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I'm 59 and Have No Wrinkles—Here Are My Top 5 Skincare Tips

Give yourself a glow-up with these simple skin solutions.

As you get older, it's normal to notice some fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, especially around your eyes, laugh lines, and forehead. However, if you're not ready to embrace the signs of aging with open arms, there are simple ways to preserve your youth without the use of Botox or fillers, experts say. In fact, the founder of skincare company Halo & Horns, who goes only by her first name, Gigi, on TikTok, says she has several secrets to staying wrinkle-free at 59.

Gigi has garnered over 170,000 followers for sharing the skin-saving methods that she credits for her own glass-like complexion, which seems to only improve as the years pass. Wondering how she does it? These are the skincare expert's top five tips for banishing wrinkles at any age.

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Flip your morning and evening skincare routines.

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Gigi says that when it comes to her skincare routine, she does "the opposite" of most people.

"Most people will use more skincare at nighttime to help drench their skin in hydration and then end it with a thick moisturizer and go to bed, because that's when your skin is resting," she explains.

Though the skincare expert still uses a combination of serums, oils, and moisturizers in the morning and night, she applies her products most heavily in the morning to reduce wrinkles. This helps to protect her skin against pollution, toxins, and even harsh winds throughout the day, Gigi explains.

After all, this is when "you're up against the environment at its worst—not when it's resting at night, in perfect condition," she says.

Use a gentle micro-exfoliant.

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Another way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is to make sure you exfoliate your skin at least once per week, the skincare expert says. However, she uses exfoliants even more often, gently scrubbing her skin daily after cleansing. For her own routine, she uses All About The Base Micro-Exfoliant, a product from her own line.

"My skin is smooth, clear, firm, plump," with "no filler, no botox, no surgery," Gigi said in one TikTok post.

Wash your face every night.

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Though overwashing your skin or washing with a harsh cleanser can increase your odds of developing wrinkles, Gigi says it's still important to wash your face every night with a gentle cleanser. "I can't stress this enough," she says.

You can then follow this up with hyaluronic acid, vitamin serums, and moisturizers to help prevent your skin from drying out before bed.

Eat three Brazil nuts every day.

Brazil Nuts

The skincare expert says that 85 percent of your skin health can be traced back to your diet. Ideally, this should mean you consume a wide range of whole, plant-based foods including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, in addition to lean proteins and healthy fats.

However, there's one food in particular that Gigi claims can work wonders for your skin. She recommends eating three Brazil nuts every day, noting that these are rich in the mineral selenium.

"Selenium is known to protect your skin from UVR [ultraviolet radiation], and it's known to increase the activity of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione," she explains.

Use vitamin A.

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Adding vitamin A to your skincare routine can help increase skin cell production and the production of collagen while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Gigi recommends "intermittently" using products that contain retinol, retinal, or tretinoin to improve the appearance of your skin.

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai says that prescription creams and pills containing retinoids, a synthetic form of vitamin A, can help fight premature aging and sun damage. "Recent studies show that topical forms along with antioxidants may help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles," they write.

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