I'm a Makeup Artist and These Beauty Tricks "Make Everyone Look Attractive"

These simple tips are universally flattering, she says.

Finding makeup that accentuates your best features is usually a highly individualized process—one that takes into account your complexion, eye color, and so much more. However, makeup artist and content creator Jennifer Belle says she has a few universally flattering go-to tricks that can make anyone and everyone look "significantly more attractive," regardless of their particular features. Here are the four looks she recommends for when you want to take the guesswork out of looking your best.

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Try the rockstar effect on your eyes.


Belle's first trick is one that she calls the "rockstar effect."

To try it, "Take an inky black eyeliner and line your bottom waterline from corner to corner. Now just take your bronzer and smudge it out all the way underneath your lashes," she explains in a recent TikTok post.

Belle adds that some people may shy away from this look, believing that it will make their eyes appear smaller. "Even if you have small eyes, you can still do this," she counters. "It's not going to close them, it's just going to make you look sultry."

Use the crescent moon effect with bronzer.

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Next, Belle recommends trying the "crescent moon effect," which uses bronzer to contour the face and add a healthy glow.

"You're going to take your bronzer and shade in the shape of a crescent moon around your face from your temple to your cheek. Now take a highlighter and highlight the center of the crescent moon from your temple to your cheekbone," she explains.

Demonstrating the method in her post, Belle reveals a sculpted cheek that enhances her natural shape.

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Add a heart effect to your lips.

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Next, Belle suggests trying a "heart effect" on the lips to create a soft definition.

"You're just going to take your lipliner and draw the shape of a heart in the center of your lips," she says. "If you press your lips together you should see exactly where that heart should be. Then just take a gloss and gloss right over that heart shape. This creates a really pretty shape to your lips."

Swipe your mascara up and out.

Just a touch of mascara to complete her look

In a separate TikTok post, Belle shares another tip for making yourself "look hotter"—and it may actually require less work than your normal routine.

"Stop curling your lashes and pulling them straight up," Belle advises. "Instead of doing that, what you're going to do is you're going to keep your eyelashes straight—put that eyelash curler down—and you're going to take the mascara wand and pull the lashes up and out to the side. It's going to give your eye a beautiful, open lift, and it's going to look a lot better."

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