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7 Home Stores That Sell the Best Quality Rugs

If you're looking to finally cover up those bare floors, look no further.

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Keeping your home looking its best doesn't just end at picking out the perfect paint color or finding fantastic furniture. Sometimes, the most important finishing touches on a room require getting your hands on the right rug for the space. But whether you're looking for an eye-catching runner for your hallway or a sturdier option for your back patio, it helps to start off on the right foot by going to the right sources. Read on for the home stores that sell the best quality rugs, according to experts.

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A HomeGoods storefront with cars parking in the lot.

Is there anything HomeGoods can't do? The super affordable retailer makes it easy to find discounts on everything from designer fashion to high-end cookware with relatively minimal effort. And if you know what you're looking for, it can also make it easy to find the floor covering you need for less, too.

"Shopping for a rug doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a ton. I'm all about finding quality for less, so that's why I like looking for well-made rugs at discount stores like HomeGoods," says retail expert Andrea Woroch. "You can find well-respected name-brand for up to 60 percent off, and you know their options will be durable and longer lasting than a cheaper option for the same price."

The best part? Since each location's inventory can be different, fortune favors anyone willing to show up in person and makes it more likely to find a deep discount than an online retailer, Woroch adds.


A Target storefront during the day
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Target is one of those stores you can count on for everyday essentials, groceries, and everything in between—often at a great price. And according to experts, this reliability can still include some of their home goods.

"It's no surprise that a store that has a bit of everything is also going to have a decent selection of rugs, especially when you shop online," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, tells Best Life. "It's easy to find something to fit a variety of budgets, and Target also has their own rug buying guide that offers different room configurations to help you decide on what size of rug and orientation is best for your space."

"On top of that, it also offers a breakdown of the different kinds of fibers that their rugs are made from to help narrow your options and make shopping easier. And of course, Target also offers RedCard members 5 percent off, so that makes the already affordable prices even better," she adds.

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Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer

Besides the beloved free samples and food court, most regular shoppers know that a trip to Costco can be a great way to stock up on bulk purchases of the everyday essentials you need. But the warehouse retailer can also be an excellent resource for decorating your home—all without leaving your house.

"This is another store that has a ton of different options, though the selection for budget-friendly options may be smaller," says Ramhold. "You can shop in your local warehouse and typically see a few different rugs if you want to check them out in person, but you'll find more available online typically."

"The good news is that Costco also has a buying guide like Target to help you find the perfect size for each room," she adds. "And there are also indoor and outdoor options as well as cushioned mats for hard floors like in the kitchen, so you can theoretically outfit every room in your home with rugs from Costco."

Rugs Direct

Layered rugs

Shopping for rugs in person can be a daunting experience. Making your way around a showroom can take a whole afternoon of flipping, rolling, and measuring to make sure you're getting just the right size. If you're short on time and energy but looking for the best quality, experts say using an online retailer can drastically reduce the time it takes to locate the perfect piece.

"Rugs Direct offers a wide selection across brands and price points, not to mention giving easy access to rugs specific to certain rooms and locations," says Pam Danziger, market researcher and founder of Unity Marketing. "With so many people choosing hard surface flooring today, rugs have become essential to bring warmth and comfort to a room. And rugs are not just for function: Area rugs reflect the style, personality, viewpoint, and aesthetic of the owner. It becomes their 'stamp' on their room and each room's 'signature' statement."

Danziger emphasizes that quality should also come hand-in-hand with style while shopping. "Try to see them more as 'floor art' that's personal and revealing at the same time. And unlike the choice in flooring, there's nothing permanent about rugs: They can be easily changed to express different moods and feelings," she points out.

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overstock website

Online home goods stores like Overstock can feel like a gamble when it comes to picking furniture or other home decor items that are built to last. However, you can often score some fantastic deals on well-made products if you know how to look.

"Check out name-brand rug deals on Overstock," Woroch advises. "You can find lots of savings here on quality styles that may have been overstocked, store returns, or last seasons style."

And if you're choosing to shop online, Overstock also has one massive advantage over many of its competitors. "Remember: Free shipping is key because rugs are big and heavy, which can end up costing you more for delivery from some stores," she says.


A variety of brightly colored rugs rolled up on display next to each other
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No matter what style they are, traditional rugs can be notoriously difficult to clean in the event of a serious spill. That's why anyone prone to dropping their glass or tracking in mud from outside might want to consider Ruggable for their decorating needs. Their special design can eliminate the hassle of tidying up even the biggest mats.

"These are a unique offering because they include a washable rug top which makes them easy to swap out if you want to change styles or just for easier clean up," says Ramhold. "There are a lot of different options to choose from, which is great, but one important thing to note is that users generally prefer the cushioned pad that goes under the rug rather than just the standard one as the former feels plusher than the thinner standard nonslip pad."

"Either way, the rugs will be nonslip, and prices can vary in a big way depending on what size and style you opt to purchase, so you may have to spend some time looking around to find the style that best fits your budget," she explains, before adding one caveat. "It's also been noted that larger rugs may be harder to put back on the nonslip pad and that having another person to assist can help, but if these aren't dealbreakers, then it's definitely worth checking out."


A close up of the Amazon logo on a smartphone in someone's hand next to a coffee mug
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As a store that sells practically everything you can conceive of, it's no secret that rugs are available on Amazon. Unfortunately, for many shoppers, the possibility of picking up a poor-quality product can drive them away from using the e-commerce giant. But if you take the right approach and do enough digging, you might be able to get a well-made rug brought right to your door.

"This one is a bit of a toss-up because it may mean that you have to sort through tons of results to find a quality rug at a good price, but it's definitely possible," says Ramhold. "One thing to note is that when you find a style you like, try looking outside Amazon reviews for feedback on the brand name, just to broaden the scope of your research. The last thing you want is to buy a rug from Amazon with great reviews only to have it shred the first time you run the vacuum over it or something like that, so do your due diligence before you purchase from the online giant."

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