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10 Timeless Clothing Items That Never Go Out of Style

These are the pieces you'll always be able to pull off.

Just a few months ago, bows and burgundy could be seen all across any social media feed. But now, it's denim vests and butter yellow. Fashion trends are changing so fast these days that it's nearly impossible to keep up. The moment you cash on in one, it's over, and then you're left scrambling to chase the next one. That's why many stylists suggest maintaining a trend-proof closet. To do that, you invest in clothes that make you look and feel your best—no matter what the fashion magazines and influencers say. You might also want to focus on clothes that experts deem timeless. From jackets to dresses to skirts, these are the 10 pieces that will never go out of style.

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Wrap dress

Woman wear long silk kimono, summer kimono, silk loungewear. Natural bathrobe. Details of minimalist look. Woman dressed in fashionable beige wrap around midi dress. Woman sitting on the floor.

If you fill your closet with wrap dresses, you'll always have something to wear.

"It is flattering on almost every body type and can be worn on its own or over a long-sleeved top," Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist, says.

Wrap dresses also come in many silhouettes so that you can find the best one for you. There are short sleeves, long sleeves, A-line skirts, pencil skirts, and so much more. For summer, try one in a lightweight fabric and fluttery sleeves; in winter, opt for a knit one and pair it with tights and boots.

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White shirt

women's hands close-up buttons on a white shirt

A crisp white shirt is both timeless and versatile.

"It can be worn as a base layer tucked into suiting, untucked over leggings, layered under sweaters, or worn over tanks—it can even be a beach cover-up in a pinch," Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, says. "Make sure it's nicely pressed with each wearing, or stock up on wrinkle-free styles that work well for travel."

Accessorize with a statement choker necklace if you keep it buttoned or with a pendant if you leave the neckline unbuttoned.

Straight-leg jeans

Side view woman walking street in fashionable spring or autumn clothes cashmere coat, jeans, black loafers shoes and handbag. Female model in motion, street style fashion, close up legs

Right now, there's a lot of chatter about which jeans are best: skinny, baggy, low-rise, high-rise. But if there's one classic staple, it's straight-leg jeans.

"The original style of Levi's straight-leg jeans is always in and never dates," Barrett says. "It is almost like the basis for all jeans—anything else is an adaptation of that original style."

Wear them on errands with sneakers or sandals, to the office with mules, or on date night with kitten heels. You'll keep this pair of denim for decades.

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A-line skirt

Street style – Purse detail before a fashion show during Milan Fashion Week - MFWFW19

The A-line skirt is another classic bottom—although, in some years, it'll become more popular in longer and shorter hemlines.

"The most common throughout has been an A-line skirt that sits on the knee," Barrett notes. "It is also the most flattering for most body types."

Buy it in a quality material and neutral color, and you'll have it around forever.

Trench coat

Yonug adult trendy stylish beautiful caucasian happy smiling woman enjoy walking by Yalta sea embankment on warm sunny day. Female person portrait wear jeans biege trench coat on urban city street

There's no other word to describe the trench coat than iconic.

"It's season-less, trend-proof, and ageless, proving it's one of the best investments you will ever make," Kosich says. "Consider classic khaki or one of your most serviceable light or dark neutrals like olive green, puddy, stone, black, or winter white."

You can throw it on over casual outfits as well as party dresses and office attire.

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Pea coat

Portrait attractive female model on cloudy sky background. Modern stylish woman with short hair in gray double breasted pea coat and glasses

Winter coats are expensive, so if you're going to invest, you want to make sure you get your money's worth over the years. For that, Kosich suggests the pea coat.

"Its iconic midnight navy color is a much-needed break from black, not to mention a less harsh dark neutral for aging faces," she says. "Try a high-low look and pair a classic pea coat with frilly party dresses or flowy boho maxi dresses or with classic suiting to relax the stiff, stuffy edge."

To get the best fit, Kosich advises finding a jacket hem that stops either above or below the widest point below the waist.

Leather jacket

woman smiling in a leather jacket
GaudiLab / Shutterstock

You may not always want to throw on a trench coat or a pea coat during the warmer months. But you can consider putting on a leather jacket for those cooler nights instead.

"Considered a trademark symbol of coolness, the leather jacket has made a trail from the rock 'n' roll generation to the modern developments in streetwear," Ira Lysa, style expert and owner of Imperial Alterations, explains. "Its robustness and capacity to add a zing to even the most basic of outfits have made it remain in vogue throughout the years."

To get a true classic and timeless look, Lysa recommends pairing a black leather jacket with a basic white t-shirt and dark denim. "Or opt to layer it over a floral dress to create a unique blend of toughness and femininity," she suggests.

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Black dress

Four elegant women in little black evening cocktail dresses celebrating birthday or hen party holding glasses drink champagne sparkling wine having fun laughing in modern loft apartment

The little black dress, or LBD, is a concept that dates back all the way to the 1920s. But it's still just as relevant today, making it the true epitome of a timeless piece, according to Lysa.

"The little black dress is every woman's forever garment—something no lady can be without," she says. "Pair it with heels and bling for a formal event, or put them together with sneakers for an informal style."


cropped view of tattooed woman with happy smile holding hanger with blue cardigan near rack with casual clothes at home, sustainable fashion and mindful consumerism concept

If you have an old cardigan underneath your bed, go ahead and pull it out. This is a "timeless piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe," Lesley Evers, fashion stylist and owner of the brand LesleyEvers, tells Best Life.

"A cardigan is perfect for layering and is fantastic for travel as it elevates an outfit and can be removed easily depending on the climate," she shares.

Evers suggests keeping a few cardigans in different colors on hand so that you can easily coordinate them with any outfit.

"Pair yours with a graphic tee or a button-down shirt for a modern look," she advises.

Polo shirt

close up of a young adult male buttons up his green polo shirt

There are more masculine clothing trends that can be considered timeless, too. One of the most well-known is the polo shirt, which "bridges the gap between casual and semi-formal," according to Scott Liebenberg, founder and CEO of the men's fitted clothing company Tapered Menswear.

"It's less formal than a button-down but more polished than a t-shirt, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions," Liebenberg says. "Right now in 2024, you'll find that it's a favorite among men who go into the office a few times a week as it pairs perfectly with trousers or chinos."

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