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129 Compliments for Girls That She Will Never Forget

You won't believe how impactful these compliments can be.

Between catcalls and cheesy pick-up lines, there just doesn't seem to be enough genuine compliments for girls out there—and that really is a shame. Because research shows that people severely underestimate the impact they have on those they're awarded to. Even if you do muster up the courage to say something, most guys out there are missing the mark on how to deliver these kinds of niceties. But don't worry, the perfect compliment does exist, and is likely outlined below. Keep reading for some inspiration along with a few tips on exactly how to execute things.

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Why Are Giving Compliments Important?

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Before we dive into our list of compliments, it's probably a good idea to discuss how important the gesture really is. Not only do these kinds of affirmations help boost mood and improve self-esteem, but they can actually make your relationship better.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that compliments can help individuals who are struggling with low self-esteem feel more secure in their relationships. Researchers over at Penn State Extension echoed this sentiment, writing, "Genuine compliments build relationships, improve communication, motivate people, and boost one's self-esteem."

And the benefits aren't just limited to those in relationships, either. Additional research shows that positive feedback in work-related environments helps reduce stress and even inspires creativity.

So, the next time you're debating whether or not to say something nice, just think about all the positives it can introduce. We trust you'll do what feels right. And hopefully, that means delivering the compliment. Now, read on for a few great examples.

Cute Compliments for Girls

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  1. I always enjoy talking with you.
  2. Your smile makes my heart melt.
  3. There's something truly regal about you.
  4. I can't imagine life without you in it.
  5. The best part of my day is when I finally get to spend time with you.
  6. Just one look at you, and the birds start singing.
  7. You are so much fun to be around.
  8. My friends are going to be so impressed when they meet you.
  9. I bet animals love you.
  10. You're funny.
  11. I want to explore so many different things with you.
  12. You are always the life of the party.
  13. I love listening to your voice.
  14. I love playing around with you.
  15. Being next to you is always the best seat in the house.
  16. I can't wait to learn more about you.
  17. Nothing gets me out of the house faster than knowing I might see you if I go.
  18. Getting to spend time with you is always the highlight of my week.
  19. I love the way you smell.
  20. You're so fun to go back and forth with.
  21. You are so full of surprises.

Thoughtful Compliments About Her Personality

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  1. There is truly never a dull moment when you're around.
  2. You have impeccable manners.
  3. You have such great artistic ability.
  4. You make a huge difference in the lives of those around you.
  5. You tell such heartwarming stories.
  6. You have the best ideas.
  7. I am so curious about how your brain works.
  8. I admire your perseverance.
  9. Your positivity is contagious.
  10. You are so strikingly unique.
  11. Have you ever heard that you possess a really amazing natural charm?
  12. I bet you're everyone's favorite person in the family.
  13. You string together sentences so beautifully.
  14. You have a really powerful confidence about you.
  15. Your optimism is completely contagious.
  16. You strike me as someone who really has her priorities straight.
  17. I love your commentary when watching TV.
  18. I love that you always go out of your way to fix any mistakes you make.
  19. You have the best sense of humor.
  20. You are a great listener.
  21. Your timing is so spot-on.
  22. You're so careful with your words.
  23. I really appreciate your attention to detail.
  24. You have an amazing work ethic.

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Flirty Compliments for Girls

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  1. I'd let you beat me up if it meant giving me all your attention.
  2. I've been thinking about you all day.
  3. Being around you makes me believe in love at first sight.
  4. I feel like we were meant to meet.
  5. Going out suddenly because much less of a chore once I found out you're going to be there.
  6. I feel a really strong connection with you.
  7. Actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an incredible story.
  8. I'm trying my best to fall asleep, but I just can't get enough of your smile.
  9. You're more precious to me than a cut, polished, and dazzling diamond.
  10. You have a great laugh.
  11. You're good at keeping everyone guessing.
  12. I always lose my train of thought when talking to you.
  13. I get chills every time you come close.
  14. You're nicer than you look.
  15. I feel like I can't keep a straight face when you're around; you just bring a huge smile to my face.
  16. I'm pretty sure that you could disarm anyone with words alone—and I mean that in a good way.
  17. You are the queen of banter.
  18. You really are a special girl.
  19. Your smile brightens up the whole room.

Compliments Concerning Her Physical Appearance

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  1. You have the most beautiful smile.
  2. You have a really good fashion sense.
  3. Your teeth look very well cared for.
  4. You have the most expressive eyes.
  5. You truly are a natural beauty.
  6. Your hands are so soft—you must have a great moisturizing routine.
  7. You have great proportions.
  8. All of your features flow into one another so seamlessly.
  9. Your skin looks so dewy.
  10. You have great rhythm.
  11. How do you have such amazing posture?
  12. You wear your age so amazingly.
  13. You have a really beautiful face.
  14. You have such soft hair.
  15. I love the color of your hair.
  16. You really have a timeless beauty.
  17. Your hair looks incredibly healthy.
  18. Your make-up looks amazing.
  19. You look super comfortable in the way you move.
  20. You look like you should have a portrait hanging in a museum.

Unique Compliments for Girls

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  1. There's something about your smile that just makes life feel a little more manageable.
  2. You have such a unique perspective on things.
  3. You make me want to be a better person.
  4. I would totally watch a reality show with you on it.
  5. You are a really strong woman.
  6. You are really good at handling awkward silences, and for that, I'm very grateful.
  7. I bet everyone wants you as their chosen family.
  8. You're my best friend.
  9. I was going to watch ______, but I decided to save it for when we can watch together.
  10. The sound of your laughter makes me so happy.
  11. You're so great at giving gifts.
  12. It's impossible to choose the most interesting thing about you—there are so many things worth noting.
  13. You strike me as someone who reads a lot.
  14. You seem really comfortable in your own skin.
  15. You have already accomplished so much in your career, it's really impressive.
  16. You are so knowledgeable about ______.
  17. You seem incredibly nurturing.
  18. You make ordinary events worth remembering.
  19. There's a great sense of accomplishment about you.
  20. You always know how to help me stay calm.
  21. Spending time with you is always so easy.
  22. Your voice makes my head tingle.
  23. You have so much creative potential.
  24. There are so many amazing things in store for you.
  25. Somehow, life feels much more enjoyable when you're around.

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Funny Compliments for Girls

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  1. You're even more fun than a ball pit filled with candy.
  2. I bet you sweat glitter.
  3. You have a cute nose.
  4. You are many things, but boring is not one of them.
  5. If laughter is the best medicine, then you're like an entire pharmacy.
  6. You make boring situations bearable.
  7. You make me want to learn some weird, random skill.
  8. You must have mastered the art of levitation because every time I'm with you I feel like I'm walking on air.
  9. You should have a PhD in being witty.
  10. You are dangerous, and I mean that in a very, very good way.
  11. You're like patient zero for being funny.
  12. Your brain fires so quickly I can hardly keep up.
  13. You make me want to cook you dinner.
  14. I like how weird you are.
  15. I feel bad for anyone who goes toe to toe with you in an argument.
  16. You're like a human sunshine generator.
  17. If we were back in grade school, I'd definitely be the kid pulling your hair.
  18. You're more entertaining than reality television.
  19. I love it when you snort while laughing.
  20. You're more fun than bubble wrap.

Tips for How to Give a Girl a Compliment

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Women love compliments, sure. But women don't love shallow attempts to grab our attention, and let's be clear: There's a pretty definitive line between the two. Don't worry, we've outlined a few things to keep in mind before opening your mouth. That way, no one will be left suffering the consequences of a compliment gone wrong.

Be genuine and specific with your compliments.

A genuine compliment will always be specific to the person you're directing it towards. More generic attempts to say something sweet can read as disingenuous or—even worse—somewhat manipulative. Let her know that what you're saying was born out of true interest and observation. In other words, don't make it seem like you're just sucking up.

Avoid being shallow or objectifying.

As Sigmund Freud pointed out long ago, we all possess a certain level of narcissism, so it's no surprise that we do occasionally like to receive compliments on how we look. At the same time, this move gets old fast. Remember to mix things up with some mention of who she is inside. Think about which of her personal traits you admire most. Some of the best compliments revolve around intelligence, humor, kindness, and other inner qualities.

Respect boundaries and diversity.

The only thing worse than delivering a lackluster compliment is making someone feel uncomfortable in the process. Pay attention to how she behaves during your exchange. Is her body language off? Is she avoiding eye contact? If so, she may not be super into what you're trying to get across.

You should also think about who she is and where she comes from. Something seen as a positive in one culture may be considered inappropriate in another. Finally, recognize that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Embrace and appreciate diversity in your compliments.

Consider what's appropriate in the context.

To deliver a sweet compliment successfully, you must consider the context. Telling her how great her jokes are after wrapping up a romantic dinner? Great. Mentioning how much you like her dress at the office Christmas party? Not so much. Always avoid commenting on things that may be considered inappropriate in certain settings. Also, be mindful of what undertones you're communicating, especially if they could be considered suggestive or demeaning.

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of compliments for girls, but be sure to check back in with us soon for even more ways to connect to the ones you love! You can also sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on what's next.

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