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The Best Way Make Your Blowout Last Longer

Pro-approved tricks for making "day four" look like "day one."

If you've already made the effort of booking an appointment at the salon, going to said salon, sitting in the chair and treating yourself to a fabulous blowout a the salon, well done. But in order to make a blowout last longer, though, you're gonna need more than a little bit of magic or a hope and a prayer. Think about it: Weather, workouts, and even sleep can ruin freshly styled strands. I mean, who hasn't been there?

But depending on your hair texture, you can make a blowout last longer by employing the use of certain styling products, expert tips, and cool hacks and tricks you may have never thought of before. (These 20 Multi-Tasking Beauty Products will also work wonders shaving time off of your getting-ready routine.) As someone who used to wash her hair every single day (and strip it of its life in doing so), I can attest to these tried-and-true options to make Day four of your blowout look just as good as Day one did.

Before you get started, ask for a clarifying shampoo or a double wash to get hair squeaky clean

make your blowout last longer clarifying shampoo

For example, you can now get an "On the Rocks" treatment at DryBar locations nationwide, which utilizes a shampoo with activated charcoal to bust grime, dirt, and product build-up from the scalp. It's followed with a featherweight conditioning rinse with coriander and macadamia nut oil which leaves your hair clean AF—and ready to take on the hair products and steps required for the perfect 'do and to make a blowout last longer.

Choose the right dry shampoo.

Woman holding shampoo before blowout

First, look to the ingredients label (alas, not the cutesy packaging). "Choose a dry shampoo that contains soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients that are beneficial to the scalp, like zinc, allantonin, and bisabolol," says Philip Kingsley, a New York-based trichologist. There are also more natural but equally effective grease-busters, like star anise, the star ingredient in the new cult-favorite Playa Pure Dry Shampoo.

Then comes application: Make sure to hold the bottle about six inches from hair (depending on your formula) and mist two-inch sections, focusing on the roots. Tousle with fingers as needed for additional texture.

Treat yourself to silk pillowcases.

make a blowout last longer silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases save lives, no matter your hair texture, color, or condition. The smooth fabric creates less friction than cotton, so it won't rough up your strands. Got a silk scarf? Tie your hair up in one for the same difference.

Use a hair-reviving styling product to make your blowout last longer.

make a blowout last longer revivers

Trending these days, so-called "enlivening" hair-styling products have one goal: To stretch the state of your current 'do. If you've got a head full of curls, try a mist that will reactive your styling products without weighing down strands, like Bumble and Bumble bb.Curl Pre-Style/Re-Style ($28). Wavy and straight-haired women can utilize a product that serves several purposes, like Living Proof TBD Multi-Tasking Styler ($26). It's suitable for use on damp or dry hair, providing you the freedom to wear your hair in different styles, whether you're taming and managing, creating a polished blow dry, or creating deconstructed, second-day hair.

You can switch up your part, too.

make a blowout last longer part hair

Although it may not feel natural to switch your part—especially if you rock a deeper one to help frame your facial features accordingly—you'll give second- or third-day hair some serious va-va-va-voom by flipping the script. Go as close to center or as opposite as possible—any roots that are fresher and have been less exposed to the elements and product will weigh far less than the hair atop your original part.

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