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What Your Birthstone Says About Your Personality, According to Experts

From passionate ruby to tranquil amethyst, your birthstone holds a special aura.

Your birthday is a pretty important day. It marks the moment you came into this world and gives you the chance to celebrate another year of adventure to come. But this date can also tell you a lot about yourself—from your zodiac sign to your life path number. Turns out, your birthstone is yet another piece to the puzzle of your unique personality.

To learn how wearing your birthstone can bring out certain traits, we spoke with professional numerologist and mystic Sara Angel to uncover the hidden meaning behind each gem. Does your energy embody the strength of the luxurious sapphire or the softness of an iridescent pearl? Keep reading to find out.

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What Your Birthstone Says About Your Personality

January: Garnet

Red Garnet Ring
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"This deep red gemstone symbolizes friendship, trust, and loyalty," shares Angel, and those who wear garnets are dependable and dedicated to their loved ones. "Garnet also protects against negative energy and promotes harmony," she adds. Having this balanced aura means that those with this birthstone "have a strong work ethic and are committed to achieving their goals."

February: Amethyst

Rectangle purple amethyst ring
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Amethyst is the most popular crystal for inviting serenity, understanding, and harmony into one's life. "People who wear Amethyst have a calm and tranquil demeanor, and they're known for their ability to connect with their inner selves," says Angel. Unsurprisingly, then, this deep purple stone is also "associated with spiritual awareness and higher consciousness."

March: Aquamarine

beautiful aquamarine ring
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"People who wear aquamarine have a serene and peaceful personality, and they're known for their ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts," says Angel. "Aquamarine is also said to enhance creativity and stimulate self-expression." Because of its joyful aura and stress-reducing quality, those with this birthstone are often easygoing, fun-loving, and relationship-oriented.

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April: Diamond

classic diamond ring on white background
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Just like a diamond, those with this birthstone are full of clarity, positive energy, and strength. "People who wear diamonds have a strong sense of purpose and a deep commitment to their relationships," Angel says. "They're also known for their ability to overcome challenges and persevere through difficult times." No wonder this is the stone associated with everlasting love.

May: Emerald

Emerald ring
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Not only are emeralds a symbol of luck and prosperity, but they're also known to enhance intuition, promote healing, and encourage spiritual growth. "People who wear emeralds have a strong connection to nature and the environment," Angel explains. "They're also known for their ability to manifest their desires and achieve success in their endeavors.

June: Pearl

Pearl And Diamond Ring
iStock / Garrett Aitken

These naturally occurring birthstones take time to reach maturity, reminding the wearer of the virtue of patience. "This beautiful white gem symbolizes purity, innocence, and wisdom," says Angel. "People who wear pearls have gentle and nurturing personalities, and they're known for their ability to connect with their emotions and express their feelings." Plus, pearls are known for their emotionally regenerative and healing properties.

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July: Ruby

ruby ring
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These brilliant red stones were the favorites of royalty for thousands of years; and they are thought to bring courage, compassion, and protection to the wearer. "People who wear Ruby have a fiery and passionate personality and are known for their ability to inspire others and lead by example," says Angel. The ruby is also known to fire up the adventurous spirit.

August: Peridot

Peridot ring in gold setting
iStock / Chadchai Krisadapong

Peridot has long been associated with the sun, and it is believed to help boost confidence and enhance one's natural wit and charm. It also encourages the wearer to share their warmth and compassion with the people closest to them. "People who wear Peridot have joyful and optimistic personalities and are known for their ability to attract success and abundance into their lives," explains Angel.

September: Sapphire

Large emerald cut sapphire engagement ring
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"This royal gemstone is associated with wisdom, truth, and sincerity," says Angel. "People who wear Sapphires have a strong sense of justice and fairness, and they're known for their ability to speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in." And since blue sapphires are said to bring about loyalty, happiness, and love, they're a popular choice for engagement rings.

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October: Opal

opal ring
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No two opals are exactly alike, so it makes sense that those with this birthstone are creative, imaginative, and "known for their ability to think outside the box," explains Angel. Wearing opals can help one lean into the more complex parts of their personality without shame or judgment and can stimulate spiritual growth and emotional healing.

November: Topaz

beautiful topaz ring
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Topaz is one of the best crystals or gems for manifestation, which is why it so often brings the wearer luck. "People who wear Topaz have a strong will and a fierce determination to succeed," says Angel. "They're also known to overcome challenges and obstacles and emerge more powerful and confident. Topaz promotes mental clarity, enhances intuition, and promotes ingenuity."

December: Turquoise

beautiful turquoise ring
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Since the end of the year is often when people feel reflective, those who wear the December birthstone have a hopeful, and laid-back attitude. "They're known for their ability to connect with nature and the environment," adds Angel. "Turquoise is also said to enhance emotional balance, promote self-expression, and stimulate the imagination." This stone is great for meditative practices and daily spiritual routines.

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