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The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Blue Eyes, According to Stylists

These shades will make your eyes pop.

They say eyes are the window to the soul, so isn't it natural to want to accentuate them? All eye colors are beautiful, but blue eyes can be particularly alluring. "They are so mysterious because the hue can change at the drop of a hat," says Aimee Carr, founder of Voodoo Makeup, beauty activist, and makeup artist. After brown, blue is the second most common eye color: 27 percent of the U.S. population and around 10 percent of people worldwide are blessed with baby blues. If you're one of the lucky ones, knowing how to highlight your eyes with your wardrobe is a must. We spoke to stylists about the best colors to wear when your eyes are this stunning shade.

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Jewel Tones

Woman in Long Emerald Coat

Jewel tones are a great option for blue-eyed individuals—they make a statement without being super over the top. Nina Vargas, a stylist and business strategist for fashion brands, recommends deep, rich colors like emerald, sapphire, or ruby.

"They create a striking contrast that brings out the brightness in the blue eyes," Vargas says.

Adding these colors into your wardrobe is the perfect way to incorporate a luxurious, sophisticated vibe.


Woman in all Blue Outfit
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It may be the most obvious choice, but you can never have too much blue. "People with blue eyes look great in the color because the blue in the clothing naturally enhances the blue in your eyes," says Carr.

With a large range of hues in the blue family, you can mix and match or experiment to find the one that works best for you. Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, says that darker, deeper blues communicate honesty and sincerity; softer hues like arctic, sky, and ocean blue create calm; while French and royal blues evoke patience.

Shades that have green or purplish tones like aquamarine or periwinkle can also make blue eyes stand out. But no matter which type of blue you choose, wear it with confidence, and you'll catch anyone's attention.

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Couple Wearing Orange Clothes
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Orange may not be the first color you think that will bring out your baby blues, but it's opposite blue on the color wheel, which makes it the best complementary shade. "Try a tangerine sundress, amber turtleneck, or marigold trench coat for an optimistic statement that will also make your blue eyes pop," says Kosich.

Orange is vibrant and can be intimidating if you're not used to wearing it. So if you're not feeling the boldness that orange offers up, you can try accessories like earrings, a purse, or a scarf to squeeze in that pop of color, Kosich tells Best Life.

"For those who want to ease into the pairing, go for cantaloupe orange pajamas, a nightie, or lingerie after hours and see how it goes," adds Kosich. You can always amp up the drama when you feel more comfortable.

Warm Neutrals

Warm Neutral Clothing in Closet

Blue eyes typically have other colors in them, and warm neutrals, like camel, beige, and cream can help accentuate those harder-to-see shades. "Always look at the specks in the eye to see what details you can bring out," says Carr. You can use these lighter tones to keep the blue color dominant while showcasing those other colors.

"These soft, warm colors create a gentle contrast that is both flattering and subtle," says Vargas. "They have a classic, timeless feel that never goes out of style."

If you're going for a bit of subdued elegance, you should think about adding these hues to your closet.


Pastel Clothing and Accessories
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Muted pastels match quite beautifully with blue eyes. Plus, they're perfect for the sunshine and warm weather. Lavenders, baby blues, or light pinks can bring out the delicate, ethereal quality of blue eyes, Vargas tells Best Life.

"These light, cool colors have a fresh, youthful feel and are perfect for those who want to achieve a soft, feminine look," says Vargas. "By choosing the right colors, you can enhance the natural beauty of your blue eyes and create a look that is both stylish and flattering."

Kosich adds that it's important to find neutral pastel tints that harmonize with your skin tone as well as your eyes. "Bring in some oomph with robin's egg blue, or mint for a stronger yet gentle pairing."

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