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The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Brown Eyes, According to Stylists

Make those brown beauties pop.

So much of looking good is feeling good—and when you're accentuating your features it's a recipe for both. Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, says that hair, skin, and eyes are our most dominant features. So when it comes to wearing colors, it's all about choosing shades that will make your eyes pop. Brown is the most common eye color (45 percent of the U.S. population have brown eyes, and around 80 percent of people worldwide), so we asked stylists about the best colors to wear if your eyes are this gorgeous shade.

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Young Woman Wearing Green
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While many colors work well for brown eyes, green is perhaps the best one. Green brings brown eyes to life and is a staple color all you brown-eyed girls should incorporate into your closet.

"To create a contrast that makes your brown eyes pop, you will want to wear eye shadow or clothing in any suitable green tone, from lime or forest green to emerald," says Jamila Kyari, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle expert.

You can wear different shades of green for different looks. Kosich says to go for earthy hues like greenish-khaki and moss for a grounding look that's casual and disarming, or amp up the drama with kelly, emerald or spring green for a high-energy, vivacious vibe.


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Young Woman Wearing Blue
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Blue, another cool color like green, will make brown eyes stand out and draw people in. Blue can act as a neutral, so it's great for layering and will pair nicely with other colors you end up wearing.

"The full range of blues—from baby blue to turquoise to cobalt—will make brown eyes stand out," says Kosich.

You can do a lot with blue, and it's important to keep the look you're going for in mind when it comes to choosing which shades to wear. "If you want to make a power statement, choose stronger blues like turquoise, lapis, or navy," say Kosich.

She advises going with softer blues like aqua or sky blue if you want to come across more calm and relaxed. For a more neutral vibe, you can go with hues like periwinkle or teal.


Woman Wearing Brown Shirt while Drinking Tea

Brown eyes have a depth to them and are often mixed with various shades that people might not always see right away. Aimee Carr, founder of Voodoo Makeup, beauty activist, and makeup artist, explains that brown eyes tend to have flecks of other colors such as golden yellow, red, or even black in them.

Wearing different shades of brown will help bring out the accent colors in your eyes and enhance them overall. Carr recommends brown mauves, red browns, and even deeper shades like a brownish black praline brown to accentuate those other tones.

You can also do copper for a more subtle look, Kyari tells Best Life. "It's a warm color that highlights the eyes by bringing out the flecks of amber in them for an overall bright and healthy glow."


Woman in Red Outfit

Red makes a statement no matter who is wearing it, but it does match quite well with brown eyes. "The bold pairing creates a deep, dark color palette which communicates drama and mystery," Kosich says.

Of course, certain reds will look better than others, you just have to find what really makes your eyes stand out. Plus, different shades do convey different messages.

"If the goal is to be bold yet approachable, wear cheerful orangey-red to portray warmth," Kosich says. "Conversely, cool blue-reds—oxblood and crimson—will present as standoffish and distant."

Carr says you should always find ways to have fun with color and red is a great way to be expressive and get out of your comfort zone.


Black Couple Wearing Pink Pastels
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Pastel and brown are a great combination—and it's perfect for spring!

"The soft pastel hues highlight chocolate eyes as the star of the show by adding just the right amount of color without competing with or overpowering brown," Kosich tells Best Life.

When it comes to these softer shades they'll complement your eyes, but also your skin tone if you find the right colors. Kosich explains that you should wear peachy and apricot hues if your skin has warmer yellow undertones, and lavenders, soft pinks, and lighter blues if your skin has cooler blue undertones.

If you're struggling to find an outfit that you love, a pastel mint green can save the day. It's a universally flattering color that ends up looking great on everyone—especially those with brown eyes!

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