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9 Timeless Women's Beauty Tips That Will Never Go Out of Style

These are the makeup, skin, and hair hacks you should always have in your back pocket.

We've seen countless beauty trends come and go through the decades. From thin eyebrows and St. Ives Apricot Scrub to faux freckles and Mario Badescu Rosewater, our makeup styles and skincare routines continue to evolve over time. But there are also some tried-and-true methods that have managed to stand the test of time. Talking to several experts, we got the inside scoop on which timeless tricks should always stay in your regimen. Read on to discover nine women's beauty tips that will never go out of style.

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Protecting your skin from the sun

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Sun protection will never go out of style, Valerie Aparovich, certified cosmetologist-esthetician at OnSkin, tells Best Life. In fact, it's one of the most crucial habits in keeping your skin healthy and youthful by preventing excessive ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

"UV radiation triggers the formation of free radicals that induce oxidative stress within the skin, resulting in cellular damage," Aparovich explains. "The consequences vary from photoaging leading to skin dryness, decreased elasticity, wrinkling, and discoloration, to serious diseases, including melanoma."

Aparovich says the best way to protect your skin from the sun is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a 3o or higher SPF rating. But you can also wear hats or use an umbrella to avoid harmful rays.

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Using heat protectant on your hair

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It's not just your skin that needs protection, however. Megan Steinberg, master cosmetologist and former beauty instructor at Sephora, says one of her best timeless beauty tips is to always use heat protectant on your hair.

"My clients will tell you I am a heat protectant advocate to the core, and I don't put a hot tool to their heads without it," she says, noting that her favorite heat protectant sprays to use with a straightener are the Thermal Sprays from Redken. "I spray each section and comb the product through before using a straightener and I get a beautiful smooth result every time."

Sleeping on silk pillowcases

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Another good tool for both your skin and hair is the silk pillowcase, according to fashion and beauty expert Lara Eurdolian.

"Sleep on a silk pillowcase," she advises. "It gives you less bedhead and is gentler on your skin."

Getting quality sleep

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It's also crucial to consider how you sleep.

"A good night's rest is probably the key beauty tip from women with radiant, glowing skin," Aparovich says. "Lack of sleep results in decreased hydration levels, degraded barrier functions, accelerated sebum secretion, enlarged pores, dull complexion, and under-eye bags."

For quality sleep, she says you should be getting seven to nine hours of undisturbed rest every night.

"This builds the foundation of an efficient skincare routine," Aparovich shares. "Otherwise, the focus of your skincare regimen shifts from maintaining the skin's overall health and appearance to improving the consequences of poor sleep."

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Using natural products

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One of the best beauty rules Christina Kroll, clinical nutritionist and beauty writer, lives by is, "If it's good for the environment, it's good for you!"

"Products that are infused with harsh chemicals not only destroy our planet but can also wreak havoc on a person," she warns. "That is why I seek out products that are 'of the earth.' Natural beauty comes from natural care."

Making DIY face masks

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Of course, not everyone has the financial means to go out and spend money on the most pristine products. That's why Aparovich recommends going back to the basics by making your own DIY face masks with natural resources.

"Fruits, berries, and vegetables have long been cherished as excellent ingredients for homemade facial treatments, a tradition dating back to ancient times and remaining no less relevant today," she says. "They are packed with natural youthfulness-boosting compounds that can deliver tons of benefits to your skin, such as vitamins, antioxidants, acids, and more."

For instance, fruits and berries have been "shown to stimulate collagen production and promote skin brightening," according to Aparovich. Meanwhile, tomatoes help moisturize, cucumbers tone the skin, and avocados help reduce signs of aging, she adds.

Utilizing foundations with different undertones

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When it comes to makeup, finding the "right shade" is something many people have struggled with throughout history. But learning how to use foundation with different undertones as a color-correcting tool is a beauty tip anyone can benefit from, according to Steinberg.

"If a foundation is more yellow, it can usually be used under the eyes to help counteract any purple-like tones," she says. "It can also neutralize redness, so depending on the coverage of the foundation, it might make an excellent blemish or dark spot cover up."

But what about a foundation with a pink undertone?

"If a foundation is too pink and also too dark, it can be an excellent mix-in for summer months to help adjust your foundation shade when you are more tan," Steinberg says. "The pinker foundation may be able to offer some color correction if your under-eyes are more blue as well."

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Lining your lips

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Many different lip liner trends have come and gone. But if you're not a fan of dark lip liner or over-lining your lips, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use lip liner at all. In fact, Eurdolian says there's a reason makeup manufacturers are still making this beauty tool.

"Lip liners are great for making lips look bigger, locking in your lipstick, and also to use under your lipstick for added staying power," she explains.

Taking your makeup off before bed

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All the makeup tips in the world won't help you if you're going to bed without taking it off, Rachel Nazarian, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group, cautions.

"How often are women told to rinse off all make up before they go to sleep? This wise bit of skincare advice continues to hold true," she says. "We know that going to bed with makeup and extending the skin's exposure to free-radical damage will cause premature aging [and] other problems, such as eye infections and skin irritation."

If you want to avoid any issues and wake up with healthy skin, rinsing your makeup off before bed is a hard and fast rule you should never turn your back on.

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