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104-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Find out why some people are saying she looks 20 years younger.

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As we get older, our bodies change in countless ways, and our face is certainly part of that. We may notice over time that our skin is starting to sag, feeling less smooth, and developing wrinkles—and those issues only grow with time. So when musician Jennifer Hart shared a TikTok video of her grandmother Beulah putting on lipstick for her 104th birthday celebration last year, commenters were shocked to see that Beulah appeared to have the skin of a much younger woman.

"Wow she looks much younger," one user commented.

Some even had a hard time believing Beulah was actually turning 104 years old. "Oh my goodness she is beautiful! Looks more like 60's," another person wrote.

Commenters ultimately had one question after seeing Beulah: "What's her secret?"

To answer that, Hart posted another TikTok video of her grandmother explaining how she has managed to keep her skin looking so young over the years. Read on to discover the 104-year-old woman's step-by-step guide to her anti-aging routine.

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Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily.

Jennifer Hart shares 104-year-old grandmother's skincare routine in TikTok video

You might assume it takes a lot of different steps to achieve younger-looking skin. But according to Beulah, it really comes down to just two things: cleansing and moisturizing.

"Every morning and every night, I use a cleanser, and I put moisturizer on," she shares in the TikTok video.

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Add in another step twice weekly.

Alina Kruk / Shutterstock

While cleansing and moisturizing are the only things Beulah recommends doing every day, she does also suggest taking your routine a step further every so often.

"About twice a week, I'll do an exfoliating," the 104-year-old woman adds.

Don't worry about getting expensive products.

CeraVe facial cleanser product photo

Sure, Beulah's anti-aging skincare routine may only involve three steps. But she must be using the most expensive products on the market in order to achieve these kind of results, right? Nope! In the caption of her video, Hart actually shared that her grandmother's go-to brand can be found at the drugstore.

"She usually uses CeraVe that you can get at Walgreens or anywhere really," she wrote. This brand's products typically cost around $20 or less.

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Keep it simple.

Jennifer Hart wishes 104-year-old grandmother happy birthday in TikTok video

Overall, both Hart and her grandmother seem to believe that there is one thing people should take away from her anti-aging skincare routine: the simplicity of it.

"I just keep it very simple, just keeping the skin clean," Beulah shares.

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