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8 Expert Tricks to Keep Your Makeup Perfect on Hot Days

When temperatures soar, you can use products in creative ways to keep things intact.

Applying makeup, in general, can be difficult. But applying it on a sweltering hot day—well, that's a real challenge. Not only might you be contending with heat or humidity in your application space, but once you leave the house, your look will have to stand up to high temperatures, face sweat, and sun. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the pros suggest switching up your makeup routine come summer. Want to know how? Read one for their secrets for achieving perfect makeup looks on the hottest of hot days.

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Do your makeup in a cool space.

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There's nothing more uncomfortable or less productive than applying makeup in a hot space where skin never seems to get fully dry. Fortunately, there are easy fixes. First, pump up the A.C. If that's not an option, makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder recommends using a fan.

"Invest in a small clip-on fan or fans for your makeup vanity area and start the fan up to 10 minutes before starting your cosmetic applications," she says. "This simple move will circulate the air in that space for comfort and better application." Your makeup will glide on more easily and you won't be contending with slippage as you work.

Create your base.

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Even though your face might feel more hydrated in the summer, you still need a daily moisturizer under your makeup. "To prep your skin before makeup application on hot days, apply a lightweight moisturizer that contains sunscreen," says Valeria Heredia, a makeup artist from the Real Beauty School. "Or use a lightweight moisturizer and a sunscreen." Water-based moisturizers are great for most people; avoid thick, oily creams, which will cause your makeup to move.

Need a pro-backed pick? Rachel Duncan, makeup artist and owner of luxury bridal and makeup business Color Me Gorgeous, suggests the Supergood! Glowscreen. "It's a good mineral sunscreen with the prettiest glow," she says. "I love it for under-makeup prep."

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Use primer.

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There's one makeup prep product you don't want to skip as temperatures rise: a primer. "Primer is essential to keep makeup in place on a hot summer day," says celebrity makeup artist Nicole Saxton. "It creates a barrier between the skin and makeup to ensure longevity."

For the best effect, Saxton suggests looking for one with mattifying, anti-shine, long-wear, or sweat-proof claims. Her recommendation is the Cover FX Gripping Primer. "It makes makeup last all day, holds up in humid climates, and also minimizes pores and fine lines."

Choose a liquid foundation.


Each of the experts we consulted suggests using a liquid foundation on hot, humid days. "When it comes to makeup duration on hot days, a waterproof, lightweight liquid foundation is the best option," says Heredia. "Avoid cream foundations at all costs." To apply your foundation, Heredia suggests using a dense foundation brush. Then, apply setting spray on a makeup sponge and blend your makeup with tapping motions.

If it's really sweltering, you may want to spot-apply your product. "Spot applying involves applying foundation (medium to full coverage) to certain areas of the face that need to blend in with the rest of your natural tone," says Winkenwerder. "Once applied, blend the foundation into the targeted spots and surrounding areas with a flat top foundation brush until your skin takes on a unified tone." Then, move on to the next step of your routine.

Use liquid products.

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Dewy, blendable color cosmetics will help you achieve that covetable glow. "I recommend liquid tints or cream sticks for blush, contour, and highlighter," says Heredia. "These usually blend flawlessly with the skin." To make them sweat-proof, apply a little powder product on top.

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Try this eyeshadow hack.

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Tired of your eyeshadow slipping off as soon as you leave the house? Heredia has a hack: "Use your favorite liquid matte lipstick as an eyeshadow and your eye makeup will last all day," she says. What's more, she adds, you can have an on-trend monochromatic makeup look, as the lipstick can also be used as blush.

Set your look.

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Just like you need to prime, you also need to set. "Apply a loose powder in key areas where makeup tends to disappear first, such as around the nostrils, T-zone, and under the eyes," says Saxton. "For extra security, use a finishing spray." She suggests the Dermablend Lock and Last Water-Resistant Setting Spray. A few spritzes and your makeup won't budge.

Touch up like this.

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No matter how well you apply your makeup for the heat, touch-ups are inevitable. Fortunately, Duncan has an effective routine. First, cool yourself down to stop sweating. Then, blot excess shine with blotting papers. Use a makeup brush or sponge to smooth your foundation and blush. If needed, apply a dab of concealer under the eyes to brighten them and reapply over any blemishes. Add powder and a setting spray. Et voila, your makeup is ready for round two.

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