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7 Home Stores That Sell the Best Quality Couches

These retailers make it easier to find the perfect furniture for your home.

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Finding the perfect couch can be one of the more difficult parts of decorating your home. Besides being one of the pricier investments you'll likely have to make when purchasing furniture, they also need to look great and feel comfortable to sit on. But before spending your hard-earned money on such a high-ticket item, it's essential to know which retailers provide options that will stand the test of time and make your room feel complete. Read on for the home stores that sell the best quality couches, according to retail experts.

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Costco Furniture Section

Costco has developed a loyal following for its great prices on bulk household essentials, high-quality store-brand products, and even its bargain of a food court. But regular shoppers may not be aware that the store also stocks high-quality furniture—including couches.

"The warehouse club has a wide variety of furniture types in general, but there are definitely a good number of sofas to shop," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at, tells Best Life. "Because of the range of items available, there's also a range of prices, so it's easier to find something to fit into every budget. Costco also has a generous return policy, and you can earn cash back on your Costco purchases—which can add up to even more savings in the long run."



Department stores overall have had a difficult couple of years, with some legacy retailers all but disappearing as customers continue to gravitate toward online shopping. But despite shedding a number of its locations lately, Macy's stands out as an example of a company working to position itself for survival. And according to experts, some of their bargains are just as good as they ever were.

"I personally like Macy's furniture for the quality, price, and value," says consumer expert Andrea Woroch. "They always run specials, so you just have to check back to find a deal on an item you're eyeing," adding that she often finds styles that look similar to those offered in high-end furniture stores for a fraction of the cost.

And it can pay to consider the department store if you're shopping on a tight budget. "They also offer zero-percent financing deals when you open a Macy's credit card," she says.

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Hands holding credit card and using laptop

Taking your furniture shopping online can be a great way to save time and easily compare prices. But while the number of furniture e-commerce sites might've exploded over the past decade, experts suggest Article as one that helps design-savvy customers find the chic piece they're after.

"The brand has a decently loyal following and plenty of positive reviews that swear the couches are quality made while still being stylish and without costing as much as other furniture stores," says Ramhold.

But while this method saves time driving between showrooms, it still requires a different kind of legwork ahead of time.

"It's important to remember that different models will have varying degrees of happy customers, so it's definitely important to read the reviews before making your purchase. Be sure to look for negative ones that may indicate a particular model has lost its support, for example, or if a fabric pills, legs are wobbly, or buttons pop off," she advises. "These might not be dealbreakers for your situation, but it's good to know about them ahead of time, and you can choose another model or even find potential solutions before you run into them."

Sam's Club

sam's club store
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Of course, Costco isn't the only warehouse retailer around. Like its competitor, experts say Sam's Club can also be an excellent source for anyone looking to pick up a new couch at a reasonable price.

"Sam's Club offers high-quality furniture for a bit of savings compared to other furniture retailers," says Woroch. "You often get more for the same price as a single smaller couch at a traditional furniture store. For instance, you may get a couch and loveseat with a matching ottoman."

And there's another leg up over traditional retailers. "Their deals typically offer delivery setup and packaging removal, which would be an additional charge from a department store or furniture seller," she points out. "When you find one you like, keep checking back for price drops. I routinely see deals with instant savings."

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IKEA Exterior

IKEA is well-known worldwide as an affordable DIY furniture option whose notoriously sprawling showrooms carry everything from bookcases to bedframes. But while much of their lineup may evoke memories of evenings spent on your living room floor looking in vain for a missing screw or bolt, the company's pre-made couches stand out as a superior product.

"If you're on a tighter budget, this may be the best way to go," says Ramhold. "There are various models available, and IKEA makes it easy to look for firm or soft support so you can narrow your focus down to your personal preference."

But even if a particular model has caught your eye online, she says it might still be a good idea to try one out in-store if you can swing it. "If you can't do that, be sure to check that your chosen model will be able to be delivered to you before you get too excited," Ramhold cautions. "And definitely read reviews!"

Besides price, there are also other benefits to going with the Swedish store. "One perk of shopping at IKEA is that with the app, you may be able to use augmented reality with some models to see a live image of the couch in your space. Additionally, some models have washable slipcovers, which makes cleaning them easier and can make choosing a particular sofa less stressful," Ramhold says.

Benchmade Modern

Woman on the couch with her laptop

Bespoke furniture is the kind of purchase typically limited to the select few shoppers with bigger-than-average budgets. But thanks to retailers like Benchmade Modern, experts say it's possible to get the exact style and look you want without the eye-watering high price tag.

"Shopping here involves choosing a collection, then a custom size, and your material. After that, the piece is made here in the United States in two to four weeks," says Ramhold. "Perhaps the coolest thing about this one though is that they'll provide a free true-to-size printout of your sofa so that you can roll it out and see how it fits in your area."

"If you want an entirely customizable experience, this is an excellent brand to shop—but it does come at a premium cost," she says. "Still, it may be entirely worth it depending on your needs. And if you need one faster, there is a ready-to-ship section, too."

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A laptop with the Wayfair logo on the screen
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Over the past decade, Wayfair has become synonymous with furniture and decor e-commerce thanks to its reliably reasonable prices, wide selection, and regular sales. Experts say that as long as you're willing to take the plunge based on what you see through your computer screen, it remains a top option for couch shopping for a good reason.

"This is another site where you may be able to utilize augmented reality to visualize a piece in your home before you buy it," says Ramhold. "It's also another retailer that has a wide variety of models to shop with price points in basically every budget. For instance, I saw prices as low as $137 for a sleeper futon and $153 for an armless sofa bed. Granted, these were during sales, and those kinds of discounts sell out fast, but it should provide a rough idea of what you can expect to see if shopping here."

However, there's one crucial thing to remember before you check out with your new purchase. "Be cautious when ordering as delivery may only be to the front door, so be sure you have help to get the couch inside in order to avoid scrambling the day of delivery," Ramhold suggests.

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