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The Best Color to Wear With Your Birthstone, According to Stylists

Whether your birthstone is ruby red or emerald green, there's a color that'll help it stand out.

"Whether you believe in astrology or not, there's something magical about birthstones," says Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image stylist and the founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. She explains that their origins began in the first century with philosophers drawing a connection between the Book of Exodus 12 stones, the 12 months, and their zodiac signs. Then, in 1870, Tiffany & Co. published a pamphlet of poems related to each birthstone, and the tradition of wearing these colored gems as beautiful jewelry took off.

But when it comes to putting together an outfit, not every color will work with your birthstone. For example, a deep emerald necklace might get lost against a navy blue top. This is why we consulted stylists to get their thoughts on the best color to wear with your birthstone. Reach on for their advice.

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January: Garnet

Close up of a hand with a garnet ring that has diamonds on the side and a gold band
artshock / Shutterstock

Though they come in several colors, Garnets are most commonly a deep red. Kosich says to pair this stone with a dark green, as these two colors are across from each other on the color wheel. Following this logic will yield "the most balanced, flattering, and show-stopping pairings," she explains.

For a classic date night look, Rosie Mangiarotti, fashion and garment expert and founder of sticky-bra company Perkies, suggests wearing a matching red dress with your garnet jewelry.

February: Amethyst

An amethyst necklace wrapped around a branch on a black background
Dimj / Shutterstock

February's birthstone ranges from light lilac to a deeper, more majestic purple. No matter the hue, Kosich suggests pairing amethyst with yellow, as it's opposite purple on the color wheel. If you worry this might be too much color, "small, simple studs, as earrings or a nose piercing, are a great everyday look," she advises.

Mangiarotti says that because amethyst is so vibrant on its own, she likes to pair it with "a nude color or a blue jean."

March: Aquamarine

An aquamarine ring leaning against a seashell on a beach
Dimj / Shutterstock

Aquamarine is known for being calming, and that makes sense when you look at its water-like blue-green hue. Kosich recommends pairing March's birthstone with a fellow pastel color, especially a light orange. Doing so will complement the stone's easygoing vibes, whereas a bright color would clash with it.

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April: Diamond

Female hand wears a gemstone ring
Nicoleta Ionescu / Shutterstock

How do you pick a color to pair with a colorless stone? Well, you don't have to! "Diamonds go with every color and every outfit from weddings to meeting up with friends for a coffee," notes Mangiarotti. Kosich says diamonds stand out best against black clothing, especially for eveningwear.

May: Emerald

Close up of a woman holding up an emerald and diamond necklace
antoniodiaz / Shutterstock

While it's red that's across from green on the color wheel, you may want to avoid this Christmas-like combo. But just a few spots away from red is pink, which goes beautifully with emerald and won't create a holiday vibe, says Mangiarotti.

June: Pearl

A senior woman with white hair wearing a yellow shirt, pearl necklace, and red lipstick against a blue background
Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

Though June has three birthstones, Pearl is the one most commonly associated with the month (the other two are alexandrite and moonstone). Since pearls are neutral and refined, pairing them with a bright color is a welcome juxtaposition. "Going to a special event? Pair with any colored gown to make a beautiful statement," Mangiarotti says.

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July: Ruby

A beautiful brunette woman wearing a backless red sequin dress with matching red lips and ruby earrings
VAndreas / Shutterstock

Of course, red ruby jewelry will pop against white, black, or neutrals, but Mangiarotti says adding a pop of red elsewhere in your look will bring the drama. "Match this birthstone with a red lipstick for a classic look! You cannot go wrong with color matching your red hues," she shares.

August: Peridot

A Peridot jewelry set against a white background
torook / Shutterstock

According to Kosich, lavender is the best color to wear with the light green birthstone. While purple isn't precisely across from green on the color wheel, they're just far enough apart that the contrast of the two shades will complement each other well, she says.

If you're open to a bolder look, Mangiarotti recommends playing up peridot's almost neon hue by pairing it with something just as vibrant. "Any bright neon color would create an eye-catching outfit."

September: Sapphire

Sapphire diamond jewelery on a natural background.
feedbackstudio / Shutterstock

Sapphire is another stone that can come in a variety of colors, but the deep royal blue gems are the most well-known. According to Mangiarotti, wear your sapphires with green clothing (just make sure it's not too dark a green that the sapphire will get lost). "The depth and combo of both are sure to elevate your look."

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October: Opal

a round opal ring
iStock / Imagesbybarbara

October has two birthstones, tourmaline, a light pink gem, and opal, with the latter being the more traditional choice. What's so unique about opal is that it picks up whatever color you're wearing, so the options are wide open. "It has hints of all colors in it so feel free to get adventurous with your color choices," says Mangiarotti. "This is your chance to wear the rainbow."

If you want to hone in on one color, Kosich recommends playing off opal's pale pink undertones and pairing it with pastel mint green.

November: Citrine

beautiful topaz ring
iStock / Fruit_Cocktail

November has two birthstones—topaz and citrine. Topaz comes in many different colors, but citrine is typically yellow or dark amber. Kosich says it's best to wear warm-colored stones with cooler blue clothing. Mangiarotti agrees and says this pairing will make both colors pop.

December: Blue Topaz

Hand pulling a blue topaz and diamond ring out of a box
LanKS / Shutterstock

December has the most birthstones—turquoise, blue zircon, tanzanite, and blue topaz—all of which are in the blue family. Blue topaz, however, may be the most popular. Since it's such an icy shade, Kosich recommends wearing it with a warmer color like red or orange.

Mangiarotti also points to the beachy vibes this stone gives off and suggests choosing more neutral clothing. "I personally love matching white with blue for a high-contrast, crisp look."

Erin Yarnall
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