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The Engagement Ring That Best Suits You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Do you prefer a classic cathedral cut or will you say yes to a more unique diamond ring style?

Your engagement ring is more than just a symbol of your commitment; it's also an expression of your personality and your love language. If you've always dreamed about the day that special someone gets down on one knee, your fantasy probably didn't include a ring that you felt so-so about. That's why it can be important to know the engagement ring style that best suits you, whether you and your partner go to the jewelry store together or you just drop some subtle (or not so subtle!) hints. To help you hone in on your choices, we spoke with Matthias Dettmann, astrologer and founder of tarot card site Valaros, as well as professional relationship astrologer Liz Roby to find the perfect engagement ring for each zodiac sign. Keep reading to see if you're more of a classic princess cut or a modern halo cut.

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Aries: Marquise-Cut Ring

marquise style engagement ring
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Aries are energetic and goal-oriented in both life and love. You don't play coy and instead will take the lead in romance. Your big and bold personality needs "a grand and lavish style engagement ring, perhaps with a unique gemstone that reflects their passionate nature," says Roby.

A marquise-cut stone originated with old-world royalty; in fact, its shape is what's commonly used for the gems in crowns. Just pair it with a spontaneous and adventurous proposal, and you'll be happier than ever.

Taurus: Cathedral Ring

beautiful diamond engagement ring
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Tauruses are fierce when it comes to romance. You tend to fall in love slowly and deeply and have no trouble embracing your sensual side. When you're in love, your priority is providing comfort and security to your partner. However, this doesn't negate your somewhat materialistic side.

"Taurus is known for having high standards and great taste, so they aren't afraid to splurge on luxury and quality, " Dettmann says. You'll love an opulent engagement ring with a high-quality stone and elegant design—like a classic cathedral-cut ring that oozes sophistication.

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Gemini: Swirl Ring

swirl diamond ring
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As the extroverted social butterflies of the zodiac, Geminis don't have a "type" they're attracted to, as long as the person makes you laugh and wants to have fun. The right relationship allows you to freely be your silly self.

"Gemini would adore a ring that is versatile and playful, with intricate designs and details," shares Roby. That's why we recommend a swirl-style ring. Designed with soft intertwining spiral bands that wrap around a central showcase diamond, this style is unique while retaining an air of sweet romance.

Cancer: Vintage Ring

Close up of an elegant engagement diamond ring
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Emotional Cancers are very mindful of who they share their heart with. But once you do fall in love, it's much easier for you to relax into your softer side.

"Cancers appreciate sentimental and meaningful gestures in love, so they might prefer an engagement ring style with a more personal touch, like a birthstone ring," Dettmann says. Since you're a lover of nostalgia, a vintage ring will certainly tug on your heartstrings. Bonus points if it's a family heirloom or comes with a sweet story.

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Leo: Princess-Cut Ring

beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring
Shutterstock / Kristi Blokhin

Leo is known as the party animal of the zodiac. You crave nothing more than being the center of attention. When it comes to love, your extroverted and fearless nature means you have no trouble wearing your heart on your sleeve.

According to Roby, "a grand and flashy proposal, such as a public declaration of love or a surprise party," would win you over when paired with an extravagant ring, "perhaps with a center stone that sparkles like the sun." A princess-cut diamond engagement ring has all the sparkle and brilliance you want out of life.

Virgo: Three-Stone Ring

beautiful three stone engagement ring
Shutterstock / STUDIO492

Virgos are generally reserved in love, but even a serious perfectionist like you has a soft spot for romance. You do, however, like to keep that side more private and are drawn to intimate expressions of affection with your partner.

"Virgos appreciate simplicity and practicality, so they might prefer a ring with a classic and timeless design," says Dettmann. The three-stone engagement ring is a reminder of your past, present, and future adventures together, which is just the right amount of sweet and sappy for you. (Not to mention, you'll love the symmetrical design!)

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Libra: Pavé-Cut Ring

beautiful and chic engagement ring
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Libra is the sign of lovers, so it's safe to say you have high expectations when it comes to your proposal. It doesn't have to be big and grand, but something like a surprise date or love letter will speak to your romantic side. As for the ring, you're up there with Taurus when it comes to loving elegant and sophisticated designs.

"Libra would appreciate a ring that is balanced and symmetrical, with a focus on aesthetics and beauty," says Roby. A French-style pavé-cut ring features diamonds along the band, as well as a center diamond—chic, stylish, and hopelessly romantic.

Scorpio: Eternity Band

eternity band engagement ring
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Despite Scorpio's reputation for being aloof and secretive, you have a lot of passion just waiting to be shared with the right person. Though you take things slow and cautiously, when you fall in love, you fall hard.

"Scorpios love mystery and intrigue, so they might appreciate a ring with a unique and edgy design," says Dettmann. An eternity band—a ring that is wrapped in diamonds—symbolizes your belief that getting married is forever. It's also not the traditional center-stone diamond ring, and this will make you love it even more.

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Sagittarius: Flush Setting Ring

chic inlay style minimalist diamond engagement ring
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Sagittarius is an adventurous and fiery sign. People may assume you won't settle down because of your free-spirited, world-traveling ways, but your love burns red hot when you find yourself smitten—so long as your partner keeps things light and fun.

Your optimistic nature and love of new experiences mean you would "adore a ring that is unconventional and unique," says Roby. But for your action-packed life, you also need something practical. A flush-setting engagement ring, with an inlaid stone, is fairly uncommon, but it's well-suited to your active lifestyle without sacrificing the sparkle.

Capricorn: Solitaire Ring

beautiful classic style engagement ring
Shutterstock / New Africa

Capricorns plan out everything, whether it's their career goals or date night. So it's likely you've already given your partner a blueprint of your ideal engagement ring (and, probably, how you'd like the proposal to go).

When it comes to clothing and jewelry, you prefer minimalist investment pieces. "Capricorns appreciate simplicity and practicality, so they might prefer a ring with a classic and timeless design," says Dettman. An elegant solitaire diamond with a simple but elegant band will never fall out of style.

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Aquarius: Chocolate Diamond Ring

beautiful engagement ring with accent colored stone
Shutterstock / Andrey_Popov

Aquarians appreciate uniqueness and individuality, which means you can be pretty selective about who you date. You need a partner who can march to the beat of their own drum. And when it comes to sealing your love, the engagement ring should be just as unconventional as your union, says Roby.

A chocolate diamond is still a diamond, but its nontraditional brown color is right up your alley. A custom-designed setting would make it even more special.

Pisces: Halo-Cut Ring

beautiful engagement ring
Shutterstock / Claudiophotography

Artistic, dreamy, and deeply tuned into your feelings, you can't help but be a bit of a hopeless romantic. Your love of all things storybook romance means you prefer a ring with a whimsical design.

"Pisces would be drawn to a ring that is romantic and ethereal with a focus on spirituality and symbolism," says Dettman. A halo-cut ring, which features a central diamond surrounded by smaller accent stones, is the perfect match for you. After all, diamonds are forever, right?

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