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15 Killer Style Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Tiny tweaks. Instant upgrades.

For truly refined style, you don't just need a well-tailored suit, a spit-shined pair of Oxfords, or a grooming regimen more strict than the military's. No, when it comes to true sartorial mastery, it's the little things that matter most. You know: suave lapel pins, luxe phone cases, luxurious luggage tags, museum-worthy watches—the tiny flourishes that only an eagle-eyed attention to detail will pick up on. Upgrade these, and you'll find yourself with a lifetime seat on the pantheon of style. It's undeniable proof that god, not the devil, is in the details.

Chemin des Tourelles Powermatic 80 by Tissot

chemin des tourelles tissot timepiece

$795; buy now at

A deep blue watch is a marked departure from your standard black, brown, or stainless timepiece. It's just as versatile, but is roughly ten times as likely to earn you some serious compliments. Warning: only wear if you're ready for some oohs and aahs.

Twisted Nail Pin by Hook + Albert

Hook and Albert Twist Pin Accessories

$30; buy now at

For a visualized hammer of a metaphor indicating that, yes, you're tough as nails, look no further than this rounded-nail lapel pin. It's the rare design that sits comfortably at the apex of dandy and utilitarian.

Sidecar Ballpoint Pen by Dunhill

Dunhill Ball-Point Pen Accessories

$470; buy now at

Fountain pens have a look—they're elegant, they're classy, they project gravitas. They're also wildly inconvenient. Thankfully, this Art Deco-inspired pen has all the sophistication of a fountain pen with the modern day convenience of a ballpoint.

Double-Lever Corkscrew by Lorenzi Milano

Lorernzi Wine Opener Accessories

$348; buy now at

Crafted entirely by hand, with a polished bamboo handle and  a chrome-plated brass body? Yes, this might be the most debonair wine key in history.

Wendge Wood by S'well

S'well Water Bottle Accessories

$45; buy now at

Enough with the Nalgene eyesores. Opt for a water bottle in a little-seen material, like wood. It's BPA-free, and even keeps liquids cool or hot for up to 24 hours. And if you don't like it in wendge, don't worry: you can pick it up in a whole suite of other colors, including a lily wood, a birch-tree, and an (obviously died) Atlantic Ocean blue.

Mujjo Wallet Case For iPhone X

Mujjo iPone Case Accessories

$49.99; buy now at

For an on-the-go gent, ditching the wallet is a sensible move—no need to worry about keeping tabs on yet another thing. A leather phone case with a slim pocket, fit for a card or three, helps you consolidate. Just don't lose your phone!

Heritage Visodate Automatic by Tissot

tissot heritage visodate

$650; buy now at

Hark back to the most dapper era in history—a time when jazz greats like Miles Davis and John Coltrane walked the earth—with a sophisticated, streamlined watch that calls forth urbane midcentury nostalgia. For best results, wear it with a sophisticated, streamlined suit to match.


Peccary Driver's Gloves by Hestra


Hestra Driving Gloves Accessories

$400; buy now at

Hand-sewn from Amazonian boar leather and custom-made with each order, these sumptuous driving gloves are the type of vehicular accessory you'd be proud to take away from the Autobahn. We recommend wearing them on a crisp autumn day, as the leaves turn and the mercury drops.

Lather Luggage Tag by Mark & Graham

Mark and Graham Luggage Tag Accessories

$55; buy now at

There are only three people who'll notice this monogrammed upgrade: you, your concierge, and the guy who tries to steal your luggage—something he'll never do after peeking this brass-buckled beauty.

Valextra Vertical Business Card Case

Velaxtra Card Holder Accessories

$159; buy now at

No one emails the guy with a crumpled business card. Keep yours crisp with this next-level pebbled leather carrier. It's the type of style item that'll get you noticed in a good way, whether you're climbing the ladder or just moving laterally.

Marine Link Chain by Miansai

Miansai Silver Neck Chain Accessories

$85; buy now at

If you have the chest to pull it off—you know: sufficiently hairy, sufficiently sculpted, or both—consider rocking a simple, reserved chain. Get it in matted, oxidized sterling for maximum masculine appeal.

Smart Planner by  Moleskine

Moleskine Smart Planner Accessories

$29.95; buy now at

Some guys are stuck in their jot-in-down-on-paper ways. That doesn't mean you needn't catch up to the 21st century. This notebook syncs with your devices, so everything you jot down is always with you, wherever you may go—no need to lug around unseemly wads of paper.

Blue Bandana Cotton Pocket Square by Salt & Dapper

Sprezzabox Pocket Square Accessories

$29; buy now at

When it comes to buttoning up your tailoring, a pocket square is step one. A patterned pocket square is step two—especially if you pick one up in a trendy, chic bandana print.

Carpe Diem Shoe Horn by LHN Jewelry

LHN Shoe Horn Accessories

$135; buy now at

Sure, you'll only use a bespoke, architectural, solid brass shoehorn for ten seconds at the start of your day. But it'll be a heck of a start. Carpe diem.

Valet Haircalf Square Tray by Barneys New York

Barneys Valet Tray Accessories

$115; buy now at

Stylish jewelry calls for stylish digs. Give your cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, and, of course, your watches a good home with a calfskin valet tray. The velvety lining ensures none of your most precious accessories end up with scratches from storage.

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