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12 Must-Have New Men's Colognes for Summer

Remember: a little goes a long way.

Ah, summer. It's the perfect time to bust out the linen and slip on the boat shoes, all in the name of looking great. But, as any style-minded guy knows, it's more than just what you look like. It's the whole shebang—including, yes, what you smell like, too. And if you want to really exude a stylish mien during these sweltering days, you'll have to embrace summer scents too.

Think of it this way: You wouldn't wear wool in the middle of July. The same principle applies to your daily cologne. A change is needed. Swap out the woodsy, holiday-season scents for lighter, airier fragrances. Citrus, rose, vanilla—that sort of thing. When you find a right one, it clicks, and you'll feel exactly how you smell: totally refreshed. So roll down the windows, roll up your sleeves, and roll out a new version of you: the best-smelling, most all-round stylish version. And for more ways to avoid offending anyone's olfactory senses, bone up on the 20 Tips for a Less Sweaty Summer.

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue Cologne, 4.2oz 

tommy bahama
$80.00; buy now at

Citrusy and fresh, but with overtones of cedar and moss (to lend some heft), Maritime Deep Blue is perfect for a day at the beach. And for more ways to smell amazing, start eating the The Best Foods for Smelling (and Tasting) Like a Million Bucks.

Kenneth Cole For Him, 3.4oz


kenneth cole

$85; buy now at

The latest iteration of Kenneth Cole For Him has three additionally layered scents over the main fragrance: Serenity, Energy, or Intensity. Choose the one that matches your mood at any given moment.

Vince Camuto Smoked Oud Eau de Toilette, 3.4oz


$95.00; buy now at

Vince Camuto's Smoked Oud is a deep masculine fragrance with smoked rose and spice. If your looking for a gutsier scent, start here. And for more ways to smell, look, and feel your best, check out the 15 Killer Style Accessories You Never Knew You Needed.

Adidas Moves For Him Eau de Toilette, 1.7oz


$22.98; buy now at

The compact size of this Adidas Moves lets it go anywhere you need to go, making it the ultimate fragrance for the athletic man on the go.

L'Homme Lacoste Spray, 1.6oz


$62; buy now at

Lacoste's L'Homme Spray has orange essence, black pepper, vanilla, and cedar wood, making it a great year-round fragrance. Pick this up if you're looking for a signature scent.

Calvin Klein Eternity Air For Men, 3.4oz


$79; buy now at

Calvin Klein's Eternity Air is a lighter, fresher incarnation of the original 1990s scent and includes elements of juniper berries and apples. Perfect for the old-school guy rocking a new-school attitude.

Gucci Guilty Absolute Eau de Parfum, 3oz


$102; buy now at

Count on Gucci to make a statement of lasting power with Guilty Absolute. The ingredients include cyprus which give it a unique woody scent. This was made for the boldest men out there.

Ralph Lauren Polo Ultra Blue Eau de Toilette Spray, 4.2oz


$86; buy now at

Ralph Lauren's Polo Ultra Blue is the ultimate in subtle and fresh with ingredients that include lemon and salty minerals. Make this your quintessential All-American summer fragrance.

Michael Kors Extreme Speed Eau de Toilette, 4oz


$84; buy now at

Michael Kors' clean cut sensibility is evident in Extreme Speed's bold scent that uses coriander, species and distinctive woods. This scent is perfect for the workplace.

Prada Luna Rossa Black Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4oz


$96; buy now at

Inspired by the seven seas, Prada's Luna Rossa Black is fresh and understated with woody amber and light patchouli. This fragrance gets you from day to night, no problem.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Absolu Eau de Parfum Spray, 4.2oz


$130; buy now at

Giorgio Armani's update on the popular Acqua di Giò is powerful and masculine. The refined woods and patchouli make it long lasting. One spray will last you the whole day.

Bulgari Man Black Cologne, 3.4oz


$92; buy now at

Rum, spice, citrus, and wood are blended together in Bulgari's Man Black cologne. Wear this when you set out to impress. And if you really want to make a lasting (positive) impression, look no further than the 20 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Style Game Instantly.

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