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Nordstrom Debuts Flashy New Men's Store in New York

Expect tons of exclusive offerings from shoes to suits to shaving essentials

Nordstrom is undeniably one of the department stores out there that is managing to play the game well. With retail taking a hit, and more specifically department stores, Nordstrom seems to be one of the best public companies managing to both keep existing customers loyal as well as gain new both in-store and online. Surely this must play a roll in it's deciding to open it's first ever men's store in New York's Manhattan in April. There was much fanfare at the opening which was attended by celebs such as Mark Ruffalo, Rashida Jones, Victor Cruz, Gus Kenworthy, the Hilfigers, and Ice-T and Coco—to name just a few.

Rashida Jones, Mark Ruffalo
Actors Rashida Jones and Mark Ruffalo

Sure, there are going to be a lot of exclusive offerings from the store from brands like Nike, AG Jeans, and Cole Haan while Levi's, Eton and Samuelsohn will offer special customization unique to the Nordstrom Men's Store (the latter actually has a life-size "suit visualizer"). While all of this is already pretty awesome, the grooming junkie in us is the most excited about the Nordstrom Men's exclusive launch of Murdock London—the collection of hair, shave and beard, face and body, and cologne products named after different areas in London—right here in the U.S. But don't you worry, this isn't local to the brand spankin' new Men's Store in NYC—Murdock London is in a total of 50 Nordstrom stores across the country.

Murdock London is one of the UK's premiere barber shops, known for it's laid back approach to everything beyond just the high-and-tight for today's gentleman. The first Murdock barbershop was opened over a decade ago on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, London. Since then, they haven't stopped growning and have created tailored grooming services and products, inspired by British traditions, perfectly suited to the modern urban man. These products are created by the barbers and designed for men, so they work well, without any of the unnecessary fluff guys don't need (like parabens, phthalates, and sulphates).

U.S. Olympian Gus Kenworthy

If you can't make it to one of the eight London shops (or even the location in the heart of Paris), then Nordstrom is your spot to get all the exclusive products right here in the states. If you're a bearded bloke, we recommend trying their number one best-selling product: the Beard Moisturizer. This moisturizer isn't just loaded with the good old fashioned aloe and glycerin to lock and load moisture, it has skin-friendly oils from orange, eucalyptus, and cedarwood to smooth and soothe all dry and itchy beard issues. If beards aren't your jam, their Ernest Double Edge razor may be the best way keep those bristles as bay. Pair it with the Windsor Silver Badger Brush and Traditional Shaving Soap to get as close to a Murdock London barber shave as you can at home.

While these are some of the best sellers newly available at the Nordstrom Men's store, as well as 50 Nordstrom stores around the U.S. and on, there are many other Murdock London products worth checking out. These guys didn't build their business to what is it today by being terrible at what the do, that's for sure. So given that Nordstrom is killing it in the retail game, it's no surprise that they are the guys that are ushering in the art of handsome from the U.K. Make sure to stop by and see the new Nordstrom Men's Store in action if you find yourself in New York City anytime soon. If not, all the details about the new store and their exclusive grooming offerings are always available on

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