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This Easy Makeup Hack Will Make Dark Eye Circles Vanish

Use products you already have to look well-rested and bright.

Under-eye circles are the bane of our existence. No matter which eye cream we use or how much sleep we get, they're still there—black and blue rings that make our skin look tired and lackluster. It's definitely possible to camouflage these bags using products like concealer and foundation, but if your typical application process still isn't cutting it, you may need a new tactic. Here, makeup artists tell us the secret hack to make under-eye circles vanish. Bonus: You only need two products.

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Here's how concealer works.

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Concealer is a makeup product that's slightly thicker than foundation and can be used to hide under-eye circles, blemishes, and age spots. If you have dark under-eye circles, you'll want to brighten the area by using a concealer that's a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. You can also use a color-correcting product underneath your concealer (more on that next!).

Those with warm skin tones should look for concealers with orange undertones, while those with cool skin tones should look for pink undertones, celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose told Vogue. Now that you know the basics, read on to learn our favorite brightening hack.

Use white concealer to brighten your under-eyes.

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We first saw this trend on TikTok, but it turns out, it's a long-time makeup industry secret. "Using white concealer under the eyes with regular concealer on top to brighten the eye area is a great way to contour the area under the eyes with a gorgeous visible difference," says makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder. The white concealer acts as a brightening color-corrector that lays the base for a more effective natural concealer.

To employ this tactic, start by making sure the under-eye area is clean from makeup debris (especially if you've done your eye makeup first). If you have light skin, apply a dot of white concealer to your under-eye area and blend. Then, apply a natural-tone concealer on top. If you have deep skin, reverse the process, applying the natural-tone concealer first and a dot of white concealer on top, says Winkenwerder. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

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You can also use a highlighter.

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If you don't have white concealer on hand, use a highlighter. "Place a highlight stick as the brightening color and then go in with concealer on top of that," says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. "It will look amazing." The highlighter offers a similar brightening effect as the white concealer. One tip: Avoid using a highlighter with a considerable amount of sparkle.

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Blend like this.

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The internet is full of trending ways to apply concealer, but professional makeup artists do things a little differently. "I always apply a dot of concealer on the inner corner and a dot on the outer corner," says Tanea Savage, makeup artist and stylist at G2O Spa + Salon. "Blend upward towards the temple for an instant eye lift."

If you're using the white concealer hack, Winkenwerder recommends using a dot of white on that inner corner. "[It's] is a great way to amplify this statement," she says. You'll look lifted, brightened, and more awake in no time. And, most of all, those under-eye bags won't be anywhere in sight.

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