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5 Best Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes, Experts Say

Makeup artists say these hues will make blue eyes pop.

If you're looking to draw attention to your eyes, experimenting with different eyeshadow looks is a good way to start. But you'll want to be mindful of your eye color before picking up a new shadow palette. If you have blue eyes, there are some easy ways to make them pop. According to beauty experts, it's about finding the right hue to enhance those baby blues and not being afraid to mix and match a bit. Read on for all their tips and to discover the best eyeshadow colors to wear if you have blue eyes.

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Warm Earth Tones

Close up of a woman with light blue eyes wearing brown eyeshadow
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Colors like taupe, brown, or beige are ideal for blue eyes. "They highlight the blue undertones in the eyes and really draw attention to the color," says Aimee Carr, make-up artist and founder of Voodoo Makeup.

"These colors provide a subtle yet alluring effect that enhances the natural coolness of blue irises," agrees Sophie Miller, a beauty expert and celebrity contact agent at Booking Agent Info. She suggests using a matte taupe shade in the crease and a touch of shimmery champagne on the lid for an easy daytime look.

Nudes and Pinks

Close up of a makeup brush applying pale pink eyeshadow to a woman with brown eyebrows
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"You really can't go wrong with a palette of nudes or neutrals in matte and shimmery shades," says Azesha Ramcharan, makeup artist at Azesha Ramcharan Beauty.

Like the darker neutrals, shades like light pink, nude, and mauve create a nice contrast and highlight the natural beauty of the eye. They're also more subtle if you're leaning towards a "no-makeup" look.

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Purple Eyeshadow

Purple is close to blue in the color family, so there's a lot of opportunity to highlight your eyes. "Hues like lavender, plum, and amethyst complement blue eyes perfectly," says Liis Hainla, the editor-in-chief of VeganAvenue.

You can easily create a smokey eye with grays and deep purple shades, or you can use lighter purples for something more subtle.

Miller suggests applying a shimmery silver shade to the inner corner of the eye and then blending a soft lavender across the lid. This adds depth and intensity that is sure to make your blue eyes pop.

Copper or Orange

Close up of blue woman eye with beautiful brown with red and orange shades smokey eyes makeup.
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Amii Galloway, an LA-based make-up artist, recommends using the color wheel to help create stunning eye looks. Colors that are opposite each other, such as blue and orange, are known as complementary colors.

"To enhance blue eyes, I recommend using eye shadows with warm or blue-based tones such as ruby-rose, peach, apricot, coral, copper, bronze, or beige-pink shimmer," says Galloway.

Try using copper tones on the lid and brighter or rustier oranges on the crease. "The interplay of warm tones against the coolness of blue eyes creates a captivating look that's perfect for evening events or special occasions," adds Miller.

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Blue Eyes with Blue Eyeshadow

It's no surprise that blue shadows go well with blue eyes.  "Navy, cobalt, and ultramarine add a monochromatic touch," says Ramcharan. And these colors are versatile; she adds that "blue can look fresh or sultry depending on the shade."

If you're looking to amp up the blue even more, Carr says you can add touches of silver or gold to give you that nice sparkle. Using blue is a great option for people with cooler skin tones.

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