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30 Unique Father's Day Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

It's high time to give as good as you get.

Two. That's how many days a year your dad gets. (Father's Day and his birthday.) Put another way, less than half of one percent of the year is his and his alone. And, frankly, not to be rude, but he likely deserves a lot more than that. We're betting your dad's endured quite a bit of your antics—late night rides before you got a license, maxed out cards before you got a job, tough-love breakup advice before you settled down—over the years. It's high time to give as good as you get. Need a starting point? Look no further than this curated selection of luxurious gifts. They'll be sure to surprise and excite any dad, even one who's firmed up his material wares years ago. In other words: any dad.

Heritage Visodate by Tissot

tissot heritage

$650; buy now at

Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, and all the other jazz greats simply oozed style from head to toe to, yes, wrist. Their timepieces were clean, elegant, and nimble—all the better to stay perfectly in time. The Tissot Heritage, inspired by such flawless '50s style, brings this urbane midcentury nostalgia swinging into the modern day with irrepressible panache.

Florentine Gym Bag by Dooney & Bourke

dooney bourke duffel

$498; buy now at

He'll never need another gym bag. This, from Dooney & Bourke, is crafted from supple saddle leather. With time, the material develops a burnished patina that's less beat-up-wear-and-tear and more Clooney-like graceful aging.

Baby Cashmere V-Neck Sweater by Loro Piana

loro piana cashmere sweater

$1,150; buy now at

There's cashmere. And then there's Loro Piana cashmere. Softer than butter and light as a cloud, it's truly the ne plus ultra of fine fibers. And if you pick it up in a neutral tone—like the one above, a shade called, literally, "natural"—your dad can wear it with anything, too.

Quilted Linen/Wool Tweed Vest by Brunello Cucinelli

brunello cucinelli vest

$2,475; buy now at

It makes sense that Brunello Cucinelli is based in a castle: every piece designed by the exalted brand is worthy of a king. This quilted vest, which is plush as a pillow without sacrificing an ounce of style, is no exception.

Suede Tie Driver by Tod's

tods loafer

$445; buy now at

Dads love slippers. These are the type of pair a guy wants to keep by the bed; all the better to slip into cozy comfort every morning. The rubber soles make it easy to take them out the door, too.

Topas Silver Cabin Multiwheel IATA 53 by Rimowa

rimowa suitcase

$995; buy now at

For the on-the-go dad, nothing beats a feather-light, indestructible suitcase. Rimowa's Space Age–inspired stainless offering is exactly that, but elevated: it's sleek enough to fit in at any modern art museum.

Riviera Pool Table

riviera pool table

$8,999; buy now at

A fry cry from the beer-stained felt tabletops you'll find in the back of a sports bar, this hand-carved and -glazed pool table marries luxury and fun with unmatched aplomb. And if your dad's the type of guy who can't get enough games, know that it easily converts into a ping-pong table.

Shield Acetate Sunglasses by TOM FORD

tom ford sunglasses


Here's one pair of sunglasses he'll never lose or misplace. Paperclip-thin arms mean maximum comfort, while an updated aviator look means maximum style. Fun fact: These frames are so great Tom Ford himself has been spotted wearing them on more than one occasion.

Brioni 5-Pocket Twill Pants

brioni pants

$700; buy now at

Exactly halfway between jeans and chinos, these twill pants are the perfect gift for any style-minded dad. They work just as well on an errands-running Sunday as they do on a morning-meeting Monday.

The Impossible Collection of Cars by Dan Neil

assouline cars book

$845; buy now at

Dan Neil, the Pulitzer-winning Wall Street Journal columnist, penned this ultra-luxe tome outlining the 100 coolest rides of the 20th century. And when we say ultra-luxe, we mean ultra-luxe: the book is colored, stitched, and bound by hand on top-tier quality paper. Oh, and it comes with a free tote, too.

Berluti 3.5cm Gaspard Leather Belt

berluti belt


A belt is a belt is a belt, right? Well, maybe for those who haven't seen this Berluti beauty. The leather is top-notch (tanned by hand in Italy), yes. But what sets it apart is that center-rift: it's inspired by Lucio Fontana, an artist known to rend his canvases in two.

Common Projects Achilles Retro Leather Sneakers

common projects sneakers

$455; buy now at

Once a guy hits a certain age, comfort becomes the most important pursuit. But it needn't come at the expense of style. These sumptuous sneakers, from Common Projects, are proof of that. Despite their sleek lines and luscious leather, they'll shape to the wearer's feet over time.

Suede Trucker Jacket by Altea

altea jacket

$855; buy now at

A timeless cut in a fabric that just gets better with age? Be careful—you might end up picking up a second for yourself.

Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 by Tissot

tissot seastar father's day gift guide

$695; buy now at

The Seastar 1000 can handle high-pressure situations of all depths, whether that's on land, securing a big-budget contract, or 1,000 feet underwater, securing a suddenly malfunctioning oxygen tank. Plus, it's a looker.

Digitized home movies, by Digital Media Memory

vhs converter, unusual gifts

Price upon request; inquire now at

If your dad has any old home movies lying around, in any format (Super 8, VHS, or even DAT), a surefire way to put a smile on his face is to bring them into the 21st century. The folks at Digital Media Memory can do that for you.

TL2 System Digital Camera by Leica

leica camera

$1,950; buy now at

And for when he wants to make new memories, seek a top-of-the-line camera. On the outside, Leica's TL2 looks like your standard, if top-tier, retro point-and-click. But open the hood, and you'll find loads of cutting-edge tech. It can shoot both photos and videos in 4K HD, for one, but it's also WiFi-equipped for instant sharing. Fair warning: a guide on how to teach your dad the wily ways of Instagram is not included.

Van Damme Belgian Loafer by Paul Evans

paul evans loafer

$399; buy now at

It's a good chance your dad has a trusty penny loafer. Less likely: that he has a Belgian loafer, the sleeker, suaver, smoother variation of this tried-and-true type of shoe. To truly amp up the surprise! factor, gift a pair done up in a rarely-seen Oxblood-hued leather.

James Perse Cashmere Zip-Front Hoodie

james perse hoodie

$725; buy now at

Honestly, how many guys have a cashmere hoodie? Warn your dad not to pop this thing in the wash.

Birchbox Man Subscription

birchbox sub

$10/Month; buy now at

Your dad may be as set as cement in his grooming products. That means he's missing out on a whole world of amazing options: sponge waxes, infused face creams, beard oils, roughly 4,208,891 hair products. With Birchbox, he'll get to expand his grooming horizons by trying sample sizes of each.

Cannabis Eau de Parfum by Malin+Goetz

malin and goetz fragrance

$165; buy now at

The scent savants have captured the essence of cannabis with their new perfume. One whiff, and he'll be taken right back to Woodstock—without the contact high, though. The fragrance is entirely free of THC.

Valextra Pebble Grain Leather iPad Case

valextra ipad case

$580; buy now at

This Valextra case keeps your iPad protected while on the go in a streamlined holder with a secure zip closure.

Alexander Cross-Grain Leather Backpack by Mark Cross

mark cross bag

$2,195; buy now at

The grain leather on this streamlined backpack isn't resistant to scuffs, per se—but it sure will hide them. The sumptuous red lining and sterling silver hardware, too, help elevate this bag to the style stratosphere.

Structured Briefcase by Boldrini Selleria

boldrini brief

$795; buy now at

Though styled like an old-school midcentury workbag, Boldrini Selleria's structured brief is anything but: the eye-catching olive leather makes sure of that.

Gunmetal 3D Sneaker Cufflinks by Ermenegildo Zegna

zegna sneaker cuffs

$240; buy now at

Devilishly detailed, with a herringbone pattern on the sole and intricate carving on the tongue, these gunmetal sneaker-shaped cufflinks from Zegna are far from stodgy.

Techmerino Blue Baseball Cap by Z Zegna

zegna hat

$265; buy now at

Most baseball caps are constricting and sweat-inducing. But Z Zegna's "techmerino" option, made from a heat-regulating performance fabric, is anything but.

Chrono XL Classic by Tissot

tissot chrono xl

$350; buy now at

This slick timepiece, from Tissot—with its colossal face (45mm), deep blue coloring, and sparkling sterling hardware—is the type of timeless chronograph that commandeers any room.

Burberry The Sandringham Short Trenchcoat

burberry short trench

$1,695; buy now at

It's a twist on the standard Burberry trench: a little slimmer, a little shorter, but just as enviably stylish—yes, it still has the classic check. Look for it under the collar.

Brunello Cucinelli Solid Cotton Jersey Sweatpants

brunello cucinelli sweats

$795; buy

Perfectly plush for weekend lounging yet sleek enough to take to the streets, these Brunello Cucinelli jersey sweats are an ideal gift for any dad who deserves some R&R.

Hartsfield Organic Cotton Weekender Tote by Want Les Essentials

want les essentiels tote

$450; buy now at

For the on-the-go dad, the Hartsfield weekender is as good as it gets. With a rock solid leather base and ample room for even weeklong trips, it's the type of ergonomic tote he'll bring on any trip—whether he's checking or carrying on.

Banker Chukka Boot by To Boot New York

to boot ny chukka

$375; buy now at

Give your dad's shoe rack a modern-day upgrade by gifting him a clean-lined suede chukka. He'll love the offering from To Boot New York: it comes with a gum sole, for day-long comfort.

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