

She adds that the items might work for people who are more interested in the aesthetic and less in the slimming and shaping abilities that a Spanx product would offer. Despite some visual similarities, "It doesn't seem like the Scoop lineup is even focused on providing similar Spanx-like benefits," says Ramhold.

Of course, this all depends on your priorities. "While these products may suit your needs, it's important to temper your expectations," advises Ramhold. "Give the cheaper options a try, but don't be surprised if they don't quite give you what you need and you find yourself searching for another product."

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