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5 Ways to Wear Pantone's Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, If You're Over 60

The cheerful hue adds vibrancy to any outfit.

Each December, the color experts at Pantone pick a color of the year—the hue they predict will trend heavily over the next 12 months. Last year, it was Very Peri, a periwinkle hue; the year before that, it was Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey (yes, they chose two shades); in 2020, it was Classic Blue, a traditional navy. This year, it's Viva Magenta, a loud, proud shade we've seen on the runways, red carpets, and beyond. If you think magenta would be difficult—if not impossible—to incorporate into your wardrobe, think again. Here, stylists tell us easy ways to wear the shade if you're over the age of 60. Read on to develop a more vibrant and trend-forward closet.

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Wear a magenta handbag.

magenta handbag

You can easily add Viva Magenta to your handbag collection. "A smart leather envelope clutch is always slim and stylish, or try a simple zippered fabric pouch that's a grab-and-go piece for everyday essentials," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "For the night, add some luster with a sequined evening bag, beaded pouch, or satin clutch."

Most importantly, Kosich recommends keeping things affordable. Your investment pieces should more likely be neutrals over bright pinks.

Try magenta tights.

Standing against a bright orange background, an older woman with long white hair wears a denim jacket, pink skirt, and magenta tights.
Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

Want to make a statement? "Bright, playful tights remain a hot trend, so add some Viva Magenta hosiery to the mix," says Kosich. "The cheerful hue complements neutrals like gray and brown, livens up tweeds, and pairs well with a classic khaki trench." Metallic footwear will make the entire outfit shine, Kosich adds.

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Consider magenta shoes.

magenta night women shoes

Another way to use Viva Magenta as an accent is with footwear. "For the colder months, I recommend wearing magenta rain boots paired with black or tan leggings and a beautiful wool cape over your shoulders," says Tara West, a fashion stylist who serves clients in Connecticut, Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles. "Add a strappy magenta sandal to a flowy kaftan or cotton maxi skirt for warmer climates."

If you prefer to style your statement shoe more casually, Kosich suggests pairing a sandal, stiletto, or patent pump with a trouser jean and cropped trench coat.

Pack a punch with magenta jewelry.

Tanzanite, Rubellite and Diamonds, Designer Jewellery

Bring on the gemstones! "Any Viva Magenta-accented jewelry piece would be complemented perfectly by gold to add warmth to [the] color," says West. "Also, a giant magenta right-hand ring or statement earrings adorned with pavé diamonds would make a gorgeous statement."

Kosich suggests pairing a statement piece with a black, white, or neutral turtleneck to really make it pop. Again, you don't need to make these investment pieces—the costume jewelry section of your local thrift store will likely have dozens of fabulous options.

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Start with magenta lipstick.

Lipstick on pink background

Hands down, the simplest way to incorporate Viva Magenta into your look is with lipstick. "If adding bright, bold Viva Magenta to your closet feels like too big of a step, start small with a tube of lipstick and see how it goes," advises Kosich. "It's a cheap and cheerful trick that allows you to test the color before investing in a bigger ticket item." From there, you can scale up if the hue intrigues you.

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