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80-Year-Old Grandma Reveals the Anti-Aging Supplements That Keep Her Wrinkle-Free

This daily homemade smoothie helps sustain her "flawless and glowy glass skin."

Wisdom may come with age—but so do things like fine lines, wrinkles, and crepey skin. While we can't physically turn back the clock, we know that applying sunblock and curating a multi-step skincare routine can certainly make us feel and look younger. But if you're seeking additional anti-aging tips, you may want to shift your focus from what serums you're using to what you're putting in your gut instead.

BeautyTok can't get enough of Toshiko Eto. The 80-year-old grandmother of skincare influencer Yuri Lee went viral after her granddaughter revealed Eto's secret tips for sustaining "flawless and glowy glass skin" in a TikTok video. Viewers were amazed to learn that Eto's "stunning" complexion isn't due to Botox or fillers, but to her diet regime and a supplement smoothie she's been making for the last 20 years.

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"Wow. What's the secret grandma," a person commented. "Never thought I would be jealous of a grandma," cried another.

One TikToker asked Lee to drop "the recipe please," begging to know Eto's secret to achieving perfect, radiant skin without injectables.


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At the request of Lee's followers, Eto appeared in a follow-up video in which she revealed her favorite type of protein powder and the supplements she's been taking for over two decades.

Translating for her grandmother, Lee said that Eto's daily smoothie consists of vitamin C powder, 100 percent prune extract, and soybean-based protein powder—all of which she buys from the Japanese brand Mikimoto. Eto then explained that she combines the three supplements with water and gives it a good stir before drinking.

Aside from being an extra source of protein, the "slow aging" supplements promote bone health and healthy skin, as well as support digestion, per Lee.

Eto also takes Mikimoto's Eco37 capsules, which contain avocado oil. A text box overlay explained that these are high in vitamin E, and serve as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement.

On the advantages of consuming avocado oil, registered dietician Kat Benson told USA Today that it can "reduce oxidative damage in our bodies and can help support things like wound healing, brain health and reduced disease risk." It can also support heart health.

Eto also pays attention to the types of food she's eating. In a separate clip, Lee said Eto is a big proponent of cooking her own meals and utilizing fermented foods. Some of her favorites include kimchi, miso soup, and natto, which is made with fermented soybeans.

Other foods she consumes regularly include rice, black beans, fish, pickled plums, pickled ginger, and tamagoyaki, a traditional Japanese sweet omelette, Lee explained. When she isn't drinking her supplement smoothie, Eto prefers green tea.

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